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Capitol Hill lawmakers are doing more than donning hoodies on the House floor to respond to the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.
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Chicago has more gun violence than any other American city right now. From January 1 to March 29 of this year, there were 474 shootings, 101 of them fatal, according to the Chicago Police Department. Chicago government is nearly 100% Democrat and they have the strictest gun control laws in the country. Per-capita crime in Florida and other states that allow citizens to defend themselves is extremely low. Vermont is the safest state in the union and they have 'Constitutional Carry' which means you can carry a gun anywhere at any time for any legal purpose without a permit.
That doesn't play out in the statistics Ed. Actually District of Colombia has the worst followed by Louisianna,Alabama and Maryland.
Charles... if you check.. all the gun laws have been going in your favor. Give me a break.
Charles... you know that is untrue. They are calling for an arrest. He will get his day in court. Don't be so bitter. You don't at least think there is room for discussion about laws that enable rash decisions or misunderstandings to turn into a killing?
Target gun laws?

How about enforcing gun laws? Most places have plenty of gun laws, but (surprise, surprise) criminals don't check their gun-regs before doing a bank heist or car jacking...
Get over it Charles. There has to be a discussion.
I would rather see a discussion on how the media has been SO irresponsible on this case, Thats what needs to happen.
More strict gun laws yes yes here here ! Then when a nut job gets pissed off he'll just build a bomb instead and take out 10's 100's 1000's instead of what a gun is capable of.
It is not relevant in this discussion Charles. That is an unfounded fear.
Plus you are out of the mainstream on that. No one believes that.
lol Clayton. Don't lose your temper and don't let your kid find it. That's all I ask.
Watch out for the female vote Charles. We outnumber you as voters. We are mothers who care about children being killed. So far the Dem party has a huge advantage in terms of women,black and latino voters.
The pendulum must swing the other way eventually.
Not that many Charles. They can have their gun. They don't need an Uzi. ps... read the banner below.
+Jason Murdock your link is for violent crime in general and not specific to gun related violence (excluding suicide).
+Margaret McEvoy so your saying fathers don't care? We care enough to want to be able to protect our children if y'all had yall's way only the criminals would have guns. what liberals want is for only the biggest set of criminals also known as the government to have guns. Just ask nazi Germany how that turned out
Don't waste your breath on +Margaret McEvoy on these gun law posts - she trolls them like no one's business. Nobody knows all the facts in this case right now and every faction out there has decided to turn this into some sort of referendum on race or guns. Would we be talking about knife laws if the kid had been stabbed? Not likely...
That's ridiculous. Your children are in more danger from another kid finding his fathers gun and getting pissed off at someone at school. Liberals don't want to have your gun. They want you to be responsible and admit you don;t need an Uzi. That's paranoia. Nazi Germany exterminated Jews. Germans watched while it was being done. What has that to do with responsible gun laws?
Daniel... since when is honest discussion a waste of breath? If you have a position defend it. Don't whine about me being a troll. The guy had a concealed weapon that he used to shoot a kid . If you don't think that merit's discussion I think you don't live in America.
+Margaret McEvoy You have been in one of these discussions before - trust me.

I don't know if the gun was concealed or not - I have not heard one way or another. If Florida allows concealed carry (as other states do), and the guy had the right permit (or if a permit is not required), then I have no problem with it. Whether or not the gun was concealed is not relevant - what is relevant is whether the kill was clean or not. If he had just cause to shoot the kid, then the kid picked the wrong guy to attack. If Zimmerman was in the wrong, then prosecute him. This has nothing to do with gun laws.
Be reasonable. Knee jerk reactions to any mention of a discussion just renders you as intractable. Jeesh. Have a good one Charles. Now you got your book out and you are just spouting k-rap. When you want to talk drop me a note.
Obama wins the Nov 2012 election just by sweeping the votes of women in America. Etch A Sketch doesn't have the charisma to win them back.
Keep dreaming Brian, 4 years of his nonsense is enough to get non Republicans like me to vote for anyone but him. He's history.
I love how wishful thinking overrides reality.
Dennis Mix - Obama is destroying Romney among registered female voters in all swing states. The Republican plan for women and their rights is not going to improve this at all. This isn't opinion, its just numbers. When election day happens the Republicans will claim there is no correlation between their policies regarding women and how women actually voted.
Most of Obamas swing voters are now asking themselves why they voted for him, I know blacks that voted for him as well as liberal women and men that feel they screwed up and may not even vote. That will not win him reelection, his stance on energy is also a loser as well, people do not give a dam about future green energy when they are spending 1/2 of their paychecks on oil that could have been drilled here. I voted for Wayne Root last time (Libertarian), I did not like McCain but I'd vote for Donald Duck to send Obama home to Illinois, he is not good for the country or the economy, this will be the 1st time I will have ever voted Republican for President. There are more folks like me than you think.
Dennis Mix - well women like you apparently aren't answering in favor of Romney when posed with the question of Romney or Obama in the current polls of registered female voters in these swing states. Maybe you are right and the polling data is completely wrong but then again?
Not female Brian, and Margret your invited to the victory party in November, please no crying, it will depress the others there :) Oh and remember the line from The Who, we wont get fooled again....See ya that the polls.
Okay Dennis. <wink>. Unfortunately we caught on to the attempt to disenfranchise traditionally Democratic voters but those evil laws are being struck down in court. All voters will have their say.
Dennis Mix - The Who also say meet the new boss, same as the old boss which would imply voting doesn't matter cause in the end all politicians (regardless of party affiliation or ideology) are the same and you end with the same old system regardless of the last names of the people running things. Coke versus Pepsi.
Thats why I'm Libertarian Brian, can you say the same thing? I just want to get the current problem out. After that I work on the next problem.
Normally Libertarian, but this time I vote a protest vote. Last time it was Libertarian across the board.
Bob Barr last time for president.
Dennis Mix - wouldn't a protest vote be an abstention instead of a yeah or nay vote?
No, I'm protesting Obamas policies. There for I'm voting for the candidate that will have the most support, if the Libertarian could that would be my vote. If it must be a Republican then that's what I'm stuck with this time.
Dennis Mix - why doesn't Ron Paul just run as the nominee of the Libertarian Party come November? A third party candidate would throw the whole campaign in flux.
I like Ron but he's not electable, he come across as goofy when he gets excited. I agree with many of his policy stands but not all, I do not think Iran should get the bomb but that is another issue and off topic.
Dennis Mix - I think Ron Paul is more electable than Mitt Romney. He can relate to people better than Mitt Romney.
+Brian Gauspohl While Ron Paul could do that, the only possible result is ensuring an Obama win - not something I think most on this thread want. Ron Paul CANNOT win - neither as a Republican or a Libertarian, so the only votes he would draw would be from the Republican pool.

By definition, 3rd parties cannot win in reality in the US. You must have a majority (50% plus 1) of the electoral votes to win the election. No 3rd party has won since 1848, but it would still need to be a majority win if it were to happen today. To date, the Libertarian Party has never been anything but a distant third in a presidential election.
Like I said I like Paul, but it's to late for him, 10 years ago perhaps. he comes across to me now as goofy or angry, I just don't think that looks good on TV to most voters. Nixon proved you have to look good to win, JFK looked good Nixon looked bad.
That is your belief. You have a right to it. It is not the belief of all people. You are free to believe it the rest of your life. Doesn't mean I have to. Late term abortions are performed only if the health of the mother is involved. Australia has nothing to do with the law here. Your religious belief does not over rule my right to my own body.
What? A zygote is not a child. I believe in science. You have your religion. I have reality.
When do we if ever respect the rights of the baby? Just curious. Seems we forget them in all of this it also seems the only one that has no choice is them.
ps... this is off topic. Get back to the topic.
It is human life, it is alive, left alone it will become a human, it has it's own DNA that makes it unique.
That's all I had to say on it anyway. Mt argument wasn't on religious grounds it was on scientific grounds. I'm done.
You don't get a say Clayton. Unless you'd like to be impregnated by a rapist and then forced to bear his child.
Clayton Thompson - no but getting elected does. You can explain that to Mitt Romney the day after the November election.
This election will see if we still can still have a Republic or fall into darkness. This is not a popularity contest, Not since the Civil war has so many people hated each other. Those that do not get it will fall for the mistakes of history. Good luck to all, we will need it in the years to come.
Dennis Mix - fall into darkness? what is this end times? The world will go on regardless of who wins. Humans will continue to progress regardless of who wins. Only the rate of progress can be slowed because human curiosity is prone to discovery and learning.
Like I said.. You ready to give birth to your rapists child? I don't think so. Two wrongs? You mean one wrong. Rape.
You aren't allowed an opinion. You are a man. Go legislate vasectomies and EDS.
Good night. Like I said .. you have a right to your belief I to mine. If you have a pregnancy good and I hope you love and take care of it as it grows from zygote to a person after nine months. . You have no right to enforce that on someone else.
Clayton Thompson - I would be terrible at being a politician. This is kind of embarrassing but I suck at lying because I hate it so much. I was fired once from Citibank after only 2 months as a credit card debt collector over the phone because I couldn't tell people they should pay their credit card debt before paying for their family's food, utilities, rent/mortgage, and car payments. I could not find in myself to deceive people and make up false priorities for them. So yeah they fired me for not collecting enough debt. I was dead last out of a new hire group of 50 people. I would suck so bad as a politician. Even if half the people ended up hating me because they disagree with me or my positions, I would still say the honest thing straight up and not waste their time. If I was in a presidential debate it would probably be funny because I would not answer questions the way I have seen presidential candidates do historically. It wouldn't be an act to get votes, it would just be me being myself.
Brian I hope your right but when Rome fell it took a long time for the world to recover and when we go Europe goes and so goes the rest of the world. Read the post Roman history and get back to me. People might not like the US but we have saved the world from itself so many times it's not that funny. Already anti antisemitism is all over the world and it's only been 60 years since WW2. There has always been one power that held the world together and we have been it, have we made mistakes yes, but I'll take those over the USSR The British Empire or China any day. One day Sarajevo was the garden of eastern Europe and the Olympics were held there the next thing you know they had a bloody civil war and snipers were shooting people from skyscrapers. Don't fool yourself, it can happen here. As Lincoln said, We are the last best chance for peace. lets hope his words are still valued.
And no this is not the end of times, I do not think in those terms, but it could be another Dark Age.
Dennis Mix - if all 312 millions Americans vanished off the face of the Earth instantly overnight without ever having an explanation of how or why, the rest of the modern industrialized countries would go on with all their scientists and engineers. They would just keep progressing and making new discoveries and inventions in many fields and disciplines. This is good because you (the human race) don't want to have all you eggs in one basket (or one country). Just like the stock market, diversity and variety is the key to the overall survival of the species. They would also (knowing human nature) start new colonies of North America since there would be no one here and tap into its natural resources and existing infrastructure.
That might happen if not for the fact we feed 1/2 the world and finance the rest, what are they going to eat? What currency's are they going to use to buy limited food? You just don't get it do you? The US is nut just a country just as Rome wasn't just a country. Why did they build the UN here, ever ask yourself that? they did it because they knew they could not build it in Europe because they still fight over crap thats 100s if not 1000s of years old. You really need to read history, you think the world will just go on fine with out us? let me show you part of the world under Clinton once again this is what a modern war looks like and this war was in Europe less than 30 years ago. The video was shot in 2010. They still haven't rebuilt and they still hate each other. Destroyed Buildings In Sarajevo During The Civil War In Bosnia Herzegovina
Great chance to put on your Sunday-go-to-meeting duds & wander the corridors of power, filled as they now are with folks of many colors & races, & accuse folks one disagrees with of being racist & phobies.
Ignorance= Distrust
Distrust= Fear
If you are concerned about Trayvan, there are about 50 more in Baltimore. Start with the As.
Charles... where did you get you doctoral degree? You must have studies and peer reviews and charts all kinds of stuff to back up this fantastic thesis on liberals. Liberals are just like you Charles. We care about family and country and justice. Just like you.
Still arguing a day later? Somebody needs a nap. Later kids.
They way I see it everything points to it being Zimmerman's voice on the 911 tape calling for help, an eye witness said he told Trayvon to "STOP" and he was calling 911, Once the witness said that and he didn't stop he was no longer "defending" himself Trayvon and now was committing an assault and George had every right to defend himself. I'm 100% positive that it is George "Pleading for his LIFE" like Trayvon 's Mother described the yells on the tape.

They could use that tape in a commercial, while playing it they could say "This man pleading for his life did have a gun....what would of happened if he didn't?"
Jamie... Well I hope rather than 'seeing' the tape you heard the tape. I heard a young boy screaming for help. Witnesses say Zimmerman was hunched over the boy and the boy was face down. That is witness account. Not the 'way you see it'.
I heard the tape, I edit audio as well as video, I am a small Video producer. I could not tell you the age of the person screaming and I guarantee in this field I am more of an expert than most folks here. I have had 1000s of hours on mixing boards so don't get to sure of your self here Margaret. You heard what you wanted to hear.
Lawmakers should discuss this outdoors in East Baltimore at 4:00 AM.
So Dennis... does it bother you that the 28-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer has said he killed Martin in self-defense, saying the teen punched him and slammed his head into a sidewalk before the shooting..considering the video shows evidence of neither assault..?.
and anyway why would a teenager with as it has been said nothing more dangerous than a bag of skittles attack this behemoth of a man?
Anytime someone gets killed it bothers me, why ask me that? I just posted the point a trained ear couldn't tell anything from that audio clip, by the name of your profile I see you have an agenda. My agenda is simply the truth, let the truth be shown unedited by NBC or anyone else.
It's not useful to those making hay off of the shooting in Florida Darin so for the most part it will be ignored.
Ya Charles, that changes the narrative quite a bit.
April 5th – What our media first told us about George Zimmerman:
1) Said to the dispatcher: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.” (NBC)
2) Video shows him uninjured (ABC)
3) Used a racial slur (many sources)
4) Paranoid, called 911 46 times in 14 months (NY Times, NPR & others) and
5) Weighs 240 lbs (NY Times)
Now the latest:
1) NBC admits audio editing
2) ABC says video does show possible injury
3) CNN reports enhanced audio places doubt on racial slur
4) Called 911 46 times but over 8 years not 14 months and
5) Weighs 170 lbs not 240 The good news? The media managed to spell Zimmerman’s name correctly over 50% of the time!
Fear leads to anger...anger leads to hate....hate leads to suffering
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