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NC law "School Violence Prevention Act" makes it a crime for students to speak ill of their teachers online--even if it's the truth. Do you think this infringes on students' freedom of speech or is it necessary to protect teachers?
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PELOSI, REID, OBAMA PUT YOUR DAMN HANDS DOWN! You're the ones who did this.

Christ we're becoming a totalitarian military state. say anything about anyone and you might end up in the fucking gulags for it. Let's face it freedom of speech is dead. 

Anyone still believe it WON'T be a CIVIL WAR in the next year or two?
Civil war I'm all about it. Got to get this country back to where we started.
+Sean Ellis 

Sad but true. When it comes and it will. We're pretty much going to have to strip it down to nothing and start all over. Too many petty laws, too many pork regulations. 

We've seen it before. God gave the Jews 10 commandments, they went and built 2K laws off of it.
lol all you idiots are crying about having no freedom of speech, yet you're all here on google+ expressing you're wackjob theories and cries for civil war and violence, and yet the CIA and obama hasn't come to shut you down have they? you fucking morons need to move to Uganda or something.
This is a tough one. On the one hand, it's an obvious overreach and a poorly worded law that could turn kids into criminals for no good reason. On the other hand, the ACLU opposes it. What's a loyal Conservative to do?
It is truly a crying shame that this law had to be enacted in the first place. If the kids' were using their moral compass they would know better than to behave in this fashion with NO respect.
TOUCHE" you've got me on that. FREEDOM of Speech.
These are children we are talking about i suppose this the factor for my commentary. Regardless, I suppose they have the right to bash the people who are their mentors a thank you i guess. So sad.
LEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOYYYYYYYYYYYY! JENKINS! lol, for your info, dumb ass, i don't agree with this law. I was a student once and speaking ill of my teachers was good to let other students know not to take that teachers classes or that they were terrible teachers. I think what they're trying to do is prevent inciting hatred and violence against teachers, but the law was poorly worded. What i don't agree with is all the morons like you on here trying to scare people that this "school violence" prevention act will somehow lead to 1984 totalitarian rule and trying to scare everyone, Where the fuck were you when Bush passed the Patriot act?? lol stupid ass
No; we've lived a LONG TIME suffering the slings and arrows of students long before there was an internet OR weapons in school.

This is just another attempt to end free speech.
+Daniel Amador I know I was serving my country to make sure you had that nice cozy blanket that covers your eyes. Ever since bush enacted the patriot act, laws have increased from their. So things do have a tendency to increase from where they start. It's just sad when people fail to realize it or choose to ignore it. Enjoy that blanket that was given to you from the past, present, and future soldiers of this country, comrade. 
+Sean Ellis Man quit thinking your so special cause you went to boot camp, you were just too retarded to get into college so you joined the army, big whoop, pretty soon we'll have killer robots to replace you and this proud soldier bs will die along with you.
+Daniel Amador I've been to college twice son, I've got my aeronautical engineering degree plus a degree in agriculture. I own all my homes and pay cash for all my vehicles. Oh n I got most of this thing you call college done while I served overseas. This proud bs you speak of is what let's you run your mouth in English and not in German. But hey it's nice to know you really had nothing of value to talk about except that you once read a book called 1984. 
The beginning of what we all will soon face under the current political climate
Jacob G
This is so stupid! You know the teachers are going out to the bar, and talking shit about their students to their friends! Everyone talks shit, screw it, grow up!
The freedoms outlined in the constitution apply to all American s because they are God given. There is no "age" provision that's states only when a citizen is 18 do they apply.
This is also further indoctrination of our youth
Ignorance to protect the unworthy is what caused this law to be created. These teachers cant deal with the issues head-on. The day they brought police officers into the schools because teachers were unable to control the situation was the beginning of the loss of power by teachers in the schools.  Good parenting begins in the high chair. If the kids were spoiled and catered too when they are being raised and never heard the word no caused the chaos to rise in the schools. 
Utterly stupid...nothing new needed here...we already have slander and libel laws to curb free speech appropriately. Everything else, everyone pays the consequences for whatever stupid actions they take (which are still legal but just ill advised to do).
This will get appealed and the constitutionality will be questions, resulting in not allowing it to become law. No question this is a violation of the first amendment. 
Typical actions of Government in its death throes
shouldnt standard laws on the books take care of this?  Why is it that every time i turn around someone is trying to make redundant laws but put a certain class/group name on it to protect that group when they are already protected under older laws.
This is why we need school vouchers our white kids should not have to have their education ruined by blacks , and mexicans who dumb down the schools with their lack of intelligence and thug and gang culture 
+Sean Ellis I'm a soldier too and still knocked out college while in the desert. I know exactly where you are coming from and find is sad that there are people like that. But then again look at where we are now, Americans finding it more honorable to hide behind mommy's skirt than to stand up and do what's right.
Just because we choose to join the Military doesn't make us "stupid", no, nor is it does it mean we tried to find the easy way out. We choose to give something back. Because at some level, we all know what the cost of freedom is, and what it means.
Those that would trade freedom for a safer day, will find that the cost is too much to pay
+Richard McNamara 
 "The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government."

"The more laws and restrictions there are, 
The poorer people become."
- Lao Tsu, Tao Teh Ching
+Samuel Greenway I think some of it has to do with the fact that politicians look at politics as a career instead of a service to the country. They feel they need to create laws to become a successful politician rather than protect what we already have from any changes. We don't need any more laws. If we have not figured it out in 236 years then we probably won't ever figure it out. 
+Brady Smale I don't think it's that we haven't figured it out, it's the politicians have lost their virtue and are turning their backs on the principals of our founding.
Our founding fathers left the world and governments that our current politicians are dragging us into. It's not "Forward" it's backward
1. Think about teachers doing the same with the students. Who is against this penalty should think about. Free speaking works in parallel with respect.
2. Why students would need to ill the teachers in public? I see misunderstanding in some comments. This is not about private conversations.. they are talking bad of the teachers in public. Why in public?
3. I don't think that jail is the correct punishment. Too strong.
4. Can anyone explain what civil war topic is doing in this post comments? Just a bunch of crazy people?
OMG, more outrage about  the GOP controlled legislature in NC !  First they infringe on the rights of their citizens and ban same sex marriages, and the federal government stands by idle !

Now they are demanding students treat their teachers with respect !

Why has the GOP let us get to this point in this nation ?  Why has years of GOP rule allowed our standards to slip?

Why have the Republicans not done a damn thing to fix this mess?
Why have they let the liberals step all over them?  Are Republicans really that weak?

Why does FOX News try to spin "might"  "maybe" or in this case "could" in order to incite the small portion of their low-information followers?

Why are nut-jobs saying because kids could not slander their teachers on-line ( the exact same laws that have been in place for adults for years) that it signals the end of America?

The world will never know.

In summary, typical non-news item from FOX, legal precedence for this has been set for years and years, fi you go to a dentist and they screw up a root canal, if you go on line and tell about it, even if it is true, and they feel it impacted their business, you are legally liable, always, and will lose in court.   You tell the truth, they sue you, you lose.

Nothing to see here....

All speech is public. You you go to the mall, have a conversation, then someone can hear you. Facebook, MySpace, G+ same concept.
The better question is why should the government be allowed to limit, stifle, or control what people say in public. Freedom of speech is the god given right to say whatever we want to about anything without the fear of reprisal or consequence. If someone doesn't like what they are hearing, oh well. .that doesn't matter and they don't have to listen.
+Troy Rice   "freedom of speech" is not what many try to make it out to be, we actually have "limited freedom of speech" and always have.  

and what most people consider "in public" is not "in public".  For example, your example of the mall, you are not "in public" you are on private property and subject to whatever restrictions they choose to impose.

Here on G+ you are not "in public" either, you are only allowed the freedoms of speech Google chooses to provide and extend.

The only time you are actually "in public" is if you are on public government owned property, and then you are still subject to many restrictions.
Honestly, I am an advocate for all of our rights and I do not want Big Brother in anymore than is neccessary.  That being said, this is a neccessity. My life was turned upside down and inside out by some upset students who tweeted horrible untrue things about me. They were upset because they were redirected to pick up trash that they had dropped on the classroom floor. They went and tweeted death threats and so much more about myself and another teacher. No one helped us and instead administration wrote us up. They were slapped on the wrist and went about their lives, while we had to change schools and the place we lived. So it is needed with these kids.
+Mike Mac. Public would be defined as open, congregating spaces. That could be any public or private. The idea is that others have the potential to over hear the conversation.
Freedom of speech: defines the freedom to speak ones mind. Only through the usurpation of the constitution has this right been limited.
Social media sites have an acceptable usage policies which they as private organization can have and enforce, the freedoms I speak of are from the government, that the government and it's organizations cannot stop us from speaking our minds
+Troy Rice  technically there is only one definition of public property/space and private property/space.   On private property, you never have any right of anything unless granted by the proper by owner.

You could argue that you do have the right to speak freely your mind, but that you are accountable for your words, and any action/fallout as a result.

You can feel a person should be shot for example, but you can not publicly call for people to shoot them.   You can not incite a riot by projecting your opinion onto others to incite their actions.

You can feel a person is a child molester.   However if you publicly call them one, you will likely be sued and lose...

regardless of why or how those limitations have evolved, they are indeed there and have been since before the ink was dry on the constitution .
How is that violence.....I'm sure everyone has spoken ill of a teacher once in their lifetime. Its just another stupid law so the gov. can have more control.
this is true everyone has this is an outrage what else do we have to do
It looks like our Government will chip away at our right unless we make a stand and say NO...!
lol again, this is exactly the same as current legal precedent has been for years and years.  why all of a sudden now is it an "outrage" and "chipping away at our rights"?
Private establishments whether it be physical or online have policies that direct what they believe to be appropriate. That is there right as a free establishment to do. However, the government can and should by the writing of the constitution pass no law the limits the freedom of the governed to speak and express themselves. By that means, can nor should they use the opinions of the people against them.
I don't care at this point if it is believed that the 1st amendment has been infringed upon, the fact is by the constitution they can't and shouldn't.
I really don't care that teachers don't like it when they are spoken I'll of, I don't care if I'm spoken I'll of, it is not my right nor the role of the government to regulate what comes out of my mouth or anyone else's
Whatever happened to parents stepping up and disciplining their kids? Why should a law be allowed be put into place that's redundant to the first amendment whether its limited or not? This is pointless law put in place by politicians that don't really care what is going on. Just putting another law on the books to show that he or she is active to the voters nothing more. This is redundant law period and people should be concerned about the trickle down effect this may cause. 
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