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God will Remember every little Tear from an aborted Baby !
This add is disgusting. Especially since I just read the article on Norma McCorvey, stating that she is no longer pro-choice, but pro-life. she is the woman responsible for Roe, vs. Wade. She said it was the biggest mistake of her life, and she didn't want an abortion, it was the"Lawyer" that pushed the case to the Supreme Court for her fame. I knew I had read before that she regretted it her whole life. She is now actively working to have the law overturned. They are telling her, sorry it is the Law of the Land now. It's $$$$$$$$$$$, and population control keeping it going, and the Government could care less about a woman's right to choose.Their 40 year celebration was a lie from the start, and 55 Million babies have suffered for it.
While 20 children killed in Newton, CT is tragedy, and 6 million Jews killed at the hands of Hitler and the Nazis is a Holocaust, Progressives in education, Government, and the MSM are largely silent about 54 million plus children killed by abortion since 1973.  The target is 18-24 year old women who have the majority of the abortions, when they are in the midst of crisis.  All sets of my Grandparents did not "plan" on their first child, and chose marriage, family, and life, and ended up setting up a great foundation for their children and grandchildren that came after that first "unplanned" child back in the days when abortion was not legal.  Less than 1% of those 54 million plus abortions has been for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.  When you take the other 99.9% of abortions and multiply them by the average cost of one abortion, this becomes about a BILLION DOLLAR industry - abortion is about BIG MONEY for providers like Planned Parenthood, and never mind the damage it does to existing children or children who come after -
+ George Bratcher: See the article posted on Norma McCorvey, the woman involved directly in Roe vs. Wade. She is now Pro-Life, and tells her story. It is a must read, and you will not get from a liberal site.
+ Patricia Holloway  - I've already seen her video, thanks!  Progressives are to blame, not this poor woman.
+George Bratcher I totally agree. I also agree that the Government is behind the Billion Dollar Business, and are using it for Population control.
Where is the MSM attacking this ad like they did with the NRA ad?
Baby killers make me sick.   To celebrate the murder of over 50 million dead babies, is down right evil.
Sick psychopaths. You have gone crazy.
God is holding us in contempt.   He's destroying our economy,  bringing enemies to rule over us, and sending sever weather.
God is mad at us, but I  think we're doing some of this ourselves. I mean, you reap what you sow. So you reap the consequences of your mistakes. The people get what the vote for. Which I personally believe America didn't go down this road. I think the election was stolen.
Maybe God is getting ready to remove His guardianship & protection ... Look at what happened to Sodom & Gomorrah ... God couldn't find a handful of righteous people there &'then destroyed those cities! Hopefully there are enough righteous people to save the US ... I am appalled that Christians voted for Obama ... He is not a Christian although he posed as one his 1st term. He's a confessed Muslim. For those ho don't know Allah is not God! And any good Muslim will tell you! He wants to do away with the 26h Amendment which limits presidential term limits ... He wants to be our last president ... A dictator!! What do you want? He's already working toward it with all the executive orders he's signed into law!! I don't want this man as president...if we by some chance we have another election, neither Biden nor Hillary are suited for the office of the President!!!

Of course he is.  Just read Deut 28,  the blessings & curses of a covenant nation.  We are under God's judgement.   It is HE that is gutting our economy.  It is HE that is rasieing up enemies, that rule over us. And we serve those who hate us.   It is HE that is sending severe weather.
Yes read Deut 28, it will explain it all.
Thanks Mike, I'll read Deut. 28 ASAP!
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