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Today I learned that a company I gave a demo of the lightHead robot 2 years ago is now preparing to release the robotic head technology we showed them.
Obviously we heard nothing from them for 2 years, they do not credit us in any regard, and apparently refuse to collaborate further on that aspect.

Such a brave new deontological world..
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It is better to be sued for violation than ask for permission.
Certainly. I have to admit having a bitter feeling realizing how young researchers can be pushed so much to publish, only to realize they can be milked without acknowledgement nor any compensation whatsoever.
Yeah, absolutely. Are they trying to patent it?
I'm not aware of that at the moment, but I wouldn't be surprised the patent office would let them patent anything and let the court decide if it was a good decision or not.
If you have published papers it is different : any information yet public (=> papers, demos, shows, etc.) can't be considered as innovative, and can't br patented ... anyway, such bast*rds !!!
You guys should have patented it. It is a clear example of something that can be patented. In any case, as a scientist you should be proud to see your ideas spread. That's what we do, create knowledge for the humankind.
Heh, I know it should have been patented, and believe me, I was pushing it from the beginning. Thing is, I was pressured to publish. The patenting effort eventually started but we later realized the guy in charge had left the University without notice.
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