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'Affair' shocker: CIA Director General David Petraeus resigns sighting 'extramarital affair' 
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I think extramarital affair = invented excuse to ditch the BO Admin.
With Petraeus’ resignation effective immediately, he will not testify next week & lawmakers are said to be 'stunned' by the announcement. ... from another article
Citing not "sighting"

Your headline says that he resigned because he saw someone cheat on their spouse.

Doesn't help you to justify your existence as journalists if you don't have, some fairly basic, language skills.
J Daul
It's Obama's way of continuing to blame the CIA for the incident, and yet another piece of the White House cover up of the facts surrounding the murder of Ambassador Stevens.  
Obama has not blame no one on the incident in Libya,,,,,election is over
Maybe the family of the men who were murdered, maybe anyone who wonders WTF this corrupt administration is doing. Probably a lot of others, too +James Strainer 
Really,this is just the beginning in a long line of cover up BULLSHIT
Interesting timing - looks like he will not be part of the Senate Benghazi hearings....very interesting timin
With less than a week before he was scheduled to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Sure is good timing, can't perjure himself.
Somehow, I doubt an affair and resignation is all it takes to get out of a Senate hearing.
Well.. You would think so..

A spokesman for the committee said acting CIA Director Mike Morell would testify Thursday in place of Petraeus.
Nice exit! But the reason is a very big ...???????
What Benghazi scandal? I guess you guys on the right just don't want to give it up... Country moved on... let the career professionals investigate this tragic event. 
If this Benghazi thing had happened under a Republican administration, the media would be creating a new television network to cover the investigation.
Fox news is doing enough investigating of this for everyone. Its just a lot you guys are jumping into a conclusion before all the facts are out..Let the career professionals investigate this
The conservatives have Fox News...the liberals have all other media outlets.
Being in a position of having access and knowledge to classified information brings with it responsibility.  Anyone, who has had security clearence knows you can not put yourself in a position to be blackmailed or to make decisions based on your inappropriate actions.  This puts himself, his family, his friends, and his country at risk.  He understands this totally!  Therefore, all appropriate actions should be taken against him.  They take action on everyone else!  It is like Obama was saying "Why would you tax the middle-class and not the rich."  Well, why would you disclipine lower class officers and not the general?
Gosh, Fox News. It's "citing" not "sighting."
So...what happens when Obama (or his henchmen) leak secrets?  Oh right, NOTHING!
Obama is the President he can unclassified anything he wants too
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