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A subatomic particle discovered last year that may be the long-sought Higgs boson might doom our universe to an unfortunate end, researchers say.
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Wow, are just over the top descriptions really needed to get people to read a science article? Talk about sensationalism
That's like asking what practical use is physics in general. The answer is: understanding one thing can lead to understanding many more things. Imagine if we had stopped at the discovery of cells. 
"...many tens of billions of years from now there'll be a catastrophe." 

This is an offense to the most humble intelligence... I can assure that in "...many tens of billions of years from now, there will be wonderful things happening in this Universe...".
Once again, corrupted scientists will use it to "disprove" God, and once again, they'll be found wanting.

As a child, science was an almost-holy drive for answers. But that was before they started selling us all out, making models and trying to convince the rest of us in hoaxes for the government:


And let's not forget renaming all the dinosaurs (something they consider VERY settled and well-understood) three times. 

But take it from me: when religion and science don't agree, we have bad science or bad theology. Science has come so far they get really uncomfortable learning the Bible has been right for tens-of-thousands of years. (They should relax).
+Brian Fahrlander Do us a favor and go read Thomas and faith can live in perfect harmony my friend. If a 13th century monk can figure that out, so can you. :)
+Brian Fahrlander
Your complete lack of understanding of how the scientific method works and how it should be applied is evident.
And no the Bible is not infallible and does not remotely answer all the questions we as a species need to answer in order to progress forward
Different scientific points of views do not bring war among societies. Religions do. We need more science and less religion... Science doesn't care about religions dogmas. Religion is always afraid of what science will bring to light... Peace, sires.
Science develops science. You can use it at your will and freedom...
+Michael Washington Just because science is used to build a gun or a "laser" doesn't mean you have to shoot it at somebody.
Readjusting my schedule now.  Thanks for the heads-up.
If you religious nuts want to believe Adam and Eve were teleported onto the planet surface 4000 years ago and dinosaur bones are monsters and Ronald Reagan was the second coming of Christ thats your business. Just dont force that bullshit on the rest of the world
+Brian Fahrlander I'm a little confused about how a book that opens up by setting an age of the earth at around 6000 years, give or take, could have been "right" for tens of thousands of years. But, knowing that today's humans are no more rational in general than the ones who wrote that book were, I don't expect this contradiction to count for much in the world view of people who take a position similar to yours.
+Mitch Stokely No "religious nuts" think any such thing.

But to think the tens-of-trillions of conditions to allow this planet to exist all happened by "accident" without any higher reason, you're more blind than you think.

Maybe you should spend a couple of milliseconds getting to KNOW the Christians you think you know. and take a look around. Start at the "Chapter One" video defining terms. 

Being closed-minded is a handicap for scientific progression.
+John Hanks "Six Thousand Years" was never anything I suggested; it was an attempt by a priest, working from a set of knowns, to work through the Bible and estimate the time since the beginning.

The problem is, all five of his key assumptions were faulty. I keep trying to tell Christians this; to not be so wooden an literal about everything in the Bible.

See the videos at they're clear and concise.
How come it seems like the only people commenting on google+ are either sardonic cynics, antitheists (eradicating religion will never happen),and foolish fundamentalist literal translation Christians with little skill in apologetics? Too much fundamentalism guys we can all get along if we tried.
It has been observed by many that everything has a time, empires, dynasties, TV shows, popularity.  It's no surprise that there is a theory that at some distant future time the universe as we know it will end.
You know what I miss?  The days when a discovery like this would cause people to get philosophical and reconcile faith to science, and even people without faith didn't have to stomp all over their though process.

For example, I have always wondered, if God was all there was in the universe before time began, then wouldn't it make sense that the universe is, quite literally, His body, partitioned off for very specific purpose in acting as matter for the universe that He created.

If that is the case, couldn't you almost view the inherit instability of the Higgs field as being a manifestation of the ongoing will of God to actively maintain the universe rather than dispassionately creating the universe and siting back and watching it like a scientist observing an experiment.

In the end, it's nothing we will know for sure in our current state of existence.  The universe itself is way too vast and complex to yield easy answers, but it also doesn't yield a lot of moral absolutes or mystical answers for those looking for them as well.

Depending on your point of view the universe is either an amazing series of incomprehensible wonders that are linked by endless coincidence, or science is a means of measuring the clues that God has set before us to underscore what he has revealed to us by other means as well.

Either way, science is pretty cool.
+Brian Fahrlander My grandfather was a minister for 70+ years, and church educator and he sure knew a lot more about Christianity than you ever will my friend. And yet he followed ever single physics discovery and understand the difference between faith and science quite clearly. It amazes me how we have so many religions nuts that can figure that out today are are so theatened by scientific discovery. They clearly dont understand their own faith.
I think you've mis-read something; there's not a doubt in my mind that this reality "faults" in the direction of God, not science. History is FULL of examples where science declares something to be so, and the Bible makes no protestations...just the same declarations from when it was first written...and always wins.

It's not faith that's changed; it's science. Science keeps bumping-up against Biblical statements all the time, and scientists seem very uncomfortable when they realize it.

There's no "wrinkle" in time/space left behind that "outs" God as a fraud. But that doesn't stop modern scientists from breaking their necks trying to find it.

For example, get Stellarium, an open-source astronomy program. Run the clock back to 0006, some time in April, I think.  You'll see Jupiter passing through Antares, the very signal seen by the Persians, telling them a new king was born in Israel. It's not a Christian wasn't even set up to expose this bit of information...but historically it's correct.
Issac Newton was a devout believer in God and is considered to be the Father of Physics.
The Higgs boson/field in theory give matter, mass. Assuming you project this to it's logical engineering application you could manipulate the mass of a space craft. The less mass the object is the less energy is needed to accelerate it up to the desired velocity. Can you Trekies say Warp Field..... No telling if this could cause other problems but that's the logic.
+Brian Fahrlander 
Enjoy your God of the ever decreasing Gaps. Go ahead and be enthralled that a book of propaganda written in antiquity actually got a few moments in antiquity down correctly. 
Narrow minded, intolerant atheism. As bad as Taliban.
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