Update on our first underwater hangout!

We're watching the weather up on the Great Barrier Reef, but will be doing our first live underwater hangout regardless of rain or storm. +Richard Fitzpatrick will be either off the coast of Green Island, Cairns, or underwater in a fully living enclosed reef at Reef HQ.

Joining us will be underwater photographer +Eric Cheng, Sydney photographer +Michael N Sutton, Google+ community manager +Brian Rose and +Richard Vevers from the +Catlin Seaview Survey team. Tune in This Friday at 3:45pm Sydney Time, and make sure to leave your questions below. We'll invite as many of you as we can into the hangout, but regardless, the whole thing will be broadcast LIVE for all to watch!

See you under the sea!

Hangout from the Great Barrier Reef - Live on Google+
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