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I tweet pretty often: @francesc
I tweet pretty often: @francesc


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We also talk about how to redact #PII and sensitive info with #DataLossProtection API, #AppEngine new SSL certs, and #forseti!
+Sourcegraph provides navigation tools for source code, and it’s powered by Go and +Google Cloud Platform.

+Quinn Slack, CEO and co-founder, joins your co-hosts +Francesc Campoy Flores and +Mark Mandel to discuss how they built their features on top of our infrastructure.

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Have you ever wondered how to write robust programs in Go that handle errors and signals gracefully?
Wonder no more! The latest #justforfunc is for you!

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We also talk about a new #AppEngine API, #gRPC and #istio's community day, and #CloudSQL
Plus +Mark Mandel joins all the way from 🇦🇺
Cloud Dataflow and its OSS counterpart Apache Beam are amazing tools for Big Data. So today your co-hosts +Francesc Campoy Flores and +Mark Mandel interview Frances Perry, the Tech Lead and PMC for those projects, to join us and tell us more about it.

#dataflow #apachebeam #bigdata

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The latest #justforfunc is out! Learn how to build a text to speech server with #gRPC, #Kubernetes, and +Google Cloud Platform

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#justforfunc 11: code review of an IRC package's API
With best practices for #golang API design and specific samples

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All the source code for #justforfunc is now open source!

#opensource #golang #programming

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#justforfunc 9 is out! One day early, just in time for your Friday night!
Learn everything about #golang #context 🎉

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New #justforfunc episode! New country, new hotel room, new challenges, same old fun!

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And if you want to watch a quick demo of how Cloud Endpoints works I made this for you!
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