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#Iran fired on an unarmed U.S. drone last week (and missed) as it was hovering in international airspace, the Pentagon announced Thursday. 
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Let me guess....that was Obama's fault?
I think it demonstrates the weakness and lack of fear Iran and other countries have towards the U.S.  We still haven't addressed the killing of 4 Americans in Libya.  And funny how this comes out now, and oh, guess what, now they are going to have hearings on Libya.
If you blame Obama for this then you have to give him credit for the bin laden take down. Can't have it both ways.
I think it demonstrates the desperation of an isolated theocracy sinking in international sanctions and unpopular with its own people.  The implication that despots could be cowed into compliance by any president is silly.
It was unarmed when it returned to base. Had to drop it's payload first. :D
US totally just trolled Iran.
Well I suppose it's a good thing we use unmanned aircraft. Can you imagine the fallout if there was a pilot in this aircraft?
My boss predicts we will go to war with Iran and the POTUS admin will try to use it to bring the country together. I disagree. Obama doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to go to war with Iran. Especially on Israels behalf. But if Israel strikes preemptivley then we will have no choice but the POTUS will play it as though it has always been his game plan. Smoke and mirrors...
+Chris Chavira That's a great pitch dude!  Do you have a treatment of it?  If not I know some screenwriters who could help you out.  Seriously.
The POTUS will probably apologize to Iran for flying over international airspace and too close to their country. "My bad Ahmadenijad. Lets discuss it over a beer".
No I just think Obama would be too scared to go to war against Iran or just blame it on another utube video
Is that what you birthers call him?  I thought he was called "THIS president".  Or "Barack HUSSEIN Obama"???  I am so confused!
+Christine J Sarcasm is a word and his been well known on the Internet for a long time.
Mitt Romney would have shot that jet down using laserbeams from
his eyes....
Noah, just read the comments on here? Do you guys and Fox truly believe the crazy things being said? Didnt you guys just lose a major election because you believed those crazy things? ....the Reality Tour Bus is leaving fast and I suggest you hop on...
Still beating the war drums Fox? Too bad. 
+Pete Perry You didn't get you chickenhawk, Mormon, Commander in Chief of the Apocalypse either. NO WAR FOR YOU!!! No Republican Jayzus coming back to kick ass and chase the darkies away. 
+Pete Perry You don't own a mirror? You're a round bearded white guy just like I am dude. The rest of that: butthurt from Bullshit Mountain. 
+Tim Taylor Has Fox News not spread lies and misinformation to you poor schmucks who believed them and now just lost an election because of it?

Democrats such as myself two years were poised to watch Obama vote in a Jobs Act that cut taxes on small business, a $2 trillion deficit cutting bill and take down of terrorism....all Republican ideals. But your kind not only did not see that or support but used hatred, racism and a campaign of lies and misinfornation designed to destroy our president and party. Democrats are now striking back fiercely at you guys and you not only now will feel our rath in this election but in two years as well. Prepare yourselves.... you shall reveive what you sowed.
When a president wins re-election it's normal for cabinet members to resign afterwards. Cabinet level positions are extremely hard on people. 
+Graden Guynn What was it Reagan kept saying? I believe it was "I don't recall." Or he could just take the fifth and tell the house to fuck off. Republican crooks have been doing that for decades and General Petraeus did work in the Bush administration. 
Yeah, 241 american troops were killed on Reagan's watch in an entirely avoidable bombing of a hotel tower used as a barracks in Lebanon. Reagan's response? Shell some random vilages from offshore killing every man, woman and child and pull out U.S. troops. 

You're voting your skin color +Graden Guynn because Reagan was a huge disaster for the U.S. from start to finish.
+Erik Grissell Ah, the old arrow to the knee. 

This assclown +Graden Guynn likes to indulge in fantasies of fellow americans getting killed for daring to disagree with him. That's republican patriotism for you; treason with lard frosting. 
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