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With its nuclear test believed to be imminent, North Korea has posted an online video depicting a smoldering U.S. city resembling New York under an apparent missile attack.
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It's copied game footage from Call of Duty and Modern Warfare. Who takes North Korea seriously? 
+Sean Campbell I don't how up to date you are on foreign politics, but North Korea has been 'sabre rattling' for as long as there has been a North Korea. 
The Koreans seem to forget we have boatloads of nukes and multiple ways to deliver them.
From the graphics and music, we now know it's 1985 in North Korea. Top Gun should be premiering next year, sweet!
We carried tactical nukes on artillery back in the Korean War...tell me again how we can't nuke North Korea?
Because in order to Nuke North Korea we would need China's permission, and China would never allow it. 
Yep, tactical with do the trick. Or neutron bombs.
Yeah...that's why they call it "War". We didn't have to ask Libya before we bombed the Ploesti Oil fields, either.

I think what you meant was that we're not likely to, due to political reasons. And therein, you'd be right.
Wow this is the PERFECT representation of how BIZARRE North Korea is... 
simply put, if they were to nuke us, we would immediately return the favor.
No one cares about Libya. This is all North Korean spin to make their own country look amazing to their own people. North Korea would never actually attack the United States. 
Yeah, they are living in fantasy land.
I'm pretty sure Iran is going to use the same video at their next space monkey recruiting show.
+Graden Guynn Well, every country in time of war is...but we didn't ask the Muslims for permission to bomb, and Muslims ran the entire theater  even while Hitler was in direct control of Libya. (I'm talking 1943, not 2012)

I know North Korea's a puppet state of China, much like Cuba is a puppet state of Russia, but once war gets declared attacking such states becomes the point of war, not a reason to avoid it.  And North/South Korea never ended the way...only stopped at a truce that can be restarted at any time.

Notice NONE OF THIS WOULD MATTER if North Korea wasn't Communist. That makes them both angry and hungry at the same time; hurt feelings of one guy means trouble for the entire theater. :(
North Korea really needs to work on their CGI. Pretty cheesy video if you ask me. OH YEAH! Hey North Korea . . .  :P
North Korea's young Dear Leader is a joke. 
A joke with nuclear weapons who's developing ICBMs.
Not funny. Not to be trivialized. 
+Joe Hansen I still say they need to work on their CGI. If they are going to use video to try to taunt us then they could have the decency to make something that at least looks like it might be scary. That video was pathetic, and served only to   demonstrate their incompetence. What a bunch of cheesers!  
Best Korea can apparently afford playstations.
Problem of being strong: arrogant, ignoring threats.  Forget 911 ?  You are too slow to action ! 
... new reality show on Fox? Think about it.
First notice where this article comes from..
Second How the fuck is this hot and recommended? 

We americans can make graphic movies about war and bombing other countries all the time, but when someone else does it, now it's a problem.. Just wait until people start flying their drones illegally over our country shooting people.. You apathy is their dinner mindless fuckers..
be afraid, be very afraid. Your government loves you everything is okay
Perhaps he feels that if they could refine human bodies into missile fuel they could afford to send one over the ocean to hit the United States. Maybe that is their new secret.
Shit! Let me call Hannity right away! 
 I do not think that the jest expressed in some comments in this conservation is motivated by a lack of appreciation for the possibilities of this situation, but is actually the result of contempt for the effort.
 I mean come really!!! That had to be the cheesiest threat I have ever witnessed. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 3 just because it did sort of deliver the message they desired but it did not target, pun intended  its audience, i.e. The U.S.A, because it was not in English. 
 Additionally, it used outdated CGI that looked like something right out of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" which is done the way it is for comical effect, The music was kinda muffled, The definition of the scenes of destruction were blurred, and the establishing shots looked more like something out of a 1950's B movie than an international threat of death and destruction. In one word, CHEESY! 
Fox news reports it.. Anyone surprised? 
I knew it's going to happen...with all policing the world and bullying others
some one had to take revege of it and this time it's N.korean who are really pissed off with american bullying.
Blasphemy! 'Merkah is the greatest country on earth. We have jesus power! (heavy on the sarcasm) 
I live in a third worl country which is South Africa but hell even our clothing is more advanced than North Korea! Have a good look at any product or anything in that clip! It all belongs in a cheap spoof movie.
+Adam Swanson blaaa blaaa blaaa . . . . think about it like this; If you lived in a world lacking an enforced universal code of conduct, and your part of that world was just across town from a group of lawless thugs but you never did anything to limit their growth potential then how long would it be until they decided that they were entitled to your life and property. You can argue for pacification and treaties and such but that will only last as long as it is advantageous for the potential aggressor. Once the course of happy feel good is run the aggressor will again demand something from you to maintain the peace. How far do you go? When do you say enough? Now, I did not want to say anything serious about this article but the context of your post is reminiscent of the pacification of Nazi Germany in the 1930's, and that is about as serious as it gets.
Sounds like a threat of war to me.
Join the army then.
BRING IT ON N. KOREA!!! WE'RE NOT AFRAID OF YA!!! Okay people, let's get into the shelters and let the military do its work 
too many movies and pop culture have muddied the young minds in this country
Hey lets not forget to give +Fox News their well due credit for years of fair and balanced fear mongering. 
So +John Doe do you believe that NBC,CNN or the rest are any better? Because they are all in it for Obama. Isn't it interesting that with more than 4 years of this guy and he has done NO wrong? All presidents have something...but not this one. He is spotless.
I agree with you there +John Doe . I will just assume from your "radical" profile that you are having none of it.
Does that video really have the "Heal the World" instrumental playing though.. lmaoo.. wow
+Jim Deatherage Don't get it twisted.. we do not dislike obama for the same reasons.. 
No, I don't fall for every conspiracy that comes across my eyes..
If you are racist that is a whole other fight. 
+John Doe Hey, maybe the Liberal Radical john doe put this video on you tube because he's a NK agent, you never know, plus, if he's caught, Fox News will give him a Fair and Balanced Spot on the Bill O'Reilly Show, lol, lol
I rather not fight any day. and use sanctions as a non-violent means. But you must be blind or a fool to think that Obama holds all the power to call war or strike a siege. He's our commander and chief, but even he has to listen to his comrades. And if he fails to make a decision, they can. And in a situation like this, they will.. So lay of the Obama bashing as if he's some type of weak individual. Most of ya'll rather see innocent people die than to avoid war. Even North Korea with this capability is not foolish enough to just strike boldly, for they know the United States has allies who think different then we do, and could very well strike them. smh
Naw, he's "Pretender in Chief", nothing close to a Commander, never has been, never will be!!
No, we can dislike what Obama is doing and what he stands for without being religious, or racist Mr. John Doe. Redistribution of wealth is a socialist ideal straight out of the Marxist handbook. Oh well liberals always know what is best for everyone, just like ultra right wingers always know what is best for everyone. Either extreme is bad if you didn't know it.
+John Doe At this point pretty much all of them. Not a very original avatar BTW.

At any rate your post about about FOX News and fear mongering doesn't make sense concerning this thread. Do you mean they are fear mongering because they reported this? Would you like them better if they did not report this?
+John Doe Yeah I first heard about this from +Kotaku JAPAN this morning because the footage from the video are from popular video games. To some how think this is +Fox News fear mongering is just a stretch. No one is afraid of Korea. Sure the more ill informed might run for their guns and huddle under a table waiting for the North to go Gangnam style (i know this song is from the south calm down nerds) on the United States, most reasonable people see this for what it is. A Global Chuckle at the poor little country. 
I fail to understand why China still somewhat supports them. If they are going to support them, they should at least feed the poor bastards.
+William Carlson I would like them better if they burned to the ground and stopped broadcasting. Good thing I did not pick this 'avatar' to impress you then. I mean fear mongering because they fear monger.. Understand?
The other networks don't fear monger? Really? You mean like letting Jesse Jackson run his mouth about semi-automatic rifles shoot down airplanes and derail trains. That kind of fear mongering?
Did I say anything about other networks, really? Why would I possibly be picking on fox.. oh because this is a fox thread.. It's okay I know it's a lot to take in, take your time. 
I know fox has panders to the uneducated but c'mon..
Yeah I know it be a Fox thread and shit, so what you sayin John?
The irony is him fighting so hard on this story lol. It's a fluff piece. Wow +John Doe someone needs to teach you to pick your battles. Did you just get on the internet today? 
+John Doe Lol, lol, you better hurry up and get off this Fox Thread before you Stroke out, seems to me you are Soundly Losing the Liberal Propaganda War with everyone on here, couldn't have happened to a better dumb-ass liberal, lol, lol, lol
+Richard Nance you cannot lose to stupid on the internet. ;)
This is my open forum to call them the fucking idiots they are. 
+Michael Washington Yes, today is my first day on the internet.. Fight the good fight..
North Korea hates America. They are gaining nuclear capabilities. I've personally believed that North Korea would care less about South Korea if they knew that they could get to us. The kind of missile they've built is a long- range ballistic. It's better suited to hit a target farther away than SK (the US???). However, North Korea still has one of the worst economies in the world, their people (and military) are starving, and their technology is just Russia's old trash. They are evil, but not stupid. They won't strike because they know they can't sustain any kind of war. This is just more of the propaganda and "threatening" bluster. It's scary, though.
Fox News... the most antidemocratic media in the world speaking about democracy...
It's a Republic actually. Democracy is mob rule.
And I would take that video very seriously indeed.  If they already aren't.
Yeah about as serious as the muhammad video..
oh that one was freedom of speech huh..
Yes, I have to get off soon so she can use the phone..
+William Carlson It's only freedom of speech when it fits you ideology.. C'mon sarge stop acting brand new..
Fucking soldiers died because of lies spewed from +Fox News and the rest of the talking heads on television. War propaganda so we can support it safe and sound from our living rooms while you're over there in the shit.. maybe.. might have a nice desk now.. hooah.. 
Aaahh. I see. You believe FOX News is responsible for the wars.

Yeah, I think you're a moron but you have a right to your opinion same as me.
Fox News responsible for the wars?  OMG.  That's laughable.
There is definitely war propaganda, but it's from DC.  Straight from the Prez's mouth.  It's up to the people to decide for themselves on what to believe.  If the liberal media chooses to print it, that's up to them.  As far as I'm concerned, It's an easy story for them because "the President's mouth piece said so.".  Freedom of Speech includes everyone bucko and if people are stupid enough to believe everything that comes out of Washington?  We're in a sad state. Whether we like it or not.  And as we have one F'up of a President, we're in deep shit.  Fox News responsible for the wars.  Thanks.  I needed that one. Have a good night.
+john doh 
Add me so you can get some better content on you page.. 
+richard waugaman it's not your fault all they play is fox in your retirement home.. you are ignorant to think fox news did not spread fear after 9/11, false news reports etc.  
And I never said fox news was responsible for wars but they sure the fuck did not try and influence them to end.. 
+John Doe You did say "soldiers died because of lies spewed from Fox News" You really are saying that FOX news is somehow responsible for the wars. You know there is a left leaning media but you seem to think that only FOX News is powerful enough to influence  government policy. Further you seem to believe it is the job of news media to drive foreign policy?
"Soldiers died because of lies spewed from fox news" is not the same as "Fox is responsible for the wars" Fuck all mainstream media, they all lie. Right now we are on a fox news thread so I am sure you can figure it out why I am only talking about fox..
but if it will make you feel better, CNN MSNBC ABC FOX (anyone else I left out) are all responsible for pushing war propaganda and false 9/11 reports to influence public opinion.
There is only left leaning media because there is right leaning media.. keeping the sheep in conflict.. kind of like we are now.. 
Yeah occupy was not much fun during the raids..
dog bless merkah!
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