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Sen. Lindsey Graham vowed Friday to hold President Obama "accountable" for his leadership on Benghazi.
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By doing what?  That's right he can continue to ehine about it and vote for Obama nominees destined to destroy the country like Kerry and Hagel.  That will show him.
Brian T
A lot of these established Rebups are just making a PR front.  I hope this admin gets what it deserves.
What is he going to do? Filibuster Obama's nominees. Lindsey stop the grandstanding and worry about that primary you will be getting
Where was he when Benghazi was under attack & Stevens assassinated? On another Fund raiser? The One apparently doesn’t much care for niceties and schmoozing, preferring to spend his leisure time with his close group of buddies and cohorts
thats so dumb this man had every right to shoot at the burglar he was robbing his home.. so he pulled his side arm guy runs try to get a away he shoots.. then gets arrested for protecting his home what the hell is wrong with this country 
+Jake Coleman I think you responded to the wrong thread... but... You are only "defending" when you are actually under threat. A person running away is neither a threat, or can qualify as something you are "defending" yourself from. This is not something wrong with the country, it is something wrong with an individual that would shot someone that was not a threat, and was fleeing the scene.

Personally, I am kinda bummed he missed, but this can't be called legal or correct in any way, shape or form.
Obama was busy fund raising in Vegas. I guess he incorrectly assumed those in charge could handle the incident. Obviously he is a poor judge of character...
Once again it demonstrates Obama is in over his head and out of his depth.
Odd how Mathews, O'Donell and that Maddow lad over at MSNBC managed to miss this testimony again. Maybe they had a play date with CBS, CNN and ABC.
Strange that Lindsey cares about the 4 who perished in Benghazi but doesn't care about the 4800 Americans who died in Iraq by his own voting record and vocal support.  
I'm sorry. Where was the president? The Secretary of State was doing what?
+Jay Carlson Can't believe you just said that. Just because Iraq was a larger scope operation doesn't make their deaths less valuable than those in Benghazi. So, there are no apples and oranges, a death is a death, period.
+David Jenson Even with comparisons with the type of operation, why are the deaths so much more important in Benghazi (4) than they were in Iraq (4800)?  
Father God, says, " I am God!  In six more days The United States will experience a national tragedy! "
Bless you all in the name of Jesus! Blessed Brother Sirvante.
+Daniel Hinojosa No one is saying one life is more important than another. There simply is no comparison here.
+David Jenson I don't have to, all of you are ranting about death and failed leadership as a follow up to the article and I site other examples pertinent to the same topic. While there were faults in Benghazi, you guys howling over 4 deaths while ignoring 4800 is beyond hypocritical. 
+David Jenson So answer me this one. How do you feel about the citizen bursting in and "yowling" about traffic deaths?
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