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The Obama administration is making a big push to gather ideas for a plan to curb gun violence and enforce more gun control. Do you think they're headed in the right direction?
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Ness B
Nope, not even close the right direction. Their moral compasses are so skewed it makes me sick.
Nathan D
No I think they are the most inept and clueless administration ever put into office.
Regulate the commerce of guns, this will save the administration from the attacks of the courts. Also, Obama can use some executive orders to do some of this as well... Regulate those gun shows now
Ness B
Really +Paris Mosley , since when has a headline ever said "shooting at gun show". What exactly is wrong with gun shows anyway? What do you thinks needs regulating there?
As countless others have said over the years EVERY time gun control legislation is a hot topic, that these laws and restrictions only harm and hurt law abiding citizens.  Criminals, by nature, do not obey laws, hence, thats why they are criminals.  There will always be guns on the streets that a criminal can purchase from other criminals.  This administration is taking this country apart piece by piece, and the idiots who voted for him AGAIN, just cant see that. 
+Paris Mosley no, they can't the commerce clause is only for states, foreign nations and indian tribes.  The last part of the 2nd Amendment is "shall not be infringed".  Therefor none of what you said is Constitutional!
What is wrong with guns? It's our legal right to be able to have guns, I don't believe they have a right to take thenm away. We have them to protect us, just because some people use them in bad ways doesnt mean we all should be punished. I'm a second amendment person is this is bascicly taking away what we worked so hard to get.
Looks like a good start to me. Close background check loopholes and a focus on mental illness.

If you happen to disagree with the president's recommendations, how would you address the public's cry for reform after sandy hook?
They're heading in the right direction if that means taking away our rights...otherwise no. 
Ness B
Armed faculty +Travis Cobb since there has been a public outcry for that as well.
+Travis Cobb my rights are not subject to the mass of people or any one person.  My rights are there because I am here.  Taking my guns will not stop murders, since I am not the one doing them!
+Travis Cobb  we can't all get blamed for someone elses actions. Do you really want to be controlled and if your ok with this what next are you going to say is ok. This is just another way for the government to gain control.
Obama is fighting a losing battle. Americans will not give up their right to bear arms in self-defense. He would get more out of trying to help people with mental health issues.
+Travis Cobb The enormous gun sales would indicate that the public disagrees with the President.
We are americans, your not going to take awaya our guns without a fight!
But the guns didn't cause this. The dude did. He could of just used a sword like in Japan. 22 kids there. 
+Travis Cobb the "cry for reform after Sandy Hook" is a knee jerk reaction to a horrible and tragic event.  The gun is not the actor in this event, or any other event.  It was merely the tool that a deranged person used.  Just like a drunk driver who kills a family when he crosses the interstate and crashed into them.  We have more drunk driving related deaths every year, then deaths related to guns.  We need to restrict how people buy motor vehicles.  Hell, what about obese people.  We should restrict and legislate how people buy utensils and food.
+Ness Berg the problem with gun shows is the lack of background checks and no limit on the amount of guns you can buy at one time. For example if you deposit more than 10k in your bank account that deposit subjected to review. So doesn't it make sense to use the same logic when looking at gun shows and the amount of guns you can purchase at one time?   +Adam Heywood  have you heard of Interstate Commerce Clause? The supreme court has given congress a lot of power in their interpretation of this section of the Constitution. Also Obama through executive order can force gun shows to comply with the background checks that other dealers are subjected too. Guys I am not anti-gun but we need some sensible gun laws in this country
OF COURSE I don't.

I think we should demand all laws dealing with guns to be repealed.
+Travis Cobb  what do you mean, and its not my fault or your fault that that happened to Sandy Hook. Don't get me wrong it was a true tragedy, but it wasnt my fault so they have no right to punish me!
The NRA agrees to enforce what we have. Just do that if anything. But all gun laws do is slow down a determined killer. 
Not even...a criminal can easily get a gun without any background checking....making gun control laws will only slow us down in protecting ourselves and families.
Guns do not kill people.  PEOPLE with guns do. If this idiot would have used a hatchet, would you call for Lowe's and Home Depot to stop selling hatchets?  
+Adam Heywood maybe we should let deranged lunatics and violent criminals buy guns, why not?
They have to understand that the laws they are making, only stop law abiding citizens. If someone wanted to kill a bunch of people they would find away and break those laws. Therefore the laws wouldn't stop/help anything
Ness B
OK, +Paris Mosley you obviously do not seem to know what you're really talking about. There is always police involvement at these shows and there are limits on what you can and cannot buy. I'm guessing you don't own guns or if you do you have never used it for anything (not even target practice). Not to mention the level of respect floating around at these events is outstanding. Saying we need sensible gun laws....are you kidding? Do you know how hard it can be for law abiding citizens to purchase a larger caliber gun?? Where as criminals just go get what they want, you STILL don't seem to understand....evil will do evil WITHOUT LAWS & WITH whatever tools they fertilizer fuel and a box truck, don't see bans on those...
+JR Albritton very unlikely the crazy guy would have the body count he came away with it he used a hatchet, wouldn't you say?
+JR Albritton If the hatchet had a fore grip and a flashlight attachment then they would probably try.
22 kids in Japan with a sword....soo...
+ Travis Cobb Well the big majority of these so called "deranged lunatics and violent criminals" are either is a psych hospital or prison.
As tragic as recent events have been "the public outcry" has been manufactured and steered into what this administration was looking for. 
+JR Albritton people get out of jail all the time, violent criminals are released after serving their time or because of overcrowding.  Without background checks they could go buy a gun the day they are released.
+Travis Cobb You don't know that.  You cannot say for certain what his abilities with any sort of weapon would be.
+Travis Cobb  No they have laws that say fugitives arent allowed to be able to carry or have guns. I know this for a fact so u have to understand how this law would make a deep cut into our freedom as an american citizen
All the Obama Administration wants is more power...and they use certain incidents like the Connecticut shooting to push for more control over us. 
+Celi Mercer I was responding to Adam's point that there's no background check on freedom of speech or religion so why should there be one on guns.  I know most people support background checks on gun purchases and for good reason.
No criminal gets out of jail goes out and buys a gun legally ... these laws are already on the books. Imposing new laws because people break the current laws doesnt seem to make any sense.
+Dan Seeley  thank you thats exactly my point, and the fact that people are ok with this makes it easier for the governement to take control. Soon we won't be a democracy and we will have a dictator if we keep allowing this.
+Chris Prock - there is your problem, you are looking for government bureaucrats and progressives to make sense. Not possible. At least not in this dimension.
+Ness Berg what you are saying is absurd way to run public policy... you making this issue too emotional. I agree with you I don't use guns and personally don't see any need for them but that is a personal preference. Also as a fellow citizen and taxpayer where is my right being protected? Why should I be subjected to more guns on the street than school books? You talk about people doing evil and that is reason we should load up on guns to fight this evil right? So really it is a race to the bottom... we have no more moral respect for life right or we don't care that these guns are killing children everyday and every major city?
+Adam Heywood religion was not produced and manufactured to killed something(theoretically of course :) )
The second amendment is not there for personal protection or hunting. It is there to protect against the tyranny of government.
+Paris Mosley  taking or guns away will just cause more arrests because people arent going to let guns be taken away. This isnt a way to help the world its control and your allowing yourself to be dictated.
Once again...GUNS DO NOT KILL, IDIOTS WITH GUNS DO!  Taking away the rights for people to own guns will not solve this issue.  
Ban mass murder, it'll be more effective than banning guns.
+Celi Mercer I am not saying take guns away. I am just saying lets regulated them( I know some feel that if you want less of something you either tax or regulate it), but in this case isn't that what we want? To make sure gang bangers and criminals not have guns
Oh wait, mass murder is already banned! 
+Gino Venditti We are allowed to use them for those purposes but the original intent was for what my previous post indicated.
They will start with a little tax, then increase it so they become so unaffordable. And dive when do have to pay taxes on our rights?
+Paris Mosley "gang bangers and criminals" are not walking into local gun shops/ sporting goods stores and buying guns.  They are getting their weapons on the streets.  So how do you propose to run the background check on them?  
+JR Albritton I'm not sure if you read the recommendations in the article, but none of them are to eliminate the right to bear arms.
Or we could start nationally registering the "mentally ill" to prevent them from buying guns. Today schizophrenia makes the list... maybe tomorrow we can add post pardom depression and video game addiction....
+Gino Venditti quit acting like the Government you help to elect is a boogie man. No one will drive up the taxes on guns. Also, maybe the gun owners in NRA can come up with solution to curb gun violence instead of coming with a Wild Wild West solution
How about a registry that includes all non-gun owners and everyone who is against our 2nd Amendment? We already have excise taxes!
Two bills in the senate right now have provisions to force every gun to be registered an taxed $200 dollars a year to help fund more crappy regulation. 
A criminal will always be able to easily get a gun when there are so many uncontrolled guns available, the reason for that defense is the reason for the problem lol

and the constitution does not say  "the right to buy any gun you want"
All products deemed "dangerous" are regulated....

Other then a few radicals politicians on the left running their mouths, I am not aware of anyone talking of any plans to confiscate anyone's guns....except the entire gun lobby...  Again, they are complaining about a problem that does not exist and never has.....
+Travis Cobb I have read it.  I was just giving a solid point.  Do not mistake my passion for our civil rights.  I do believe there is an issue with the mentally unstable in this country.  But if mom and dad will not help or this "unstable person" refuses help.  How do we know this person is not stable. What background check do we enforce to check for them.  
+Tim Taylor No one has argued against this point.. we are just saying the constitution does not allow you to buy any guns you want. So in theory government should be able to stop any sell of assault weapons or as I call them "Weapons of War" from ordinary citizens
+Tim Taylor If you read the founders statements about the second amendment they intended it for the use I said earlier.
We need those weapons in case we ha e to go to war.
+JR Albritton good questions, and I'm not sure the best way to approach it honestly.  Something must be done though, perhaps in the same way schools test for scoliosis, they should be aware of odd, violent, or deviant behavior.  One things I've learned about mental illness is that the parents are usually the last to know how bad it is because the child will hide it from them.  Then, I worry that every kid who draws a comic book character with a gun or a sword or something will be suspect as well.  No easy answers on the mental illness front, but we must do something.
The worst possible outcome of the tragedy at Sandy Hook is to pass some type legislation that infringes on the rights of citizens of this country that have done nothing wrong. Our constitution is a very special doccument, it is the foundation of the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Any legislation that does not go through the constitutional process yet still infringes on protected rights undermines the entire constitution and the freedoms it protects. If the Constitution can be circumvented today to infringe on the right to bear arms, it can be circumvented in the future to curtail our free speech, our right to freely assemble, or our right to choose what if any religion we wish to practice. The ONLY way anyone should be discussing gun restrictions is by proposing an amendment to the constitution itself. Until and unless you do it the manner allowed for in the constitution YOU are undermining the very fabric of freedom we have in this country. 
+Tim Taylor No I do not but it their actual statements during the write up of the bill of rights they made no mention of hunting.
+Tim Taylor well I am also sure that the founders didn't envision a world where Ordinary citizens had weapons of war that was beyond simple protection and hunting
+Paris Mosley war with who ever is tyrannical and takes away our freedom and rights. Either foreign, or domestic. 
+Tim Taylor Nevermind you just don't understand I am trying to tell you to look at statements from Jefferson and other founding fathers on why they viewed it as important.
Sure they envisioned a world with "weapons of war". That's what they had! There guns were high tech for there time. And they used them to fight and win, and KEEP freedom. 
+Tim Taylor I am not saying that is the only reason but it's what they viewed as important.
And I have read them many times.
+Gino Venditti I think we had that war before and history is our guide it will not end well for either side
+Tim Taylor totally agree that the access to guns is not in questions just the type of guns. I think both sides should find common ground on that questions
And we need our guns just incase it happens again!
I am not against hunting or whatever use I am trying to explain that it was their major reason for putting it in there. You are arguing things I am not even mentioning. I am pro gun I am not arguing with you. You are reading into things I haven't even said.
Great discussion everyone.  I have to get some work done.  Have a great day!
Guns should at least be as regulated as cars.  We can do that while respecting the 2nd Amendment.  
Yes! The people win. Freedom prevails. 
Yes. It's nice to have a proper debate. No hard feelings and I hope you have a good day. 
The left always views citizens with legal weapons as the enemy.  
If they have any sense at all they will not only look at gun control.  Just the other day a guy in his 20's set a lady on fire on a bus stop bench.  We need some new outside the box thinking here not just the same old gun control crap!
MSNBC Host: Gun Control in Chicago Doesn't Even Exist.
hicago has the toughest gun laws in the country, not New York City, and has the highest murder rate. In 2013 we've already seen nearly a dozen murders in the Windy City but that isn't stopping MSNBC host Ed Schultz from calling for even more gun control and saying it "hardly exists."
Glad to see there are still some sane, level headed, believers in the Constitution on here this morning!
Gun control in Chicago just means all the killers have them.
It would appear that most of you did not take the time to read the article. It's also clear that most of these opinions do not reflect public opinion. When you are unwilling to evaluate all options you exclude yourself from the discussion. This seems to be a very difficult concept for extremists on both sides to understand.
I remember growing up and asked why bullet holes are in the glass to the apartment complex in NYC. The answer I got was NYC has gun control.
+Jon Holden. I agree but where is the line drawn between your point and someone standing by their beliefs at all cost. I have respect for that as well. I think that some forget that this country is a republic not a democracy. It is supposed to be based on individual rights not what 51% say I should do. No?
Gun control doesn't work, ask England how that worked out for them. Their crime rates skyrocketed.

Took their police two weeks to stop a riot. 
Let them ban whatever guns they want.  Not worried.  Drugs are banned & that has worked so well...LMBO!
Lets be frank. Not a single goal this "regime" has ever had has ended in success.

Immigration? incomplete
HealthCare? Bankrupting the country
Socialism? Helping to Bankrupt the country

what will gun control be? the spark this powder keg of a situation needs to blow.

if he goes after the guns, I get the feeling it will be the final straw.
Obama will probably get his way on guns, just like he has on everything else he has been involved in. Like Bob Beckel said, this man has reinvented the meaning of Teflon
+Christopher Dicus 

I'd wager there are bout a few dozen "November 22, 1963" reenactments being planned right now in case he actually tries.
If they make them illegal all across America, there will be a bloodbath cause Americans will not give up or lay down their arms and therefore an army will arise of common decent Americans labeled criminal and they will associate with and support the vast numbers of organized crime that will fill the demand of Americans for Weapons and Ammo which will be manufactured and sold underground like weed is today.
 I laugh for I am the reason the violence escalates, it is for the reason I ask God to let demons inhabit people and he grants it for me. It is because of the Mount San Jacinto College in San Jacinto CA and Kevin Segawa and others like the Riverside County Superior Courts and Judges there like ret Judge Rodney Walker who has been judged bias against me for years and lied in court. I am here in Hemet and do not remove my allegations in any manner, let them sue me but they will only be revealed to have done wickedly so they will not sue me.
 I am God,s Beast, I find peace in cursing my enemies and bringing the wrath of God upon them in the eyes of as many witnesses as I am able. 
 I do not need or desire arms to fight my enemies as I my God can make them take up arms and slay themselves for me. I will wait for him, my God and rest in the fact I will not take up rocks as these apes have but will wait for my God as a child of God would.
It is clear what the priorities of the president are. It takes over four years to get a budget passed while the economy continues to stagnate, yet he must respond immediately when it comes to matters of disarming law abiding citizens. 
Stealing our liberties is just another way for him to avert attention to the utter failure that his presidency has been.  We will not go lightly into this battle.
Replace guns with alcohol in anti gun sentences.

Surely if we outlaw alcohol there'll be no more alcohol related deaths.  

Sounds silly now doesnt it?
+Larry Jennings To me it's not about lines. We all live here and we don;t all have the same views. There's nothing you can do to change that. 

A tree that is unbending is easily broken. ~ Lao Tzu
Been hearing this crap all my life. "if we can just ban this." "If we can just control that."
Criminals by their very definition do not obey laws. 
+William Carlson 

Do the world a favor and shoot yourself in the face. There are enough idiots in favor of control with no idea what it will actually lead to.
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