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Blaer's name isn't on a list of 1,853 acceptable female names in her country. Officially, her name is "Girl" and now she's fighting back. What do you think about Iceland's naming laws that it says are to prevent childhood embarrassment?

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Put all these kinds of law makers on an island! Oh wait.... :)
To not embarrass the child?
I'd love to see the precedence their government uses for this particular nonsense.
If 'they' feel it maintains social order and cultural identity good for 'them'. But when 'they' start to fracture and have opposing opinions on it then it is time to change. So if this girl rallies enough support, good for her, she will help sweeping change. If her fellow citizens don't support her then this is what that society deems acceptable. Try not to push your cultural beliefs on other societies. Let them evolve the way their people choose. Unless it evolves into something nutty like Islam, or a dictatorship. 
+Michael Costa
Ok, so let people be until you decide they are being 'nutty', then get involved?
Yeah, how incredibly objective. I bet I could get a poll to say this Icelandic practice is 'nutty'. Then can we call this stupid and oppressive nonsense?
Or are we not allowed to express our opinions about other countries stupidity because it amounts to us mean old Yankees 'pushing' our values on others?

I think that we ought to leave the business of a sovereign nation to that nation. We don't like it when other countries or the UN gets in our business. Last time I check, Iceland isn't the USA and our opinion just don't mean crap there.
+Matthew Agnich. What I am saying is I agree with +Tim Pearcy about leaving sovereign countries to govern themselves how they best see fit as long as the people being governed have some input. Unless it leads to something downright detrimental to the people, like a cuban style dictatorship. Or unless it lead to a radical form of governing that unleashes its crazies on the rest of the world, like Islam. Or to sound more PC 'Militant Islam'. 
Yea so people won't name their kids stupid mass names like Amen and Hallelujah 
I've heard worse let people name their kids whatever they want if the kid don't like it give them a nickname who cares but maybe they won't spend a billion to solve thus crazy as Hell law
If people have the right to have kids them let them name the kids
How do people put up with such government stupidity?
This is the law here in Iceland, based on centuries of tradition. If you don´t like it, you can always move.
+Arnar Mar Thorsteinsson
Oooo someone who might be able to give us precedent so maybe we can understand this pile of nonsense.

What are those century old traditions?
The Icelandic nation has no great old monuments, but it has it´s language that hold it heritage. We are only a nation of 320.000 so it takes a effort to protect the language. This naming laws are a part of that effort. My name has unique Icelandic letters in it "Arnar Már Þorsteinsson"
I don't understand why folks always jump all over Fox because every story is not an Earth shattering event like all those on MSNBC. There are interesting human interest stories that belong on the back of the book. No one is forced to read any of these stories
They are just trolls that have no life looking to stir up shit Francis.  
Most of the Lib Media, just want to give their tin God all the glory  Francis.
Her name might be. Maybe not her "work". 
What's wrong with the name "Blaer"? We think it's a beautiful name.
There's nothing like a government with nothing important to do.
There are many countries that restrict certain names. Her parents should have done their homework so she wouldn't have ever had to fight this stupid fight.
Fox. The only network that even tries. Nothing worrying. Just some interesting news. Now on MSNBC, there's lesbianism
that newsman made stupid points about speed control changes that is a safety issue and the letter C come on her name is ok not offensive 
its funny to see Americans who are embarrassingly less educated, fat, lazy and living poorer quality of lives than Icelanders talk such a big game... meanwhile Iceland has REAL freedom where it counts, ranks much higher overall country to live over shit hole USA.... keep embarrassing yourself USA... you're not even allowed to make REAL DECISIONS like who you want to marry, many people want to restrict a woman's right to choose and even women and minorities get paid less than whites, not to mention the US is the #1 country in the world that incarcerates people for NON CRIMES just to support a large, corrupt penal industry, which puts US ahead of both N Korea and Iran on human rights abuse watchdog list.

go ahead and sneer at something insignificant like naming regulations whilst REAL freedom alludes you... dumbass cunts
No "real" man would make that last comment. If one is going to comment about education one should learn the correct usage of the word "eludes". All the rest sounds like a looped tape from a third world speech at the UN. Of course with the likes of this bonehead in the WH, mouthy may get his wish.
For the record, I am a fat, lazy American. A PROUD fat, lazy American. 
This article is about human rights  not trash talking other peoples countries it has NOTHING to do with human rights Americans and less than desirable Americans should not have been the focus- period
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