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Astronomers were surprised when the newly discovered Comet Lovejoy survived its orbit near the sun a few days ago, and we've been treated to some spectacular photography and video as the comet proves its mettle. Here’s what Comet Lovejoy looked like to +NASA astronaut Dan Burbank from the International Space Station at 17:40 GMT 12/21/2011 as the orbiting research laboratory passed over Australia.
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amazing..:) Lovejoy its a beautiful name for a comet
Hermoso. How far is it? And how long is its tail?
Energy Trail of Cosmic Light...Very fine indeed...
Original source attribution and link, please!!
Words only cannot explain how amazing it is...
OMG i saw u in my dream that night ID ) :D )))Super ID
+Marc Murison The pic is very recent as you can see from the caption. I will be able to tell a precise source for hi-res download once it will have been downlinked to JSC (in a couple of days).
+Sergio pereira The greater light that you mean is the sunlight (of a rising sun, I assume) reflected in the atmosphere. The green line is airglow.
tell me about it................i would not imagine it...see that's someone's dream to be there you know!!!
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