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Are you looking for a new hobby in 2013? How does snake wrangling sound? For just $25, Florida officials are allowing anyone to go to the Everglades and hunt Burmese Pythons. 
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Sounds like a good solution to the problem
wow, imagine that, the government ended a program of giving away money under Obama, Don't tell the Republicans  lol
Love how Fox distorts reality.....that $25 is to kill these snakes who have eaten 91% of the mammals and birds in that part of Florida.
This seems like a great idea. But hopefully the would be hunters remember to keep an eye out for the gators...
Like ewww you have to touch them.
I wonder what they taste like...If they are anything like alligator, I'll have some with biscuits and gravy.
+Graden Guynn  Ummmm...any Fox News article with Ken Salazar and government officials claiming they are turning the public loose on snakes is more anti-government Fox propaganda. Clearly, there is a problem in Florida, but I guess Fox thinks its ok for invasive giant snakes to run free.
  +Mitch Stokely What article did you read? There was nothing in the Fox article containing propaganda, just the facts. There was nothing sinister there.

The permits are only open to Florida residents and killing the snake is not a requirement. The program emphasizes logging the location and data where the snake was captured/killed. Too bad.
yeah ... and Al Gore is a terrorist now....
Mike Mac, I guess you only watch the mainstream media.  Do yourself a favor and try some web sites that report actual news and not Obumble propaganda...
+Don MacMurray  then you assume incorrectly.  What web site that report "actual news" are you referring too ?  Plus maybe you could actually answer my question instead of dodging it with an avoidance question
+Milton Ragsdale I would agree, but if you read the posts from the anti-government fanatics that follow Fox above, the agenda is clearly "look at our crazy over-spending government run park service led by the evil Ken Salazar from the Sect of the Interior, Obamas anti-energy guy"
I love the way the Fox-haters like to exaggerate and misconstrue what a Fox-watcher believes.  I used to watch Fox a lot but got bored with the same old personalities.  I don't know any one who is "anti-government", except for the anarchists who show up at the G12 conventions all the time.  Conservatives are anti-BIG government.  Anyone with an ounce of intillectual honesty will admit that.  Oh, and we're also anti-ILLEGAL immigration, another fact the left likes to lie and obfuscate about.  If you lefties ever stuck to pure fact, your heads would explode from cognitive dissonance.
Poor Mike, doesn't realize he's being challenged to find the stories about left-wing Senators and Congressmen who are proposing draconian legislation to limit our access to weapons.  Do some research on your own.  The fact that you don't know of these stories proves to me that your sources are avoiding the stories, like they avoided the Benghazi story that SHOULD have ended the Obumble presidency and WOULD have ended any Republican's presidency.  Mikey's a Daily Kos and HuffPo Kool-Aid drinker, for sure. 
poor lazy  +Don MacMurray, thinks that it's  my responsibility to do his research...  Sure there are is one here, one there, but that does not mean anything, your singling out a few radical opinions and trying to make it seem those are the mainstream opinion is pathetic. It would be like me making a claim that no Republicans know how a vagina works because of a few dumbass's. 

And now you change your argument, now its not taking weapons away , its "limiting access to them", which access to weapons should be limited, it already is and has been for decades upon decades...

Then you turn to that broken record and start screaming "Benghazi  Benghazi !" as a distraction.  Hell even FOX News Entertainment has realized that was making them and their followers look like a bunch of hateful, ignorant , narrow-minded fucks. 

Daily KOS huh?  Yup, I think I read some things off their site a month or so ago. and I laughed at it and dismissed most of it,called bullshit on it, just like I am doing you now...
My opinions do represent the mainstream.  If you were intellectually honest, you would know this.  But,. alas, you are just full of empty rhetoric and hate speech.  So very sad. 
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