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Brink of war? Israel moves closer to an all-out ground war with Hamas as Israeli planes, tanks and gunboats pound suspected militant positions in #Gaza :
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They are messing with the children of God . laugh if you want but your screwed if you do .. 
I doubt that some people "want" to see the end of the World.  When this crazy leader of Israel do something real bad to the people in Gaza, U.N. have to step in = all nations have war with Israel => the end of the World, as they are going nuclear or bio-chemical .....
May I tell all, in case someone are too proud by the word "chosen", all life-forms on Earth are children of God, only that some are stronger, some are weaker. 
Doesn't means that the stronger one can do anything to the weaker !  Can your elder son kill your baby son ?
lol, that's what you want, how about what God want ? what God like ?  Want you all dead, the Earth destroyed, only souls flying around ?
Pls be realistic, and think  :-)
Israel has showed MUCH more restraint than any other nation in the world would have.  They need to do what they gotta do to protect their citizens  and nation.
Israel should not worry about public opinion. It's time they protected their citizens by brute force. Eradicate the barbaric terrorists.
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