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New details emerge as Las Vegas police say they are still searching for 10-year-old Jade Morris who has been missing for a week.

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I guess I'll have to wait for the rest of the story.
This is where the Old Testament must be looked up to for inspiration - an eye for an eye, the jealous mad woman who slaughtered this angel must be sped down to hell..
What's sad is that thousands more go missing each year and never get media coverage that perhaps might spark a national dialogue on this epidemic. Is it an issue of personal circumstance in terms of a person's mental state or is it a broader cultural impact influencing people's behavior. What is the appropriate approach to this, severe detterence i.e death penalty or preventive mental support, apparently the woman did seek to be admitted to hospital because "she felt like hurting someone" it would've been better off if she hurt herself not a little girl who had barely begun life, urgh so sad :-(
+Terra Netti I'll tell you I believe some people are just mean. Yea it's a chemical imbalance, or some sort of mental issue. Who knows But the fact is that woman is just mean. And then she killed a little angel that's when she crossed over to EVIL. I'm no Dr. But I've seen mean and I've witnessed evil.I think many people who do these things could have been helped. If only the compassion was there to begin with. Still at this point she should never see the light of day again.
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