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9. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations.

Can you say were are all the Guns for F&F now we will ever know what happen to them all?
HEY, LOOK! The president can now send the congress home!

I'll bet they don't realize that...
Law enforcement should enforce Obama's new Gun Control mandates when/if the Obama administration enforces our existing immigration laws.
Cary DC
Hey Charlie, Good Luck with that.  It does not fit their agenda.  If you wish to know their Agenda check the UN's Agenda 21 to get an idea of how far they want to go.
Cary DC
+Charles Wierzbicki Very good question.  The guns from F&F are still mia and likely will never materialize as it would incriminate the administration as to who has which weapons and why.
There's a screw up in all those reasons. I'll write them all alter in a comment when i have the time..... so stay tuned!
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