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Court documents say three of the suspects are self-proclaimed anarchists who formed a small group and considered a series of plots over several months.
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"It is unknown if the bridge incident was connected to Occupy Wall Street's plans for nationwide protests Tuesday."

It is also unknown if the bridge incident was connected to ongoing anti-abortion protests around the country. Or to any Tea-Party-led counter-protests. Or to, you know, anything else on the entire planet.

C'mon, Fox. That's not "news". That's "let's troll the rubes who read our articles without bothering to critically think." But hey, it gets page views and ad dollars, right?
Anarchists.... You mean people who want government so small that it can be sunk in bathroom sink?
+Clayton Thompson Oh so why are these kids called anarchists, call them what what they are - true patriots i.e. conservative youth.
I can't believe we are at 18 post and no one has blamed Bush for this yet. WOW!
No we need to tie him to the above story some how, I mean anything bad that happens is always Bush's fault. I sure someone could dream up a really fascinating story as to why it's Bush's fault.
Bush should be made a saint... Don't the libs know there are other dems running for pres this year that are WAY more qualified? Oh yeah, bush's IQ is higher than Obama... Who loves that factoid? THIS GUY!
LOL torched! have tire darin
bush is a saint tim, St. Duh lololol
Jack S.
it would of been a beter headline if he had done it
t1 if agree LOL
+Tim O'Born: just curious... where did you find Obama's IQ score? And what were those numbers based off of?
+Charles Wierzbicki I googled it and there were no consistent IQ scores. If it really is lower than bush's that'd be interesting. But from what I found, it looks nobody really knows because supposedly he hasn't released any test scores.

As for what i'd give him, I'm not gonna assign an IQ score to the president. But I do assume he's probably smarter than we think... as are most politicians
There wasn't one... Just wanted to see how many people would jump on it. You guys are too easily excited! It's incredible how easy Bush's name proves the point that Bush was disliked by as many dems. Yet the failures of the current regime go unnoticed. Like rats on a sinking ship.... You guys will defend him no matter what. What numbers are really interesting? If the economy is improving, why are they lying about the numbers and changing the math? It is highly entertaining to just say "Bush", say whatever comes to mind and watch you idiots pounce. It is like getting a cat to chase a laser pointer! Freaking HILARIOUS!
Yeah... "torched" dumbshit.... You are just running into a fire to prove it is hot while I sit across the street with a gas can and match. Don't worry, you weren't the only one...
Bush was disliked by ~78%, had a ~22% approval rating, pretty bipartisan there, so your attempt to polarize it is a failure out of the gates, even you should have seen that one coming.

great... another "Fox News" article to try to use as "fact", Let me go see what a Left-slanted source says said to counter you and cancel your argument. Good try to change the subject too, kids do that all the time. sheesh

We do not pounce on Bush, we just pounce on twists, fabrications, lies and misconceptions. You keep us pretty busy there, that I do agree with :)

Come on Come on Come on Timbo, twist and shout !, Let it on out !
Are those the left commie numbers you were referring to c-sucker? Bush's approval rating was always better than "tha brutha". But again, here you are chasing the "laser pointer" just like a good pussy... Cat. And you are a
Tim... you are so droll. Did you have a point to make? Oh I forgot... you don't know anything but bullying. That's how you build your ego. Real men don't need to do that. They are confident in themselves and their beliefs. Only little minds with no thought have to resort to calling people names and spewing verbal garbage. But we all know you are the smallest of men.
LOL Twist n shout, FOX reported those "commie numbers", I thought it impossible but you are really more clueless than we imagined. Good Racial comment there, oh Christian one. Keep up the great work, you are a great asset to the Right
Hey Berry Wrong?? When you don't have an argument do you always resort to personal attacks? It's a little silly.
LOL. You prove my point every time you speak. LOL.
She's in the hospital right now with a black eye and a broken arm.
I heard Good WIll has some good used wife-beaters for sale, very few beer stains, some had some BBQ stains.....
LOL. Do you have a thought? Might you just be here because you can't beat your wife?
It's ok maggot, I know why you are an angry man-hater. Your Daddy probably touched you inappropriately. Still, you are trash.
Yeah Berry... Michelles girlie parts are still hurting...
More proof Tim. It all serves to show who you are.
I don't give a rats ass fat pig.
Yes... he must have fallen off his sheep early today. I hear you guys wear cowboy boots to put their little back legs in so they can not run away, is that true?
And you are next Michelle. I have a great ball-gag and some duct tape for you.
It's very possible Berry. Most rug chompers are also man-haters
No, I rejected his affections, i tried to explain I was not gay and he would have to find another lover, but I think he felt jilted, and now is manifesting his anger here. But at least he has his livestock to keep him warm on those long, cold Montana ranch nights....his favorite sheep is named darin. and two others are named berry and mark.
+Tim O'Born born... so that IQ "factoid" was just made up? I'm not really excited by it or upset... it just makes me wonder what other "factoids" are fabricated in these threads
+Jason Murdock it wasn't directed at you. Made up? Not entirely, I found, after reading several articles, the difference was about 9 IQ points higher for Bush. But is that really a big deal? I doubt it. It's much more "fun" just to say "Bush" around some extreme dems like Mike and Margaret because it doesn't matter if you have a point to make around them. If you have an opinion they don't agree with, they attack you. So what is the point of attempting to talk to them rationally? It isn't so much they are dems... It's more that they believe their opinion is the only one allowed. That does not represent every liberal thinking person on this site, but it does disrupt those who really do just want friendly debate. So, no, it isn't totally made up. It is out there on the internet, but not really significant.
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