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This President's Day, check out some of our past presidents who make the list for 'unhealthiest' U.S. leaders.
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Here is a bit of fiction that is too good to be true.  America is divided by serious and heartfelt political issues.  We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of James Bond.  With a little imagination you could characterize our political division as THE BATTLE OF THE BOND VILLAINS.
On one side you have Auric Goldfinger, a strange millionaire who wants to destroy the economy of the United States (and make a huge profit) by radiating the gold in Ft. Knox.  At the time it was thought Auric Goldfinger was based on the real life millionaire, George Soros who had a reputation for destroying the economies of small countries for profit.  Today he is rumored to be the secret power behind Barack Obama.
On the other side is Elliot Carver from TOMORROW NEVER DIES (1997).  He was a media mogul who used his monopoly of the news to start World War III (and make a huge profit).  This villain was supposed to be based on Rupert Murdoch who is the creator of Fox News.  Fox News is known for not being a supporter of Barack Obama.
So there you have it:  A Barack Obama supporter verses a Barack Obama detractor, or George Soros verses Rupert Murdock, or Auric Goldfinger verses Elliot Carver, or THE BATTLE OF THE BOND VILLAINS.  I’m just saying.  Feel free to make anything of this you wish.
+Richard Key we need substantiation of these claims. In fact, I'd like clarification of your claim. Are you stating that all American presidents are British or descended from the monarchy? 
Hay John, are you related to any of the Turners from Timpson  Tx.?
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