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Isn't it clear to see that gun crime is so much higher in places where guns are outlawed?  For crap's sake, 14 days into the new year and Chicago's had 80 murders and 140+ shot!

Gun control laws are NOT helping!
The two Senators in NY follow a long proud line of native-born New Yorkers like Hillary and Bobby,the two political poloponies!
One side has emotin,  They hope that it will be enough to ram through their knee-jerk wicked, anti-consitional legleslation,  while they have the wnd at their back.
+Mike Schroepfer It's amazing watching these guys.  I mean, just sitting on my computer getting news about them breaking the law 'legally' just makes me sick...... They ain't taking my gun.
"legaly" breaking law?  Yeah, you bet.   They are democrates remember?
They don't belive in right or legal,  as long as they can get their aganda passed.
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