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Republican lawmakers, while acknowledging the automatic budget cuts are far from ideal, have increasingly come to the conclusion that they're not as bad as the administration claims.
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13 comments were the ones screaming "Oh the Horror" exactly 24 hours ago.
Time to let the government live on a budget just like the rest of us.
Sequestration is the White House's idea. So you know it has to be a paper tiger from the start.
+Ron Morgan How about the Federal Government lives on a budget so we don't  have to (as tightly anyway)?
Obama is the Chicken Little in chief the sky is falling the sky is falling funny typical Democrat I asked for the sequester before I voted against it. If you add up all the cuts he's been out there a campaigning about its about ten times the 85,000,000,000 that actually going to be cut
lol, i was waiting for that, republicans want less spending, so why shouldn't this be up their ally?
As support of Obama I have admit he has done a great job of drumming up the fear mongering. As funs as it has been rubbing republican noise in the sequester debate..Time for POTUS to show leadership and get a deal done.
Republicans, democrats, doesn't matter who's fault it is, or who created the problem; just another run around where they say "we're not going to do anything nah,nah,nah and let problems further occur in this country."
Ron N
+Paris Mosley. Well since you insisted, I'm sure it will happen. 
+Paris Mosley that would require him to compromise, and he is never going to do that. 
Adam K
It's too bad these cuts are only for the appropriated funds. I would like to see entitlements revamped so they can be strengthened for the future.
+Adam K I'd like to see entitlements turned over to the states under the Tenth Amendment. The fed gov has no business with this.
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