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Another member of the Washington political media stepped forward Thursday to claim he was threatened by the Obama White House.
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Another non-story. Telling someone you're going to regret giving out wrong information, is not a threat. 
Sounds like a threat to me. They said they would remove the credentials of another person because they didn't like what he was writing.  
+Michael Washington  At least they pulled back off the earlier tagline of how Obama was a greater Imperialist than Nixon . And I agree, its biz as usual for any Admin, the fact that its Woodward makes it a little story.
Its a threat.  Supporter of Obama or not, the administration stepped out of bounds on this.
Woodward and Lanny Davis, 2 Democrate, one a Kool-aid drinking one, both see the lying machine and are finally Calling it out!  WAKE UP AMERICA!
Lanny Davis has generally always spoke his mind, Clinton Admin was upset with him toward the end of term 2. For any admin to pull credentials, happens all the time, the fact that its a high profile Dem like Woodward is the Story, but it's not as though some breech of the law has occurred, they made a decision, possibly not the wisest from a PR standpoint to be heavy handed with the press. Not a crime...usually its a member of the press no one knows, that's the only difference.  
This administration isn't used to being challenged on anything by the media.  When they are, they react angrily.  It shouldn't be any surprise.
I thought this was just the Liberal media trying to seem fair.
You could interpret it as the Obama Admin don't play favorites, that's a good thing. Could be seen as a ballsy move. Could be some High Ranking aide is now getting his ass handed to him for doing it......We may never know.
Could be a lot of Liberals trolling a news site they hate looking for reasons to get upset and apologize for Obama.  We may never know.
Could be.......Could be just an observation based on what I see, rather than what I am told to see.
+Dave Funk Just messin' with your comment.  Not so much because of you.  No harm meant.
+Michael Washington How is this not a threat? How is it ok that this administration is engaging in this type of behavior? Don't journaliststs have a responsibility to ask tough questions to get at the truth? Would you feel the same way if this was the Bush adminstration trying to silence reporters? I am guessing not.
Reoorters should be free to ask any questions. Without that freedom, how would we get the information? Trust the adminstration to be forth-coming? I don't think that would actually happen.
If Obama doesn't get what he want, when he wants it he just uses executive orders as if he runs this country right by himself. 
Hey, if Obama or the Obama admin did it, then it's no big deal and it's not a story as long as "no laws were broken".  Threatening the press is perfectly legitimate.  There are a number of explanations and of course, none of them could possibly be that Obama or his admin are in the wrong.  Move along.
There are some really funny people following Fox on Google+.
Funny Casey Attaway. You can find a pattern In random parts your examining but none with this joke of an administration nothing to see just move along oh and be sure to use an insult while you tell them funny republicans to do so
+Erik Walz I believe in freedom of the press but don't you think that the press has been behaving like attention seeking children for several decades now. I mean I've only been on this earth for thirty years so I'm no expert nor do I care to be. though from what I can see with my own eyes and using my own brain to process it, the press has been abusing its ability to rack up ratings. They report without ethics. They fuel petty claims like this one. It only results in America turning against themselves which is a disgrace to everything vets like myself have fought for. 
Iwonder how long it will take for the House of Cards to crumble, 2 in 2 days,,,,,,,,and then?
+Andrew Clark don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of the media, and do agree with your point. Ethics are long gone. But that doesn't excuse this administration from being bullies and trying to silence someone because they dare to question them. This is bob woodward. How many lesser journalists, who do not have the stature of bob, been silenced by this administration?
The tea party are the terrorist of our political system. They are a disgrace to our country. They spread their ignorance like a disease. 
+Erik Walz I will be honest I don't know anything about this man. I will do some research and adjust my views if necessary 
+Andrew Clark you lost me there. Not sure how they equate to terrorists. What about the occupiers? Are they terrorists? There demonstrations were much nastier than anything the tea party did
A word on Obama. I want to point out that not every military man supports these inflammatory accusations on our country current commander and chief. He's bringing my brothers and sisters home from a war that was ill handled under the previous administration. I was apart of bushes war and I will regret it for the rest of my life.
+Andrew Clark Perhaps it would be better to do your research before calling your fellow Americans "terrorists."
Funny I though America went to war to defend our country
Tea party members are the educated, middle class, soccer mom, regular families, rightfully worried about this government's massive over spending and overstepping of the government's limitations.  They are polite, respectful, and generally quiet people.

Are there some morons in that group?  Sure, as in any large group, but a much smaller percentage than in most leftist ranting protests out there,

Calling them terrorists is beyond extreme and exposes not just an extreme hatred for people with whom one disagrees, but also exposes one's inability to reason or compare.
The only mistake Bush made was the should have leveled both countries
What about the crime comited against us what about the 100000's of mass graves in Iraq those crimes against humanity were okay though
And yes it was a mistake if you go to war with another country you go to war to destroy them I regret 1 innocent life lost of Our troops not theres and as for the leveling we came close to it with out killing everyone
Alert to all the idiots...Obama is not seeking a 3rd term!!!
Ron N
And there goes the 1st.
I want to apologize for my insane behavior on this thread. I deleted a few of my comments, I was geting out of control. anger is a prominent symptom of PTS. 

Basically, I am fed up with Fox News and the violence they are responsible for in this country. This news corporation stands in front of the american colors throwing around their hate like nazi germani. Mixing religion and politics. reporting opinions not news.

And basically what I want all of you who support the FoxNews to know is you are the filth of the earth.

...thats all, have a nice life.  
Ron N
+Andrew Clark. Do you get any gifts for being a good slave and saying what you are told to say?
Just something else to be swept under the rug.... the rug is getting awful lumpy
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