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A string of recent lawsuits and embarrassing accusations could cause the popular genre to unravel.
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Most reality TV is probably scripted, but Sarah Palin's Alaska show was certainly not.
OH, THANK GOD! I'm really happy to hear that.

In similar news, two years of Disco was "too much"; meanwhile 35 years of rap is STILL NOT ENOUGH!

The money-men need a little 2x4-to-the-head to change the channel sometimes...
Can they blame Bush for it somehow?
I doubt it. Reality TV is cheap to produce, and slow minds eat this garbage right up. As long as the overhead remains so low, reality TV will be here to stay.
Pam B
I love Survivor. .. so sue me.
I've only seen one episode of Survivor. I'm not really into the whole canned reality crap. Maybe we can find some real entertainment now.
Ringer. Now that's good television.
So let's wrestling, big dollars, and there are more shows than that which are created and not just documentaries (of what happened).  I guess in hindsight it's not all that surprising.

Still...I like some shows that are part scripted, part "reality."  "MythBusters" comes to mind, as does "Billy the Exterminator" and "Storm Chasers."  I even watched "Steven Seagal: Lawman" for a while.  Of course, how about maybe the granddaddy of the reality genre, "Cops?"  Who hasn't seen at least SOME "Cops?"   I'm reasonably sure each of these is pure reality.  Sure, for some of them like "MythBusters," it's not linear reality (that is to say, it's edited), but they don't script the results, just the premises.

Just kind of much of "American Chopper" you suppose was scripted for ratings?
I cant wait until "reality" TV just goes away.
I'd be okay with all "fake" TV going away. Fiction is fine, as long as it's not trying to pose as "reality."
The most ridiculous "reality" TV channel out there is Fox 'News" 
Pam B
Why make it go away? You have a remote .. turn the channel. Geeezzz
There are a lot of of people like him William, that come out here to the Fox page and post like that. It must suck to have such a miserable life.  That Mike Mac guy is the worse, he comes out here and shits up just about every thread with his anti-Fox rants and anti-republican bullshit, almost everyday, for hours on end.  That's a person with NO LIFE and is a miserable human being. I guess when you are miserable like that you want to try and spread you misery and who better to try to spread it on than people you don't agree with.  I NEVER go to the MSNBC or Huffington post wall and spend hours of my days trying to post anti-rants on their walls, one I don't have the time, and two what good does it do???  It's not like I'm going to change any of their minds over there, and sames goes for here they aren't going to change peoples mind that are regulars here and like Fox News they are just pissing in the wind, wasting time.  It's fucking stupid.  But I guess when you are pathetic, no life loser and you have nothing better to do like these guys that come here and do it, it fulfills some empty void in their pathetic little lives.  Quite sad.  Maybe Ovomit-care will cover the condition they have and they can get help and treatment for it.
Reality TV needs to go away ASAP.
By what measure are we defining "good?" The shows were popular, and sold lots of advertising while enjoying very little overhead in production costs. These stupid things were gold mines, and isn't that the American Dream? Who are we to determine what is "good" if it is profitable?
What's bad is the fact that so many people are so easily entertained.
People are free to be as ignorant as they want. Others are free to fleece these ignorant people for what little they're worth.
Reality vs "game opera" are two different types.
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