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It's a military classification. Sub machine gun, assault rifle, light machine gun, heavy machine gun, sniper rifle. It's a classification that m16's ak47 any auto or semi auto gun that shoots rifle rounds.
It doesn't matter what Obama does about guns. He's hurting the public, not the crime rate. No matter what, criminals are criminals. Guys, they'll steal a gun.
Trick question. There's no such thing. The term "assault rifle" is a made up creation of the left to change the narrative and scare people.
Forget assault. Try Automatic and semi-automatic.
There is no such thing as an assault weapon. It's a bogus construct used to brainwash people.
Sounds like a lot of brainwashed people on this thread.  can't take the mindlessness of people who can't accept it's a name for a category of weapons and it is not a construct it's a name. The military calls them that for the third time. [muted]
There is no official catagory of weapons labeled "assault". Get bent.
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