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You can drink four cups of coffee and take a shower in the time it takes for your computer to start up. Here are some quick tips to speed up your machine.
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Even with a GUI (I am on +Ubuntu  right now) it's much faster than Windows on similar hardware configuration. 
+Fox News 
this is not "news"
this is advice. it should be posted in a magazine or blog, not on Fox News
Step 2: Stop downloading porn
Stop running Windows. Change to Ubuntu Linux instead!  No viruses, no slowdowns, no malware, no BS and everything is free, too.

And it works on all kinds of computers, including the one you bought, but when it failed and no one could tell you why, you bought another. THAT MACHINE is not broken.

Ubuntu Linux is the newer, simpler way to compute:
+Dirk Dodson what doesn't your Ubuntu do that Windows does? I use Ubuntu for everything except gaming (and even then with Steam getting released on Ubuntu it's only certain games now)
Well then you're be better suited to stay with Windows if it's purely for work. 

Even though I use LibreOffice for most of my work, I still log into my Windows laptop for Office and Communicator when it's needed instead of trying to futz with it in linux. 

Then stop being so cheap and buy or build a brand new one.
orrr...  shower & drink coffee slower!!!
You can easily try out Linux by simply installing Ubuntu onto a USB flash drive and boot right in and try it out, without an install. 
PH Lee
These are what I should know...
If you want to switch to linux.. Just remember to remove the power windows from your car and begin hand cranking it to start....
Linux still is for the top 4%of computer geeks....
Here is hard facts about linux for the last 10+ years that still exist in Ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10 in the last 4 months....

They don't care to give a true equivalent to control panel

30% of the software you want won't exist
Most linux users have "wine" software because you can't just use linux.

If you have problems you will be required to use terminal (command prompt) because they don't care to use anything else.
Most of the Ubuntu software center has no recommendations, reviews or the pertinent info to know if what you're about to download is actually compatible with the distribution you are using.

The permission sets for connecting to a wifi etc do not line up with Windows.

Mounting hard drives is not always automatic.

If you're computer is over 5 years old but with newer components of lower cost, you probably will have problems.

The distributions are small because lots of things are left out because they expect you to know what's missing and download it yourself

Linux has multiple "bases" in which the distributions are built upon... Knowing the difference is expected.. Even of completely new uneducated users who couldn't hope to know.

Many of the apps on the Ubuntu software center have very odd names.. Some almost not even related to what they do.

You will also need to learn a while new language of terms just so you can understand what to ask for or look for to fix your computers little minor issues.

Synaptic package manager is completely useless to anyone who has never worn a pocket protector.

Do not expect them to help you just fix it... They week probably want to question your hardware and do a long form diagnosis before suggesting the fix...

Don't ask to see a list of currently connected usb devices.. It's only in terminal (Ubuntu)

But... Hey... It's free!... And somehow better.... After a 2 year self taught course on linux..

This has been my experience.. And NONE OF the linux community has cared to fix any of these problems for 15+ years... And THAT IS THE HORRIBLE TRUTH OF LINUX.. on multiple pc's... In the last 4 months... UBUNTU, MINT, LXDE.

Im not passed they won't help me... I'm pissed they won't help themselves, or fix 15 year old complaints, or realise that they can't take criticism. Or that they can't be bothered to cater to New users.

My computer experience started in the 80's... On dos... Using cassette tapes..
Then dos then windows AND Unix.

These have been the primary problems with linux for years.. Known to any advanced windows user..
If you like to fix your own computer.. You may want to re - think linux..
You can take the red pill
Guess I'm a geek. It does everything I need it to do. It's also virus free. Yes, it takes a little reading, but like a car, you have those that simply drive them and those who actually understand how they work.
+Dirk Dodson, you might try Mono (I believe it's an open source implementation of .NET) and see if that will let your .NET things you say, when you have the time to tinker.

Me, I don't run .NET much.  The one thing I need to keep MS Windows around for is TomTom updates.  Despite the unit being based on Linux, their updater is MS Windows or Mac OS only, and ironically is (or was?) XUL based, which is supposed to be cross-platform.
+Tim Pearcy How dare you take the time to learn about the tools you use multiple times a day? Don't you know you're taking work away from people who market mundane tasks, like plugging computers in, and pressing the power button, and clearing the cache, and backing up files? You're probably one of those socialists who paid attention to those GI Joe PSAs way back when. Not only do you snub the core tentes of capitalism, you spread your poison on the World Wide Web to infect as many young people as possible with your industriousness. You sicken me.

That was all complete sarcasm. Keep fighting the Unix fight, Brother.
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