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BREAKING NEWS: A law enforcement official says a person believed to be the fugitive ex-LAPD cop sought in three killings has exchanged gunfire with authorities in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Watch the LIVE coverage here: 
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He's not coming out of this alive, I wonder if there will be cries for "due process" at the end of this. I also wonder if the LAPD will use drones to get him out... 
Maybe this will go on all night and preempt the state of union speech...please.
Is this that example where everyone going after him has NO GUN, because THAT's the safe way to do it?  (snicker!)
It's Obama fault...just saying it before somebody does!
Stop giving him that much power. America is, in reality, a polyarchy. The president is a figure head with the with power of the Royal Family in England. Nice to have a face for America; however, Obama is a powerless face. The wealthy class decides the domestic, foreign, and economic policies of this Nation. 
+Garry Williams No, not so much; it's just that taking guns away from people, leaving criminals and police the only ones with them, is a STUPID idea.

Honestly, we shouldn't have the mass of laws surrounding guns, now, but our government is fallen.

How will police intercept this rogue cop?  Carrying mace? Protest signs? No: GUNS.

As long as criminals can make or STEAL their own guns, the lawful shouldn't be prevented from having theirs. 
Just wondering what the latest update is on the situation...
As if there would be an unbiased opinion of the adress on there. FOX news are hate mongerers
+David Chace it's an old movie, actually. Look up "The Negotiator". Add a dash of "Training Day".
Amazing how quickly the real topic gets lost...
RAther in the what's backwards and redneck thinking
Just saw a local news story indicating that one of the officers he (Dorner) shot today has died.
Chris Dorner should be +Fox News hero. Using his Second Amendment Right to overthrow his tyranical government. 
Well Mr. +G. Fahey that's what the second amendment is for, when you don't agree with your government, you go to war with them. That's what Fox News represents the right to bear arms against their government. This man is living it and you don't think it's right? 
Dorner isn't no hero when he murders cops,innonence civilians in this rampage. LAPD has every right to take him down but he's no hero. He's no Steve Segall whom he wanted to emulate. 
Of course he's a hero +chuck harrison this is what the Second Amendment is for. To overthrow your government means you have to become a cop killer. That's what that right to bear arms guarantees .When you can't take it any more, you grab your fire arm and over throw the government. 

This is it. Your hero. A man that had enough, and is now going to do something about it. 
that's right David he isn't no second adm hero. The second Adm was written for the citizenery to protect themselves from  tyrnnical goverments. Zealot politicians etc. 
Also heros save lives they don't kill innonence people.
Chuck Harrison - You are so so wrong. The government doesn't and never will attack the citizens. Culture up or wise up. Enough redneck thinking. 
What is more tyrannical and corrupt than the LAPD +chuck harrison ? Dorner had more courage and conviction than all the rest of the so called "second amendment" defenders. That man lived it.  May he rest in peace. 
Blocked Michael Washington. What a complete moron. 
Guy, that is very naive of you to think that way. Are you blind? We see examples of that almost daily. I'm really tired of arguing with idiots. Fox news is less biased than most other media outlets. And you can't even spell "mongers." Get a clue, you moron. Another one for the block list.
I'm really curious who caused that cabin to go up in flames. We'll probably never know. 
Well, if it is Dormer's body, at least his potential targets can rest easy now.
The fire was probably the result of tear gas canisters..or perhaps set by the suspect.
That's a very good possibility. I remember a whole neighborhood getting burned down out east years back when cops used flash bangs.
I hope the cop that lied on him loses her job and rots in hell. 
Ron N
+Michael Washington. The second Amendment allows us to DEFEND ourselves against our government. Your hero, Dorner, attacked. It seems as you attacked law abiding citizens, you missed the obvious.
Is there any other kind? Leftists are world-class failures.
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