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What, exactly, went down inside Avenue night club that led to  #LiLo  being led away in handcuffs screaming? #fox411  
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who cares! what about Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic, the cop who stood up for the First Amendment by refusing to impede the free speech rights of activists at Albany International Airport, has become an Internet icon, with messages of support flooding in to the Albany County Sheriff's Office and Lenic being honored with a commendation.
It's all prolefeed anyway.  She'll be replaced by the next trainwreck soon enough.  
Worthless trash. Finally someone took out the garbage.
I mean. Everyone looks at this a judges? Who knows what happened and maybe #Lilo stood up for herself..#devilsadvocate #justsayin 
If she was black and people were talking about her the way they are they would be racists and bigots in the left's eyes. All the fox trolls and the liberals that have no life, that come here to bitch, moan, and complain, would be screaming bloody murder calling them all racist.
+Darin Walker chris brown? I know he's not female, but i never heard it called racist
Jack - people were called racist for saying bad stuff about him.  I posted several pictures and news articles on my page about him when he beat up his girlfriend and was attacked by several people as being a racist.  I get it daily because I don't like the president's policies.  It's the left's first line of defense.
+Darin Walker i agree it's not right for someone to wrongfully be called racist .. as for lindsay, i'm sure if someone came on here and was like 'that devil cracker honkey head lindsay is back at it again!', i'm sure someone would properly put them in check. lol
We will be reading her obit soon enough. Sad.
So is there some law that says that if this no-talent chemical abuser punches you, you can't just haul right off and punch her back? That is before you sue her right out of her panty hose. Can she be an actress with a nose located on her forehead between her eyes? Science fiction?
i feel kinda bad for her ...I was like that for about a year stint...but each in his or her own time
Maybe if every stunt she pulled quit being headlines, her motivation for acting like a wannabe diva would be gone! 
sounds like someones jealous
Sounds like someone is very smart and the other quite dumb
I wouldnt call her the brightest person but the intelligent ones never have to say it..
Jealous? Thats amusing! Yeah...what a charmed life she lives! Attorneys, jail, horrible acting skills, being the joke of Hollywood...sounds like a dream to me! 
are you trying to convince me or yourself...she has more than enough money to take care of her legal issues...and its amazing she can be a joke and still get work on the big screen...thats alot more than most can do....and got that million for posing nude...I mean no one has offered me that...but if they did i sure would take it
You'd be surprised how sick and tired one can get of being constantly offered a million to pose nude. I've really had enough of it. It's too much
honestly i think its overated...the sad part is that I dont think a guy should buy a magazine to see a naked woman...thats free
I thought that's why the internet was invented by Al Gore
I wonder how people ever got that idea
Big screen??!! The only job she's had is a made for tv movie! 
wasnt she in mean girls and a bunch of other garbage....i know she did the herbie thing a long time ago but i have never watched any of her work...with the exception of a few parts of mean girls
Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result....any judge should see this..but unfortuantly for her she has enough money for a decent attorney ...and in court sadly that makes all the difference.... 
R. Kelly and Micheal Jackson, prime examples...and it cant be debated with me Yes Micheal did it...what man is accused of molestation and still keeps bring kids to his house for fun time..really..they should have been put under the jail
The funny thing was she endorsed mitt this
Election ...she may be experiencing blowback
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