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A pregnant Texas teen has won the right to have her baby after she reached an agreement with her parents, who she had sued claiming they were forcing her to abort the fetus.
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What are you serious, Those are horrible parents
That cannot be a picture of the real girl she looks like she's ready to drop the baby any day now can I hope that the liberal tools would not support killing this baby at this stage . Well on second thought they probably would
Oh yeah Barack Obama the dear leader did vote to allow abortion of a baby this far along
Well... why should her parents support her baby then? She can't support him, and parents aren't obliged to feed their unwanted grand-child.
Dead end?
Ever hear of the abortion is performed after the babies born alive obama voted for that too
Sergei Agarkoff what about the father helping to pay for the baby 
But she can interrupt her education by having a baby.

If her parents were horrible it was only because they did not either 1) get her on the Pill so she would be protected from pregnancy (and get her a supply of condoms because The Pill does not protect against HIV or other STDs).


2),they did not make her keep her legs crossed seems to me Sarah Palin and hubby did the same thing,failing to keep Bristol's legs crossed *ahem!

Parents can control their kids.Mine did.I was warned not to come home bringing a bastard for them to raise. (Yup I was told that!My parents never minced words and don't suffer fools lightly)

My Mom always said "You make your bed,you lie in it".

Now that girl is just another unwed mom,a child having a child.Who will foot the bill?Uncle Sam and you and me.

Stupid little girl who wants a baby she can not take care of.

But you guys wanna reverse Roe V Wade and blast us womenfolk back into the middle ages.
+Anthony Campello
I know what an alimony is: on March 9 my senior daughter from 1st marriage will turn 18 and I'll finish pay for her.
But who said that the father of unborn is capable or willing to support his "fruit"?

+Leathur Rokk agree. Your mom was (is) a wise woman.
Exception: pills. I know few women who can't use pills at all.
+Sergei Agarkoff  personally no. If I had the means damn right I would. Or if I knew this young girl personally. But if time travel was possible and you could travel 20 years in the future and visit that child. What would you say? Would you tell him/her that they should have died so that you wouldn't have to pay as much taxes. And btw it never mentions anything about getting support from the government
+Anthony Campello
You have massively mis-represented then-state Senator Obama's voting record. You should be ashamed of yourself for such demagoguery.
Then-state senator Obama released a statement that completely destroys your vile lie 
What a distortion of the story. The right to have the baby was never in question. The case was about her parents trying to convince her to have an abortion. No matter how much Faux news tries to distort the facts, the choice was always that of the girl that is pregnant. 
Fact of the matter is. This isn't liberal vs conservative or democrat vs republican (for the record I am none of those). It is a question of power. Do we have the right as people to decide that a **BABY** who has done nothing except be conceived (how dare that mean baby want to live) needs to die because they are a minor burden on us as a society. My boss at work can be a real burden sometimes., so I guess according to pro-choicers that gives me the right to kill him?!?! Welcome to the Dark ages folks 
Sorry folks.. But aborting a baby at 9 months gestation is legal..

Retarded but legal 
Not sure Greg... For one, we have people who make assertions without any supporting evidence.  Not cool.....
It's called late term abortion..

And it's not as uncommon as liberals would like you to think.

It's also sometimes called partial birth abortion.

As the baby is actually killed while in the birth canal.

I have left out the nightmarish details..
Do your own research.. But if your even remotely squeamish, don't look at the pictures 
+Michael Gaskin 
Here's the video of Obama defending himself. Start listening at the 5 minute mark, that's when McCain makes the accusation.

Here's a Washington Post fact checker that shows then-State Senator Obama's alignment with Planned Parenthood to gain a pro-choice record. Another organization did disagree with the strategy, NOW.

Here's what I believe to be a decently objective coverage of the issues.
+Matthew Agnich Found this one too....  Interesting how two different groups use strategy for their agenda... one likes the present voting scheme and the other (more reputable in my opinion) like a more formal no vote.
No matter what, it is a life.
This fucktard doesn't know that each state control abortion, and not Obama...which has been around before he was born +Anthony Campello
I wish the parents, boyfriend, and the girl could of just sat down to have a conversation about this. And in the end it is the girls decision, but seriously you think this girl and her child is going to have a great life after she struggles to even finish her high school education, most likely cannot afford college, and that marrying another 16 year old is really going to last in the long run? Maybe her parents were trying to let her have the life she deserves to live so someday she could have a baby with someone she is truly happy with, and that she can actually support. 
What a curious and carefully selected stock photo for this article. 
+David Wicks Actually I take that back, clearly the parents could not have talked about this whole incident before it went to court because they were not intelligent enough in the first place to talk to their daughter about sex and protection in the first place. But one thing that you CLEARLY do not understand about people who are pro-choice, just like most people who are anti-abortion don't understand that the main term is CHOICE. It is her body, it is her family, and it is her CHOICE. I don't care if it is against YOUR religion or YOU don't agree with it, it is not your CHOICE. I am not pro-killing babies, I am pro-woman and therefore I am pro-choice.
.....the choice to kill a human. k
why doesn't the man ever get to be a part of the decision to kill his child? that's just plain sexist
I love how a lot of anti-abortionists are conservatives and always preach that government should not interfere with their lives, but when it is a woman's life, both birth control and abortions, it is totally okay to push and lobby to put a stop to it in Washington. Get off your high horse and practice what you preach. When you get pregnant you can come talk to me.
I love how a lot of people on the internet like to put words in other people's mouths even though they never once stated an opinion of their own.
Most women do talk to their men about it. How often do you see a single dad who is not widowed? It is rare for a reason, a woman is not only blamed for it but also get to support it for the rest of their lives when a man decides he doesn't want to deal with it.
Yeah "killing humans" is not an opinion at all
You also assumed I'm a neo-con and you also assumed I'm religious.
"Humans are characterized by having a large brain relative to body size, with a particularly well developed neocortex, prefrontal cortex and temporal lobes, making them capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, problem solving and culture through social learning." So a mass of DNA is not capable of any of the categories in that definition. So Yes it is possible to say "killing humans" is an opinion.
...that uh...that doesn't prove that "killing humans" is an opinion. It was playing devil's advocate.
And if you want to get technical, it's killing human DNA if it is still just a mass of cells with no brain. That's why I'm NOT against early abortion or birth control or any of that shit. Once it has a brain though, it's murder to abort it. 

And it's not like the argument for government telling you you can't say this or can't own that. It's the difference between legalized murder and illegal murder.
+David Wicks 
If you have a sophisticated opinion on the matter, repeating over and over "to kill a baby" makes you look like a crass asshole with the understanding and reasoning of a child. You can get off your high horse and acknowledge the decision has nothing to do with you so trying to make women feel bad with your boorish opinion only reflects incredibly poorly on you. It's a highly emotional matter and attitudes like the one you walked into this conversation with only further divide people.
+Matthew Agnich perhaps he is being simply uncivil like you where in the other thread. Maybe you should try actually heeding your own advice....its a good one.....
So citizens inside the womb have no civil rights?
+Daniel Baker
Well I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to the asshole who thinks berating people helps sell his opinion.
The day you let woman in the government bureaucracy rule over your private healthcare choices is the day you have a place to tell a woman what to do in her first trimester. Until then it had nothing to do with you, zygotes are not babies. The ignorant idea to make every collection of cells a legal entity has very dire consequences for the medical field and it's research.
It's not your body, you don't have a say. Just the woman and her doctor.
+Jay Carlson
I was figuring the same thing out. Just got a new phone and messenger is only on it, not my desk top. That would be incredibly weird, but I'm in the same boat
Glad the teen had more sense about killing a life than the parents did. (Course - she could have used more sense in NOT getting pregnant)... But in the end, I have more respect for her than her parents.
Well said +Gregory Althouse:  While I agree she could have exercised much greater judgment & responsibility by keeping her legs closed or using contraceptive measures (the latter I'm not overly fond of), she is choosing to take responsibility for her actions.  She is choosing to be responsible by carrying the baby to term, giving birth to it & taking on the ultimate responsibility of motherhood.  It's very sad her parents, who probably preached "being responsible" to her from childhood-on, decided to see it in a different light & decided to go to the extreme.  Whether they resorted to an alleged "force her to have an abortion" as a punishment for her irresponsibility or their idea of a child out of wedlock is a mortal sin against their beliefs is moot.  Yes, their are some medical procedures a parent should make decisions for their children on, such as scoliosis correction, dental/oral surgery (for mouth/tooth deformities or birth defects like cleft/pallet).  However, there are some procedures a parent should not have the final say on in terms of requiring it be done.  It's one thing if a teen (male or female) under the age of 18 wants to have rhinoplasty, obviously, a parent/guardian MUST sign for approval before surgery.  Now, if a parent wants to force their minor child to have rhinoplasty, for the purpose of exploiting them as a model per say, & the child DOES NOT wish to be operated on, then that is wrong for a parent to make a decision like that.
God Bless that teen! Shame on her parents! I will be praying for the whole fam, that God will use that new baby to do a great miracle in their lives!! Who knows? Maybe that wise teen just saved the person who has the cure for cancer??!! Think about that!
+David Wicks 
That's interesting, because my lack of caring for you doesn't hurt me at all. You might want to work with a professional on how something you don't care about is painfully hurting you.
Maybe that professional can help you with you inability to speak and act like an adult when it comes to serious, emotional issues.
The even better news in this story is the parents did mutually agree after the verdict to allow her to have her car & phone back, essentially agreed to back off the torture.  Probably a smart idea, I'm sure that had to be embarrassing enough to be dragged in front of a judge by their child & now having all these details of how they tormented their daughter at a very delicate time in her life made public.  I also think it is fair they cover half of all medical expenses for her as a punitive matter for doing all the tormenting they did.
+Daniel Baker I feel the same way, that is a huge victory in of itself.  That probably went a long way into helping her convince a judge to take the decision of abortion out of her parents' hands.  On the flip-side, this also could have gone horribly wrong for her had this judge been of a different mindset.  A judge could have easily looked at this from the perspective of if she was irresponsible enough at 16 to get herself pregnant in the first place, then is she responsible enough to have the power of decision regarding this unborn child's fate/becoming a mother.  In the end, the right decision was made here as I'm sure the girl presented her case to the judge well enough her parents had no chance of winning in the case.  My guess is she presented her case by admitting getting pregnant in the first place wasn't all to responsible, but unlike most teenagers, she will accept the consequence of pregnancy which is motherhood & all the financial obligations that come with it.
+Leathur Rokk Whoa....don't think that you can speak for all of us "womanfolk" as you call us. Yes, I am a woman, and NO, I do not agree with abortion for ANY reason!! Adoption not abortion! She most certainly can get an education! Now you are the one who is putting her back in time! Our tax dollars are going to pay for abortions whether we like it or not!! I would much rather pay for a mom to stay home with her baby and get help than pay for an abortion!!  Life starts at conception! 
+nicole anderson Have you ever been raped lady?????People who think life BEGINS at conception help blast women back into the stone age.

I do not wish you any evil BUT who says you will not be raped some day?

I can tell you first hand how it feels.

If it ever does do you want to give birth to a reminder of being hurt,torn up,violated,getting germy,possibly infected with an STD???/And being forced to have that ?

I would rather be dead.But it is your church "morality" that values protoplasm more than a living woman.SHAME ON YOU if this is what your silly church and god tells you.

This goes for all of you right to lifers.

DO not get raped is all I gotta say.
Show us the local article on the man who raped you getting arrested.
+Leathur Rokk  As a matter of fact, I do know what that feels like......first hand. So your argument is mute. I have no shame or condemnation....Jesus took it all for me on the cross. I can only pray that you will find the peace that I have found through Him. Its your choice to believe what you want to believe, just as it is my choice to believe what I want. End of story.
+Leathur Rokk So, please explain when human beings are magically bestowed with civil rights. Is it five minutes before birth? Five minutes post birth? During birth? 
+Jay Carlson you know what aTROLL you are?You (I am assuming) have read this entire thread.So if you ere ANY decent sort of human being you would not that I have been a victim of violent crimes...multiple times......yes that includes why would you press this?

You and your ilk value protoplasm than a living woman.

To answer your question....after birth....maybe (just to piss you right to lifers and Christian fundies off) after 2 weeks..

Then the lump of divided cells would presumably have a brain and spinal cord and be cognizant enough to process memories and feel pain.

YOU however are a man so your opinion is moot point.

And as for dear  +nicole anderson ...I haven't forgotten about ya hun.

About the rapes you claim you endured.

You know some are worse than others.You are as expert as I in this matter eh.

Were you as lucky as I was to be on the pill already?And were you lucky as I was that strangerrape time,when my attacker used a condom?

If I were not so lucky DAMN RIGHT I woulkd abort.Very happy to rid myself of that remnant of my violators.

Whydon't you share YOUR scary stories with us.
You are a woman and you cherish life.Okay but above your OWN you would think of a lump of cells.

You and +Jay Carlson  deseve Darwin awards for your compassion and intelligence.

I'm done with this basically have called me a liar!! Really?? Listen, I feel nothing but pity for you...I've seen your pics and sweetheart, you are too old to be still acting the way you do. Grow up!! Put your big girl panties on, get your life together, go to have a broken heart and its bleeding all over your life!! There is a way out!! I'm done................
A troll? Really. So, you believe it is ok to kill a human two weeks old if it is convenient  Did I read that right? I suppose you are in favor of euthanasia when it becomes inconvenient to keep the elderly alive.

What a compassionate liberal intellect you are.
+Jay Carlson I think shes a lost cause Jay. Until shes convicted she won't listen....she considers US the foolish ones. Whats right is wrong, and whats wrong is right. 
Leathur is a sexist bitch, ignore her.
I've seen enough death and suffering to gain a deeper appreciation for life. Not just when it's convenient. Her angry bitter emotional tirade changes nothing.