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President Obama slammed Michigan Republicans for their rapid push to pass "right-to-work" legislation.
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The union should be out there screaming what they really mean.  They should be saying "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, YOUR Right to Work has got to go."  They want to keep control of this state and it's time to let them go.
Someone needs to remind the President this is a state call not a federal call.

This excuse for a President simply cannot stop campaigning.
Right-  More unions, less jobs.  
I thought Toyota built the parts overseas and had the cars assembled here.
Oops, wrong word: "Employers" have a right to fire you if they do not like the color of your tie. Or the right to fire you because of who you voted for or the color of your shirt. 
This is one of the dumbest things for the democrats to be crying about. They cry pro-choice, then want to force everyone to join the unions. Make up your mind.
Pat B.
Why isn't Obama worried about the Fiscal Cliff in lieu of Unions.  Obvious!!!!!!!!
ya know the unions can stick around only represent those guys and gals that clean the shitters at ball parks and monster truck rallies =)
+brenda dixon-hines take notice how frequently he gets involved in local politics. It appears national and international responsibilities are handled by staff and appointed members of his administration. His attention is on local and state issues. You understand what he's doing?
In fact I wrote about this in 2009. But in terms of persona, he is more like Mussolini.
Did anyone say "Don't read it, just vote for it?"


and what was wrong with Hiltler? I bet Europe wish they didnt take him down now that they have lost their countries to Africans and Muslims and Obama does not deserve to be compared to Hitler that is a insult to us Nazis 
+brenda dixon-hines   brian just likes to tell people things, he does not discuss or listen.  lol

NC is a RTW state and unions are still very active here, it is not the end of the unions.  If a union is in, it takes a 100% vote to vote them out. That very rarely happens.

It does piss off the unions though as it requires them to negotiate on behalf of the entire bargaing  unit, even if they are not union members.  They also have to defend non-union members on contractual issues, grievances  etc...

The company still has to negotiate a contract with the union.

All workers in the unit are covered under the negotiated contract if they join the union or not (they have no choice)

Workers in the unit that do not join the union have no say in anything that effects them, their working environment, benefits or pay.

RTW is not the end of unions or their influence.
But RTW does not get rid of the unions, it just says that people do not have to join and pay dues to work in unionized shops.  

Nothing else really changes, All the same union restrictions apply still, the union negotiates the contract etc just as before, just that those who choose not to join the union have those same negotiated benefits wages etc, they just have no say at all in their destiny.

It takes a 100% vote of union members to vote a union out, that very very rarely happens ever.
Finally, people will be paid to work instead of sitting around drawing union-scale wages and bloated pensions.
Work for less...or not at all. Millions of American would be happy to work for less.
All this means is that employees are safe from being forced into unions in order to continue employment.  This is a huge victory for Michigan.  No longer will employees be fired if they don't want to sign up for their company's union.  They won't be forced to pay union dues that will be used to fund candidates they don't want to see elected. At one time, unions were a good way to champion the individual, but they've become corrupted by union bosses who value power and wealth over their members.  I say good riddance to the corruption.  I've been a Michigan resident for the majority of my life, and its nice to see liberty championed for once in my home state! 
Well if when you institute Right-to-Work you also remove duty of fair representation you can avoid the free rider problem.  Failing to do that is what makes Right-to-Work so horrible.
+Doug Wheaton Right-to-Work is an anti-liberty statute.  It is an impediment by the government on private contract rights.  
Since when?  You're telling me that Right to Work legislation is going to stop an employee wrongly terminated from suing the company that fired him?  Absolutely not.  This piece of leglislation has taken away power from the unions, and ensured that each employee has the freedom to work, period.  Calling it anything other than what it is is just more liberal whining and bitching, trying to demonize the working man's rights.  Nobody's falling for it, pal.
+Doug Wheaton  in a Right to work/At will employment state, an employer does not have to have any reason for termination.................there is no such thing as "wrongful termination" its just termination,,,  unless they are represented by a union contract, even if they are non-union.

Here in NC, they can just tell me I am fired, they do not even have to state why.
All the more reason to do your job and do it well.  I've always been a believer that if you can't do the job, you shouldn't have it.  Plain and simple.  The best part about all this?  Weeding out the unqualified jackasses who make work harder on everyone else.  Good riddance, and it's been a long time coming!
lol  +Doug Wheaton  hope you never piss off your boss by buying a Ford when he is a Chevy man.
If all you want to do is compete with China's labor prices, it will be a race to the bottom and you will see Western civilization transformed into a copy-cat of China.  Let the trade war begin.
+Mike Mac You're retarded. Stay outta the conversation unless you have something to contribute.
+Graden Guynn, unless you believe in Genies this won't happen and stem cell research science hasn't advanced far enough yet. First the genie. As a nation we are upside down and bankrolled by the Chinese. And as the adolescent is driving the ship of state, he's got a hot idea on picking the pockets of the rich to make many people feel good while printing more money. There's more, but no matter, if you have a hot line to a three wishes Genie, for Heaven sakes don't pass the number on to Obama. Make the call yourself. As for those testicles. You're stuck with what he's got. Not only that but they've already been 100% committed to public lies. 
+Graden Guynn Do you suppose Union leaders don't have dollar signs in their eyes?

Obama can't piss off China, they might repossess us.

God forbid workers actually have a choice. +Mike Mac please don't get your panties all in a wad cause I said God. It's just an expression.
+Doug Wheaton and you're a brainless fucking moron, you can go back to playing with yourself now and leave the discussion to the adults.
+William Carlson now why would I get anything in a wad over the use of the word God ? also I'm sorry I don't wear panties like you do, when will you learn not to assume ?
+William Carlson   Ohhh your going back to when you were quoting things relating to God and I asked if you were a Christian (which you never answered) because you sure do not act like one.  Again, you are mistaking me pointing out your routine hypocritical behavior for something else on your agenda. 

So are you not a Christian, or are you just a very bad example of  a  Christian ?
Wow, talk about hypocritical. So who appointed you judge?

We were discussing the Constitution I and made reference to “God given rights” and you then tried to draw me into some sort of discussion about my spiritual beliefs so you could judge and criticize me over some supposed religious beliefs I may or may not have. So at that time it seemed necessary to point you in the right direction.
+William Carlson, +Mike Mac is deficit the fundamentals. God is axiomatic in the instruments that have defined our nation.Mike's a <whatever>, and it's alright that he is. Remember, the Revolutionaries not only had to contend with British troops, they also had to contend with <whatever>s. Nothing's changed.  
He's possibly upset that he won't be able to raise taxes on the Union Leaders.
+William Carlson calling someone else judgmental?   Now that there is funny, I don't care who ya are.

And don't forget about the fat cat CEO's and corporate execs, collecting huge bonuses, while their workers benefits are cut, wages not increased, in in many cases like Hostess, while they drive their company into the ground.....
+alias inkhorn  don't forget what other things the Revolutionaries had to contend with, they had to fight the British, but they also had to make sure that they suppressed the rights of others, and grow our nation off the fundamental principals that not all men(women) were created equal even though they said differently in our charter documents. Even though it took almost 200 years for us to correct this, many today seem to be promoting return to this flawed past....

God did not define anything, biased, bigoted, racist white men did.  Just sayin`
Hey Judge, I'll give you that there are abuses in corporate management, but Union leadership today is just a bunch of fatcat bosses living the same high lifestyle as the CEOs you revile and they do so by exploiting the workers they pretend to represent.
hey "ass-umer"  I never said the union bosses were not fat cats, why do you always have to make up shit up ?
Judgmental, argumentative, assuming, the lists grows...
I never once defended them, they are in in for the money and power, opportunistic.

Why would you think I am defending unions when I have never defended them, and I have said many time that I have spent the last 30+ years preventing unionization and fighting existing unions?

I did say, and it is an accepted fact from any union-avoidance consultant, that a company gets a union only one way... they earn it through their actions or inactions.  But those are not my words, I just agree.
Hey Judge, you sure are on the rag today!
How do you equate you being wrong to me being "on the rag"?
Seriously Judge. I've heard Midol might help with those cramps and maybe you'll fell a little less bitchy.
again... and I will type it S L O W this time... why does you being wrong have anything to do with me?  LOL
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