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Rev. Al Sharpton appeared in a “Lean Forward” ad for his network MSNBC on February 5, where he recited a bit of the Pledge of Allegiance. Sharpton left God out of his piece of the pledge.
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well, its not much of a surprise...he hates America...and is a religious hypocrite 
Hes as much a Reverend as OBL was...
How ridiculous for him to forget bout god int he pledge of allegiance. that is unacceptable
There is only so much room in the "Big Tent" party, folks.
Is this really a story? Must be a light news day today
Hope God isn't watching the news today! You know Al your notisn't looking any younger ! Someone tell him!!! Al get your heart right with God! Yes the same one that you preach about from the Bible Yes the one that created you and me The same one that sent fire from heaven and consumed the water up sacrifice ! The one that flooded the earth one time and the on that came to earth and lived, died And rose again on the third day! That God! This world needs to know this God of heaven and earth ! Our redeemer our prince of peace our mighty and most powerful loving God! Preach this Al you will be safe 
can someone point me to a reference in US history where Rev. Al Sharpton actually did something to warrant this kind of exposure?  I am not being mean, I have no clue why this man is always in the news.
He's a race pimp, that's why the media gives him coverage.
+Mike Gunderson  He has a big mouth and knew MLK...he's been riding King's coat tails like Jesse Jackson for decades..THey both forgot MLK was a Republican..
+Phil Johnson
Thank you for revealing yourself as a completely worthless citizen and intellectually bankrupt beyond a shadow of a doubt.
So? He recited the Pledge pre-atheistic communist scare. "Under God" wasn't added till the fifties, and quite frankly should have never been added. This is a secular nation.
+Phil Johnson  Its a First Amendment thing Phil, you either believe in the COnstitution or you do not.. Apparently you do not..I dislike the guy as much as anyone...but he can say what he likes and deal with the consequences...
It's a lot easier just standing upright. The problem with "leaning forward" is eventually you'll tip over and bust your face!
Regardless.....ODD, isn't it, for a man of God?

I guess when you work for Democrats, you need to be ready to throw anything under the bus.
He's a worthless racist piece of shit.  Hopefully someone will use his as target practice one day.
So he's using the version our American Soldiers pledged during World War II. Got it.
This is a promo by Sharpton for MSNBC!  Here is my shocked face
Hilary Clinton will be our next president.  You can bet your last dollar on that.  Just wait and see.  
Well, Sharpton's a jerk. I simply don't expect any better from him.
The original pledge of allegiance did not have god in it you idiots.. 
Fuck the stupid hurts sometimes.. 
+Christy Sandhoff you're not queen Elizabeth, judging by ur pic,if that's really u, you're more like princess kate.
Why are all these wingnuts trolling on my g+ page... This is not FB!
lmao seriously? The original pledge did not mention god.. shit..
Just another example of a leftist trying to break apart America.
the same thing 'rightist' gain I guess, y'all both are retarded, fighting while they watch and laugh at you..
"Preacher exorcises God?" Tops "Man bites dog" lol
He no Rev. GOD doesn't know who he is either! 
Well there is no god so that is irrelevant. 
But if it did exist, does this mean god cannot see and hear everything if he does not know who Sharpton is.. Kinda goes against the claim 'god' can hear and see all.. making shit up as you go along..
+Aaron Edmondson, Jr
The Pledge was already modified to pacify the overtly religious in the 1950's. Why shouldn't it be changed back or discarded completely? Rote indoctrination isn't the sign of a free nation
Not everyone in america believes in god, we should not and will not be shutting up about about anytime soon.
this is the original one
"I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

In 1923, the words, "the Flag of the United States of America" were added. At this time it read:
"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

In 1954, in response to the Communist threat of the times, President Eisenhower encouraged Congress to add the words "under God," creating the 31-word pledge we say today. Bellamy's daughter objected to this alteration. 
If you don't believe it, look it up yourself
I love how there is an historic storm pounding the country and this is what fox thinks is most important 
+Thad Woodman
Your comment is the definition of inane.
Doing one single article on a subject in no way sets it as the primary focus. Many journalists work at Fox and the entity is able to cover many stories within the same day. 
OMG! Someone cares about people other than the Religious Right? OH NO! We can't have that!
+John Doe You're free to think what ever you want about the existence of a deity. The discussion here about the fact someone calling themselves a reverend seems to be purposely omitting a rather common reference to God. Regardless of the original text, "One Nation under God" is currently the most common reading of the pledge of allegiance. 
Whatever bro, fox news leads y'all around like a retarded, blind dog.. Whining about every little thing. Grow up.
Al is not a man of god so it shouldn't surprise anyone. He is a liberal race hustler. It is why he will not address the ills in the black community like gun violence, fatherless children, bad parenting, and women not understanding thier value. He doesn't stand against abortion which hurts the black community the most.
Good for Rev. Al.  I enjoy the classical American version without "God" anyway.  Plus shoving god between between "One nation" and "indivisible" did nothing but divide us and defeats the point.
+John Doe Do you realize how ridiculous you are jumping into every FOX thread simply to post how much you don't like FOX? OK, mission accomplished We get it. Now move on.
I don't like Fox. I hate the idiots who blithely follow fox even more.
+Daniel Hinojosa We're glad you're an atheist. Now apply a little understanding to the point of this thread.
The point of this thread that you whine like a baby when someone takes a moment to consider the liberties of all Americans.
john doe has no life and is a pathetic loser and i guess this is all he has forward to in his sad miserable life.
he's another no life pathetic loser than doesn't have a life so he comes out here to spread his misery and shit up this post.  what a bunch of losers.
Only because +Fox News does the same thing but on a much larger scale, it's the circle of life.
+Jay Carlson "Now apply a little understanding to the point of this thread."? The point of thread is god and it being excluded from the pledge, in this case, by Rev. Al. Did you forget?
The question of whether or not Mr. Sharpton stated the original Pledge of Allegiance or the current versions is irrelevant. The USA did in fact adopt the current version of the PoA. The current version is the accepted and lawful version of the USA. To state another (even an old version) POA in front of our flag, is a sign of treason, and should be treated as such.
Eli M
He omitted GOD because he is pandering.
+Daniel Hinojosa Actually you have it backwards. The point is someone who has called himself "reverend" as long as I can remember Is omitting the reference to God in the currently accepted accepted Pledge of Allegiance. 
Al Sharpton is a jackass.  He's a REVEREND and doesn't recite the pledge of allegiance as it should be?  Leave God out?  What kind of Reverend is he? Jackass and Asshole and ass-backwards.  Call me anything you want, I'm not arguing or debating my comment or replying to any comments.  I'm not out there to win a popularity contest.  A Reverend who leaves out God's name as was intended in the original Pledge.  What does he preach?  I was born in '58 and said the Pledge every school morning proudly. (And no, it wasn't a one room school house.)
By the way, Religious freedom is still there.  So believe in the trees if you will or nothing at all.  Al Sharpton can rot.
"The world is flat!" "Everyone should believe what I believe!" "We should teach religion in schools because I say so!" "This is a country founded on Christian Principles" "There is a war against us because things don't go our way!" bla bla bla. That's all I hear. It's pathetic and idiotic. And I'm well aware that not all of you are idiots. But there is a large percentage of you that follow Fox news like they actually give news. Fox isn't just biased, they are often times wrong. Very wrong.

"Germany has more Solar Potential than the US."is the most recent of these blatant lies to preserve their world view. They have taken news off of the Onion (Satirical News Source) and have reprinted it as fact. It's ridiculous and Fox is ridiculous. 
they aren't smart enough to know how to work it david.  probably need the government to come show them how.  maybe the government can set up an agency to train them.  sounds like a good way to waste some more tax payer money. 
+David Jenson Largest? No. And it doesn't give me the freedom to get away from the lunatics that follow it and vote en masse
Eli M
All libs are cry babies
All republitards and demotards are cry babies when they don't get their ways.. While their leaders have dinners behind closed doors, far away from news cameras..
+Eli Miranda In a post where conservative commentators are crying about Al Sharpton not including 2 words in his promo, there are cry babies all right, but it isn't from the libs.
Eli M
For someone that claims to be a teacher you are missing the point that a man of faith negates his belief in GOD. 
I am an equal opportunity troll so don't flatter yourself.. fuck fox and obama. 
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+John Doe with his little Guy Fawkes Mask Avatar.  You and the rest of the occupy idiots just think it looks cool but don't know anything about it.
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