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President Obama, assuming a tough-talking tone, warned Republicans Wednesday to lay off U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice over her controversial Sept. 16 comments on the Libya consulate attack:
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Jon Dye
guys, he's not actually going to READ your replies here on G+.

You can stop talking to the president in 2nd person.
The skin is still thin.
@barackobama is a cocksuckin piece of shit.. Who just came out and lied again about the bush tax cuts and raising taxes.. Go to hell
Thank the people who voted him in;) 
+Andrew Horan while I agree with you in principle, that language is completely out of line. You don't need to sound like an Obama-bot 
Ill say the fuck what i want esp bout that mother fuckin piece of horse shit @barackobama.. Esp when im a equine vet and possibly can lose my business dick head 
Well, she lied 5+ times about what happened.  What did Obama expect to happen?  He himself lied about it also during the debates with CNN backing up his lies.
Same arrogant prick! Different day! 
People died and she lied to the American people and the UN. She has no credibility and needs to go away, carreer over as far as I'm concerned but I think it's a prerequisite to be in obama's administration, need I say more?
The Pres has asked for blame to be shifted on him?  So, if it comes out that he is criminally negligent in the matter will the Impeachment process begin?
With house Majority and a close minority in the Senate an Impeachment of President Obama is possible under article 2 of the Constitution.
+Alex Murphy For being a murderer, lying to us all, allowing Iran to proceed with nukes, dividing our country, terrorism, should I go on
To follow up, if he is taking responsibility for Rice, and the consequences and lack of action for the attack he likely opens him self up to a bevy of charges, pending the investigation of course.
Never understood why Susan Rice was catching so much heat before, but now its really perplexing.  Their intelligence came from the CIA, which was led by a man we now know had his mind on other matters.  
The buck stops with the man who makes the appointments.  He said so him self.
A woman got hundreds of years yesterday, leaving the house while grease was cooking on the stove, starting a fire, killing some kids.

How's this differ from Obama, knowingly making our defenses weak, and leaving them to die, even to the point of telling them to stand down?
Funny how Patraeus suddenly has to resign after the election when we want answers only he can give
President Obama pretending to have balls.  
Jon Dye
he should've invited them to "come at him, bros"
Jon Dye
he probably doesn't even lift
Should not be president. 
BHO is the most corrupt president ever.
If they press charges against #Obama for the four people in #Libya then I want charges brought against #Bush for starting a war based on lies where ultimately thousands of young people have been killed unnecessarily over the past decade. Any republican that can't see it both ways needs to sit down. 
BHO would collapse Americans' economy; the hardship now is just a preview America prepare for HELL living under this incompetent president.
Blame it on Bush ..ha ha . that's old news . we are in today not yesterday ... You can keep the change 
+Raptor Dalan and you can keep blaming someone for the economic state of things that isn't responsible for its collapse. Keep living in your bubble. Misinformation, or none at all, is what drives you people. 
Unemployment rate was low under Bush's watch BUT now under Lost-hopped BHO, UNEMPLOYMENT rate is UNPRECEDENTED. Bush fought for INNOCENTS not for GAYS!
LOL, this is so much fun.... How does it feel to be losers? Republicans, apparently, are clueless why they lost.....  Time to grab popcorn and watch it fold on itself. Once all nutjobs will be expelled to third party I will consider voting for sane people like Gov Christie. 
Election is temporary But ISSUE is permanent. BHO's fading ideology,hope and truthfullness breed danger to AMERICANS. The blind Messiah[BHO].
"Take it easy on Rice" isn't the point.  The point is that angry old white men like me are on the rampage in a feeding frenzy to get Obama.  We are so out of control that innocent people are being hurt in collateral damage.  Obama will not let that happen.  After all, the embassy deaths are just bumps in the road.  That can't be why we are so out of sorts.
+Craig Crammer Why didn't republicans? They passed almost 40 times ACA repeal, obviously they had a lot of time ....
+Craig Crammer I'm not saying everything is Bush's fault. The point is most republicans are all over Obama's ass about things that have happened in his administration and they pale in comparison to what Bush did and none of you spoke up and held him accountable like you have with Obama. Look I want answers about Libya, just like I wanted answers about 9/11 (fact: Bush ignored evidence of an inevitable attack that led to the deaths of thousands of people) and Iraq (he started a war based on information that his cabinet leaked and eventually led to the deaths of thousands more). When all the facts of Libya are finally revealed I'll judge it in a nonpartisan way like I've always done. However I'm not going to jump the conclusions that the biased Fox News media spews out and claims is fact.
+Craig Crammer because this is a Fox News post and they have been well documented to skew or make stuff up or give biased opinion or all of the above. 
So Jarred essentially believes Fox News is just as bad as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, the BBC, etc. Yet I bet Jarred only goes to these liberal outlets for his information without a thought. Epic argument fail. 
+Jarred Cherry The dems caused the collapse by ignoring Bush's warnings about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

So four years later you still want to blame Bush? Bad enough that BHO hasn't improved things at all, but to add insult to injury he has made them much worse and with the AHCA fixing to come online you ain't seen nothing yet.
Fascinating that the president seems to be the most ignorant man in DC. He knew nothing about Fast and Furious, he knew nothing about Bengazi, the debate showed he knew nothing about the economy, he knew nothing about Petraeus, doesn't even know what's in the AHCA. Exactly what does he know?
+William Carlson 

1 of 2 things.

either A. how to con the majority of 300 million people into voting for him a second time despite the fucked up state the country is down, because of him

or B. how to again, use voter fraud to steal an election. look at Ohio, they have 96,000 registered voters, 108,000 voted. they have no idea where those extras came from. 

democrats want to blame Bush for everything, forgetting key concepts. He was a Great President. the day after 9/11 he promised retaliation, he promised revenge, he delivered.
after 9/11 not a single terrorist attack occurred in this country over the next 7 years, Obama has had 4, in 4 years. we didn't stop them, the Bombs failed to detonate. Their incompetence saved the day.

And what many liberal democrats fail to notice, the Economy didn't start to tank under President Bush, UNTIL Reid and Pelosi took control of congress, and essentially fucked us all. This country was prosperous under Bush, yes we had a debt of almost 5 trillion in 8 years, but I say   it was worth it. It's because of that debt that Obama can EVER BEGIN to claim we got Bin Laden. Obama has raised the debt by nearly 7 trillion, in half the time. yet the liberals say he lowered the debt, where is their proof. 

If there is one thing Obama has done successfully in his 4 years in office, it's bareface lie to the American people, and get them to believe it. I suppose you could add division to that list of successes, as now more then 20 states have filed official petitions for succession from the US. All because of Obama, Bush brought us together, united us as a nation. How can people forget so easily?

If there is one question I would ask Obama, (though where i in the position to, I'd just maul him), it would be "When are you going to act like a leader?" 1 day after 9/11 Bush promised revenge. Benghazi happened more then a month ago, where is your promise of vengeance Obama? When will you stop making excuses? Those men died because of your mistakes, your inaction  the least you can do is honor them. 
Four men dead, sacrificed to the reelection of the man who would be king. And now more lies, obfuscation, and cover up that makes The Watergate Scandal look like a bake sale. 
BTW Mr. President, puffing out your little chest and hurling a juvenile school yard dare isn't leadership.
Adam K
More like a Hostess Bake Sale on eBay!
There's that bridge builder the MSM spoke of after stealing the election. They need to go after every single person involved and even impeach Obamanation.
susan rice is a liar. she should be fired.
Tough talk towards the GOP, but not so much against the terrorists that murdered the four US citizens.
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