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Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend after model Reeva Steenkamp was shot inside his South African home.
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+Andrew Lyons that seriously made my day. It's not often you actually laugh out loud when you put the acronym down, but that really made me LOL.
Owning a gun increases the chance of violent death for you or your loved ones.
Owning a car increases the chance of violent death for you or your loved ones. This means nobody should own a car?
There's something special about giving your special someone a hot speeding bullet for Valentine's Day, especially when that day also falls on the day a billion women worldwide are gathering together to stop violence against women. [sarcasm and irony]
Ahhahahaha that was so hilarious.
Oscar had a Nike ad titled "I am the bullet in the chamber" on his website... unfortunate wording.
Well I suppose bullets are one way to a woman's heart....
+Justin Boucher Thanks for that statement, I don't know how old your are Justin, but I am just over half a century old and in the time Ihave been alive, I have always been a people watcher just paying attention to how people react to different things as experienced in life. That being said I am pretty firm on my feelings that societally with the reduction in education and the captilization of our democratic republic and through years of TV programing, many have become dumbed down. They have little knowledge of World or US history, English is who cares about it? Morals and key characteristics are left out of growing up. I think that is related to Children no longer having the time to be children surrounded by the selfish, racist, homophobic, violent times we live. If it's not at home its military campaign's. The odd is becoming the norm man. Its people of service like you who do what they do because they no only want to have a decent living but also give back to society. We need more of them. Thank you for your service and as far as the ladies go, you must just be hanging out at the right place. Keep going for it man. /me steps off of the soapbox.
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