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Name Those Lakes! With an aurora crowning the Earth, the contours of the North American Great Lakes are easy to identify in this night time image taken from the International Space Station at 06:18 GMT January 30, 2012. Can you name them?
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Nice, yes Lake Michigan (with Chicago as the brightest spot at the bottom) and Lake Erie are clearly visible as well as parts of Lake Huron and Lake Ontario :)
stupendous! too bad Madison is a little in the blur though.
Ow, look, Toronto! Damn, I forgot to turn off the lights again! :)
Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior. ^^
I can see my house from right. great picture
amazing! Yes Chicago is clearly visible...Can't see my good old Buffalo.
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Awesome picture. Hey, I can see my house. :)
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All I see is tons of light pollution.
K Spelt
Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Toldedo, Detroit, Windsor, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Toronto, Mississauga, Buffalo, Syracuse, Pittburgh, Madison and so many more...I think you can even see Duluth and Superior on the western tip of Lake Superior.....amazing
Its a 2-dimentional neural network....on a large scale :)
I cant see my house oh thats right we don't have the massive population so its DARK gotta love how much of my STATE is actually Dark. :)
That would be Michigan and Erie
why did you take an upside down photo?
Just went to Chicago, drove up to Racine and Milwaukee then over to Madison for training at Epic before going down to another city that starts with a B or R I think--a "forest city???" where I won a little pink dog for my pregnant wife and our future baby at an oasis before returning to Chicago. It's cool to be able to trace our path a bit.
It was Rockford. We stopped in a freeway oasis just east of Rockford and my wife spotted one of those irritating machines I never blow money on where you put in 50 cents and try to lower these three loose, slippery claw things down on a stuffed toy doll of your choice hoping it will pick up the toy and bring it to you, but it always fails to grab the toy. This time was unusual first because I didn't refuse to do it, and second because we both had our eyes on this one really cute pink poodle/pillow. Ok. That's weird. A motorcycle riding math geek in his mid 50s who studied computer science at Stanford who gets disgusted at the thought of gambling sees a pink doll and the look on his wife's eyes and cannot for a moment even think of saying, "No". The quarters were into the slot and the three hooks moved over the top of the little pink doll. Was it in the right position? A little one direction or another? And the hooks went down and the doll must have wanted to be ours because it's now sitting on our dresser waiting for our baby to be born in August.
Amazing - the aurora in the background looks cool - it must be soo amazing to see all this from the space station.
The Videos are great, when one can see the Lightning discharges and the Aurora Borealis resulting from the Solar Wind brushing the Earth's atmosphere and exciting it, like a Nylon Comb on one's hair.
@ Steve Garcia - yes, they are the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) - we have them in the south too where they are called Aurora Australis - all planets in the Solar system are affected by the Solar Wind (from Coronal Mass Ejections), Saturn has some spectacular ones that you can find on the APOD site.
H uron
O ntario
M ichigan
E rie
S uperior
it's how 2 remember the great lakes names............ it spells out homes.
Does anyone else see an bird in the shape of the lights?
+Ariel Cranston:
it's not amazing. it's shamazing
That is really cool. It's kinda disturbing also knowing that we don't have very much open land left in the world. Knowing that we are inhabiting almost the entire planet with towns and cities. Neat picture though!
u just ruined the shamazingness of that picture.......... meanie:P
Of course I can name them all... but that's likely a byproduct of living in Michigan.
wow......... it doesn't seem like anyone can get something by YOU!
Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and Lake Ontario
the aurora cool, looks TOXIC!
H.O.M.E.S.= Huron,Ontario,Michigan,Erie,Superior..sweet
I can see Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, Toledo, Detroit, Cincinnati/Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron/Canton, Youngstown, Toronto, Buffalo and I think even Quebec way off in the distance.....nice pic
So beautiful! just totally touching!
I can see Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. I live no where near any of those. I'm in Ottawa, right near the Ottawa River.
+Joe Lyons I guess the solution is to dump our failed experiment of technology and go back to living like animals.
It is a very pretty sight. I used to live in the country and could see so many stars! Now I'm in the city and not so much.
I picked out Lake Michigan right away! Our city is right on it!
what i think is the coolest part is the distribution of civilzation looking highly similar to that fractal pattarn you see everywhere from cells forming filaments to star clusters forming the galaxay. All the answers are right in front of us. Concepts to be applied everywhere.
You're looking at about 20% of the worlds available fresh water. You need to melt the polar ice caps to get the rest. I live in the middle of it all and anticipate the world will come for it, just like they did for oil.
where was it……Hum…Europe?
Cool photo...but it shows why they don't site astronomical observatories in the Midwest.
That is awesome! One say I will get to photograph the auroras. 
+Kane Osborne This is no upside down photo. The orientation as shown here is perfectly in line with the map view.
When U taken this........?
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