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"It's not unreasonable to suggest that the twenty-first century will enjoy a rate of progress not unlike the twentieth. And a century hence, (it) may be viewed as quite a primitive period in human history. It's something to hope for. " - Neil Armstrong, February 2000.
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Can someone tell me a question ?. Up have any food for human.t.q.
Leo Sam
now , he's back to the moon.
I hope that we can go back to the moon...someday...dammened aliens!
Hope to see you in heaven and chat about the good old days, Mr. Armstrong!
@Oscar: neil already took a look: there is no 'heaven', there is much more: an universe.
what does that mean im 19 stop worrying that pic is of my cousin
ok see just my profile pic isnt doesnt im her
why did u say huh i was talking to some one else
aww ur so cute and more than me tho
u dont even know what i look like
oh yeah duh i miss u wink wink
hey no sweat. continue your conversation.
thank u u should have a boyfriend
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