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Woodward, once celebrated by Democrats for yanking down Richard Nixon’s imperial presidency, now seems puzzled by the doings of the current and even more imperial Obama presidency.
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Your asserting that the Obama administration is more imperial than Nixon.....Really?  Does Fox just use a dartboard to come up with this crap?
Fox news is the only news channel left that is not owed by some lying liberal.
Warren, Faux News is a bunch of conservative Republican puppets that have no idea what"fair and balanced" reporting is.
+P. Warren Brown  really? FOX uses Facts...Have you even read the attached littney of bullshit.....I guess not....Funny, skin color huh?  Freudian slip much?
.....and they have the lost approval ratings of any major news outlet, by far 
If anyone, is fool enough to read this blurb and agree, go read a book.....Nixon was a criminal, engaged in the misuse of his office, CRIMINALLY....And caught doing so....A legitimate news organization would not make the comparison. But again, we are talking about FOX ...KEYWORD being Legitimate.
It's interesting how this has devolved into an argument over the merits of this or that news organization and not the merits of the actual headline. Is Obama more imperialistic than Nixon? I'm not a Nixon expert, but it would be hard to argue that Obama is not an imperialist.
Yes he is.Sorry, Dont agree with you on that one. Maybe more of an anticolonialist. Which is why he sent the bust back to the Britian. Either way, he is not interested in what is good for our nation, only what will detroy us from the inside out.
The Fox trolls are out in force today. The must have gotten their welfare checks today and have extra internet time.
To post such a claim and have anyone defend a "News" outlet posting the claim as "News" when it is a baseless statement is sad. Goebels style journalism at it's best, being lapped up by the masses. It is everything that is wrong with FOX. It is a propaganda mill, at least demand accuracy...Don't just mindlessly accept everything they tell you......
@ +Dave Funk, "Freudian slip"?  Really?!? about someone who needs to go read a book.  As a licensed clinical psycho-dynamic psychoanalytic psychologist, I can GUARANTEE YOU that you have NO CLUE what a Freudian slip is.  Let me educate you on Freud a tad...

Freud viewed the human psyche revolving around a collective energy he termed "libido".  And many of his case study notes indicate that the libido revolved, or was involved either directly or indirectly, with human sexuality.  And Freud noted that many times when the topic of sex arose in his therapy sessions, that a person would misspeak about a specific sexually oriented topic.  

THUS, a "Freudian slip" is when a person misspeaks about a SEXUAL topic.  Your assertion that +P. Warren Brown or Fox news utilized or engaged in any type of slip, let alone a Freudian one, is simply erroneous at best.  So, if anyone needs to "go read a book", it would be YOU, sir.  So, instead of providing insults and jabs b/c someone has a differing viewpoint from you, why not instead engage in asking WHY they have a differing viewpoint.  Otherwise, I would kindly ask you to sit there...and not speak/reply unless one chooses to direct a question at you ever again.
I love that Dejan Jancevski. You tell them.
+Dejan Jancevski Try Again Professor

Noun 1. Freudian slip - a slip-up that (according to Sigmund Freud) results from the operation of unconscious wishes or conflicts and can reveal unconscious processes in normal healthy individuals
parapraxis, slip-up, miscue, slip - a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc.
Well, I'm FOR people making their own decisions on what source they deem "news worthy".  Some like Fox, some don't.  That's up to the individual.  But to critique someone for choosing over another?!? Seriously?  How pathetic have we as a society come these days?

+Dave Funk, and what, pray tell, do you think "UNCONSCIOUS WISHES OR CONFLICTS" was Freud talking about, genius?  Man...when you don't know, don't talk.
+Dejan Jancevski  So you are for an organization making fact-less statements without basis and portraying them as news? You portray yourself as an educated individual, yet you defend this practice....Professor?
Dejan - The Kool Aid flows strong with this one. 
+Dave Funk, did I say I agreed with Fox News? No.  Granted, I also did not disagree with it.  The point is MANY sources have posted the same it Fox, CNBC, Fox Business, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, NY Times, Detroit News, Detroit Free, where there is smoke, there most assuredly is a fire.  Choosing to poo-poo one source is simply stupid.  It obviously isn't like Fox made this up.
It's easier to sit here and bitch, too much trouble doing a Google search.
I am pulling from all of these sources, only one has asserted that President Obama is MORE Imperialistic than Nixon. Therein lies the propaganda, the Woodward story is the news, the implication of activity which supercedes the criminal activity of Nixon...Thats all FOX. +Dejan Jancevski  That is dangerous journalistic practice, as it is pure propaganda tactics, the merger of truth with just enough lie to taint belief.
+Jay Carlson I hope your having a laugh, If not read the book Mr. Woodward and Bernstein wrote....I'm not re writing it. lol (Or cheat, the movie is often on demand)
+John S, who were you asking?  ;)

+Jeff van't Slot, I think what you are referring to is the utter lack of (or the sheer refusal to use) CRITICAL THINKING skills.  If people use that skill, they can separate facts from opinions.  

+Wes Cam, one can make the same claims about MSNBC, or NBC for that matter.
Yes by all means, don't require accuracy in reporting.......Good Lord......
Well, I just remember the burglary of the DNC headquarters and the ensuing cover up. Serious stuff, but I believe largely overblown.
And for the record, I would question bullshit where ever I find it. I'm not a sheep.
+Jay Carlson  No brother, It runs much deeper, that was just the tip of the iceberg, the catalyst which exposed the pervasive criminal activity and misuse of the office.
As I recall in the Watergate Case Nixon found out about the burglary after the fact. It wasn't his idea but he participated in the cover up.

Best I can remember, I was in High School at the time and wrote a paper on it as it breaking.
Warren, you won't waste a reasonable argument on stupidity? Lol, conservative republicans haven't had a reasonable argument in over 30 years. They do know all about stupidity though. Explains why they aren't really relevant in America anymore, and unless we can magically go back in time to, oh I don't know, say 1816, they won't be again. They are so out of touch with reality and today's world its amazing that they ever were a factor.
+Dave Funk, you question it? Really?  So, care to explain WHY our "dictator" in chief is acting like chicken little, claiming that the sequester (his own idea) is going to cause such a HORRIBLE tidal wave of bad things to happen when it only deals with $85Billion?  Out of a budget of $2.5TRILLION, he's worried about $85Billion! And then some senior administrative official sends a veiled threat to Bob Woodward for calling the administration out on this?

Put that into perspective, folks:

The President is arguing over a cut in GROWTH, not a true cut in spending.  To put it into middle class numbers, it would be the equivalent of arguing over 0.0000034% of one's income.  So, if one makes $50,000.00/year, it's the same as complaining that you now have to cut back on $0.17.  Yes, 17 CENTS!  Honestly, who can't afford to cut back on that little?!?  This is much ado about nothing.  

Now, should Fox be blamed for using the term "imperial"?  If you are going to critique Fox for that, then where is similar criticism for Chris Matthews claiming that ANYONE who criticized the President or made reference to "CHICAGO" as a racist?!?  Seriously, are we now claiming that no one in this country other than Democrats/Liberals can separate one's political policies from one's skin color?!?  PLEASE!

So...stop with the hypocritical B.S.  As I said, if you want to NOT believe what Fox News puts out...that's fine.  But don't claim that it's blatantly false simply because you disagree with it.  BTW, I think the REAL issue here is that Fox News Channel is the most watched news channel in the U.S. (up to 2012) for the past decade:

And while Fox News is the LEAST is, at the same time, the MOST TRUSTED...go figure:
+Jay Carlson I believe that depends on whom you believe as several of the key players testimony conflicts, but he is known to have used the CIA and I believe to a lesser extint the FBI to do covert action against his political enemy's even beyond the Watergate break-in.
+Dejan Jancevski To question policy...Fine , but you know and I know, this instance as they often tainted by unsubstantiated spin. Bad Journalism...period.
An administration threatening to pull credentials is same ol, same ol, The fact that it is Woodward is the news....That is what should be reported, to infer additionally, that President Obama is behaving in a manner which is more imperialistic then a man who literally had bribes, prostitutes luring the unwitting and wiretaps...might be a little bit tainted...all I'm saying....Kinda unscrupulous as a news outlet.
For what it's worth.... I was a registered GOP until about 6 months ago....I am indy now, The GOP has so lost its way that I could no longer take it....I'm getting the idea I'm not alone in that opinion. Blast Away !!! Maybe the Tea Party will find your way...But The Party of Lincoln.....Not so much.
+Jay Carlson  That is a baited question lol...But you seem to be reasonable , so I'll bite.... It's multi faceted, but I believe they have gone to far to cater to extreme conservative interest including but not limited too the Religious Right. I believe that the Bush Administration criminally waged war based on false intelligence in Iraq. They profiteered via Haliburton , etc. and at the very least allowed profiteering  They undermined our standing on the world stage by willfully violating the Geneva accord regarding torture or used 3rd party countries to do it on our account. When Abu Gharib occured they allowed the rank and file soldier to hang when the upper echelon had full knowledge and condoned the abuse. They put in place fiscal measures to stave off the imminent financial effect of 911 by pulling regulation and basically allowing predatory lenders to rape the American people. They allowed a New Orleans to descend into a hellish nightmare because the people in place were put there based on friends getting cushy jobs, rather than having qualified individuals prepared to respond to a disaster. And I could go on forever, but any GOP candidate that deviates from the line gets essentially outcast. I can't in good conscience be a part of that, there has got to be a better way. So I'm Indy, unaffiliated.  
Honestly not trying to bait you. Just curious.
I know, that's why I answered
+Dave Funk, I can understand your dismay with the Republican party...hence why I call myself and make it a strong distinction as being a conservative instead of a Republican. 

However, I will disagree with you concerning the New Orleans issue.  Do we REALLY blame Bush and the Republicans when FIMA can't do its job, but we don't blame Obama and the Democrats when FIMA (again!) can't do it's job (see Hurricane Sandy)?  Plus, look at the issue a bit deeper.  Who was in control of Louisiana?  A Democraticly controlled House & Senate, with a Democrat for Governor.  And what about the city of New Orleans?  A Democrat for mayor!  And when the federal government insisted that the people of New Orleans LEAVE prior to Hurricane Katrina...did they? NOPE!  Yet, relief workers managed to get into similarly storm ravaged areas in Mississippi much more quickly.  Why?  Mississippi had a Republican governor...and a Republican controlled State congress.  Could THAT have been where the difference was?  Could the Democrats have purposely used the tragedy to further their political cause?  If they did, why did the Republicans in Mississippi NOT do so? 

And why are we NOT talking about the damage incurred in Mississippi?  In fact, that State had 10x the damage and death tolls of Louisiana from the same storm, yet...because those who died in Mississippi were poor white families, it didn't make the news for long...but we still talk about New Orleans?!?  Come on.

To me, the real blame belongs first on the individuals for not heeding the warnings put out by local, State, and federal forecasters, and instead staying put.  I then secondly blame FIMA for being the most inept federal dept.  Third, I blame the State and local governments because they simply sat on their hands.  And finally, I blame the media at large for focusing only on one area (i.e., New Orleans) and not on (in my humble opinion) the REAL issue of helping to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.
+Dejan Jancevski I do not entirely disagree regarding NOLA, Except Brown had no business in that position, the govt in LA also bears some measure of responsibility however alot of he said she said makes it difficult to determine how much, My main concern is Fema should have fell in where Local Failed, All those deaths we're unnecessary and many occurred after the storm. Ultimately the Fed should have had that covered. Additionally the trailers which were brought in being tainted , the failure to assist those who tried to return, the misplaced funding. FEMA so screwed the pooch there it was ridiculous, and I believe that was largely because the top down leadership was not qualified. I don't care what color they are, we should never see Americans dying of dehydration in a US City following a disaster.
+Dave Funk, I hear ya...but I think that's exactly where the problem is today!  Citizens actually expect the FEDERAL government to fix everything.  The original and ONLY purpose of the federal government was to 1) negotiate international treaties for trade, and 2) protect the citizens of the States from invasion, be it foreign or domestic.

Now, I suppose one could argue that a natural disaster could be (in an extreme case) be considered a federal responsibility because it is essentially an invasion by a foreign (albeit natural) entity.  But still...Mississippi recovered far faster and with far less FEMA involvement despite equal or worse damage than did the folks affected in Louisiana.  That isn't FEMA's fault...that's the fault of the people who lived in the affected areas.

Hence why I place the initial blame on the residents first and foremost.  And while I totally disagree with Obama's policies, it would be like me blaming him for delays in funding for the Hurricane Sandy victims.  It's simply not based on the facts...merely opinions.
+P. Warren Brown  “I think if Obama himself saw the way they’re dealing with some of this, he would say, ‘Whoa, we don’t tell any reporter ‘you’re going to regret challenging us.’ ”

That is Woodwards entire quote in the attached article, not including the smaller photo caption, The little liney things on each side of the sentence, They are quotation marks, he in no manner mentions the imperialism of the Obama Admin vs the Nixon Admin......Now run along.

Read more:
+Dejan Jancevski  Yes, I understand what your saying as I have extended family in MS along the Gulf Coast, but its kind of apples and oranges, the levee fails, the urban environment, the sheer density..Most deaths in MS were directly attributed to the storm, in NOLA Most were post storm, and much of them where due to the grossly delayed response. FEMA should have staged and been prepared when they saw what was in store, but because the head of FEMA was a failed horsefarm operator that had no clue as to what he was doing is why FEMA failed so miserably. No question the are alot of other factors , but that is what FEMA is funded to do, and they were asleep on the job and a lot of folks died because of it. But we could go on forever on that I suppose. Sandy was better in the initial emergency response but still, today there are too many folks living in homes without heat and utilities, so still work to be done !
+Dave Funk, well, from what I was hearing, the NOLA government officials were actually PREVENTING FEMA from coming in and doing their jobs.  For instance, Mayor Nagan failed to order an evacuation despite being told to do by the governor and federal officials (until it was obviously too late), but later Nagan tried to blame FEMA for not acting fast enough.

As for FEMA's response to Sandy, it was essentially the same...and again mayors got involved to prevent FEMA from doing its job: remember how Mayor Bloomberg PURPOSELY diverted generators that FEMA was providing away from those affected by Hurricane Sandy and instead attempted to put those generators in use to promote the NYC marathon?!? 

Local officials sometimes are the bigger problem than the overly bloated federal department.  Personally, I'd love to see FEMA get dismantled myself (I think it's more of a waste than a help overall given its size)...but I also do try to make sure that blame goes where it belongs...FEMA does deserve some blame, but it most assuredly wasn't acting alone...and local politicians deserve at least just as much blame.
It was FEMA's fault. Had they responded sooner, live could have been saved.
Imperial! Oh he wasn't voted president but Ordained Empire....????wtf 
+Dave Funk if Obama and his cronies didn't have dead people and ILLEGAL aliens voting for them you and your lackluster responses would be rolling off the ears of the true majority of Americans into a dark and endless pit of dispare that could only be overcome by a volcanic eruption of lies and hate for true patriots. That is why your liberalism party is making headway. You continue to spew volcanic ash into the air clouding the judgment of normal American citizens.
+Raymond Jaeger That was certainly worth the 2 days it took you to say it......Gotta Headache now?
+Dave Funk No I don't have a headache and it only took me about a minute to write. If that is all you can come up with you may just want to stop. You can go play with the little kids now. Dismissed.