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Since he has already been sworn into office, why would anyone, including those who voted for him, want to watch a fake version of the real thing?
I'm listening to Adam Carolla's Podcast, I will not be viewing that :)
Only a "majority" if you count dead people and undocumented aliens... which, of course, we do...
It's only voter fraud when Republicans, who want to show their ID, do it.

Note: I am neither a Republican not a Democrat.
So much whining.  I didn't vote for Obama, but he won. As the winner, he's earned this day. Just deal with it and get on with life.
Yes, lets celebrate another 4 years of economic decline!
OH he cheated.  No doubt of that.  Lied his ass off as well on just about everything.  Yet he was still elected.  The billionaires are silently selling off stock including the biggest one of all... George Soros.
+Spencer Scott   hmmm... unemployment down after skyrocketing .. GDP growth positive instead of -9% 2002-2008, deficit set to be more then halved by the end of his first fiscal term....

WOW... thinks are sure heading the wrong way... what a dumbass
+richard waugaman   care to be a little more specific, what did you believe he could do that he actually had authority to do ?
+Mike Mac You're wrong about the deficit set to be more than halved by the end of his first fiscal term.  In fact, his own budget gurus are saying that the total debt when he leaves office will be $22 trillion.  That means he'll have increased the debt by $6 more trillion on top of the already $6 trillion he did during his first term.  

And the GDP growth isn't outpacing inflation, so in reality there is no growth in GDP.  Try again.
Children singing hymns, prizewinning laureates reading poems, people marching with flags, working class rejoicing everywhere.

All this reminds me of something really dreadful - the crowning of "dear leaders" in Communist Moscow.
+Dinu Popa Hey, why are you lowballing with your argument? Aim higher. Say that this inauguration is very similar to Nazi rallies of 1930s... Or Iran in 1970s ... We all know that Obama is Nazi Muslim so we'll all support you. 
+Joe H Only religious people go to hell, atheists don't go to hell because they don't believe in it. 
Unemployment is not down, Obama troll.  We can also talk about the millions who have just dropped out of the workforce too.

How are your kneepads holding up this morning?
Only idiot Obama supporters can somehow try to convince others the economy has turned around under Obama, when most things are stagnant or worse.
+Spencer Scott Yes, that is why DOW is 110% up .... That's a definition of stagnation - raising market... Do you live in opposite world? 
DOW means nothing to the real world economy.  
Sorry FNC, couldn't hate myself that much.
+Spencer Scott Of course it doesn't... It just shows the value of the largest corporations in the world... And raising value means nothing? You people should stick to what you know best - preaching religion to those who is stupid enough to listen.
+Sergey Laktionov Instead of insulting those with differing viewpoints why don't you stick to the facts?  The DOW might be up, but the labor force is the lowest since Carter left office in 1981.  That's not a sign of recovering.  Add to that the rising cost of living that the government is misreporting and you have the economic malaise that we're in now.  Almost all of it cause by Democrats since 2007.  
John G
Will not listen, most in my town have turned off, have better things to do like take care of families.
+John Gottfredson  My same sentiments exactly! Unfortunately I have another 4 years without a President that I have any respect for as he has not earned mine. FYI I am neither a Democrat nor Republican.
+Spencer Scott again, why does me pointing out that you're completely full of shit have anything to do with if I support Obama? 
Oh please Obama troll.  You have been humiliated so many times here, but yet you still continue to troll Fox News.

Again, we can always count on dipshits like yourself to come and post in defense of the weak and failing economy.  
More Americans on government dependence.  More Americans on food stamps/welfare.  Unemployment higher than when he took office.  8 million Americans out of the workforce during Obama's term. Continual $1T deficits.

Yeah, suck it Obama troll.
+Spencer Scott   unemployment  benefit payouts dropped $30B last year.  Unemployment is not higher....  if you would realize it was skyrocketing in Jan 2009, after it was put into check it has been continually dropping.  Its called trending, get someone to explain it to you.  The trend up bad, trend down good.  Ugh.  You go chow now Mongo

Deficits if $1T?  yup... talk to congress.  But at least it is 1/3 what it was after GWB set the spend-what-we-dont-have bar record of $1.4T in 2009, adding $8T to the deficit during his 8 years. You were not screaming then...  At least we will be at half that level after 4 years of progress. Even the GOP said it would take 8-10 more years, that is the platform they ran on.  But I guess you know more then everyone else, you brainless moron. 

I am glad you think you have humiliated me, but I be the one that had to say I felt humiliated, not you.  I would say I feel entertained with your continued use of  fact checked lies and distortions ....  It is fun to poke you with a stick, and watch you jump, every time, on command, just as expected.

It sure must suck to hate something so bad and not be able to control the way you react to it.  How does that feel Spence `ol boi?

But again, why does me pointing out that you're completely full of shit have anything to do with anything I do?
+Mike Mac Unemployment payments went out because everyone out of work completely dropped out and aren't eligible for them anymore.  

In 2000 the debt was $5.6 trillion.  When he left office in 2008 it was $10 trillion.  I don't know about you, but 10-5.6 does not equal 8.  So, you're wrong about how much debt Bush left. 

And technically it was Obama that signed all of the appropriations for the 2009 budget that Bush proposed.  He had the opportunity to change them when he signed them, but chose not to.  

You're bragging about Obama leaving a deficit twice what Bush's last one was.  LOL
+Robert Soyars   Bush established the 2009 Budget and congress approved it. Obama did not really have to approve anything, it was already approved.....

That will be tagged to Bush in all budget and historical documents, even though you do not like it, that does not change it.
+Mike Mac You're only half right on that one.  Bush proposed the FY09 budget and Congress passed the budget.  However, a budget is just a blueprint of what to expect the spending to be.  The actual bills to allocate the funding are the appropriation bills that are passed throughout the fiscal year.  The bills that caused the first trillion dollar deficit were passed by a Democrat led Congress and signed by a  Democrat President. 

Obama is the one who signed every single one of the appropriation bills that was passed by a Democrat led Congress for FY 2009 because Congress never got around to getting any of the appropriation bills ready for Bush to sign.

"Even though you do not like it, that does not change it."
+Robert Soyars   again... the 2009 budget was Bush's... and it will always be Bush's.  Contrary to what Rush has taught you, you are not able to change the way the US budget is tabulated because you do not like it.
+Mike Mac I don't know if you're just not reading what I wrote or you're so blinded by your hatred and MSNBC propaganda that you cannot understand what it was that I wrote.

You just don't want to accept the fact that Obama is the one who signed the appropriations passed by a Democrat led Congress for spending that resulted in the first $1 trillion deficit.  No matter how much you don't like it, that is a fact.
Ok Mr. Obama get a bill past agent guns get the all the gun out of the hands of kids and the onwes that have hand guns. If they don't they should be pay 100 dollars per gun and use the money and put it to the 
$1 trillion for we can get out of the hole.
+Robert Soyars Obama signed some but not all, he didn't sign off on most of it, but you know the president only purposes budget, congress dictates spending based off the budget agreement? once the budget is passed, and signed, is as good as law....... one big one he did not sign was over $700B, plus.... none of the costs for the wars where budgeted..... bush hid the costs, remember? LOL. bills due, wars underway, tax cuts, no revenue, welcome too realty lol

bush had a $1.4T deficit in 2009, and he knew it before he left office..... that is what is already recorded history.....
+Mike Mac You are still wrong. Every single FY09 appropriations bills were signed by Obama. Not a few, not most, but all. And Congress was led by Democrats for that, also.

You obviously don't understand how our government works when you say things like a budget is law. If that's the case, explain how the government has been running for the last 3.5 years when the Democrats refuse to pass a budget? Obama has violated federal law 4 out the past 5 years on turning in a budget and the Democrats won't even support their own President's budget.

Both wars were in the appropriations and budgets every year that Bush was in. It has been Obama who hasn't. So you're also factually incorrect when you state the wars weren't budgeted.

Look, you can disagree on matters of policy, but stop using incorrect "facts".

Also, Bush was only in office for 3.5 months into the '09 fiscal year, so it's disingenuous to say it was Bush's. That's the same as saying Clinton left Bush a recession since we in fact were sliding downward when he took over and four months later hit a recession. 
the guns from the gun shows use the money and put it in the budget for
+Robert Soyars   LOL  how could Obama sign the appropriations that were required to run the government before he even took office?  Bush signed TARP, $700B right there, half the defect.. and it was known when he inked it it was not funded, over half was dispersed before Obama took oath, the rest was already in motion....

Your argument is not only wrong, it is impossible.....

Bush is responsible for establishing the 2009 budget and the resulting $1.4T deficit.  Argue with the historians, not me, I am just telling you how it is.  All costs for both wars is also tagged to the Bush Administration.....  i understand why you do not like it...

and you know the Left only had a majority in Congress for 20 working days in 2009?  70 calender days.....   not the 2 year fairy tale the Right likes to tell to misrepresent reality.

And Bush did not carry the cost of the wars on the budget....  Obama put them back on.  Bush used "off budget accounting" for all war costs.....
+Mike Mac Like I stated before, you obviously have no clue how the government actually works, let alone the budget process. The budget is not the same as the appropriations. If you knew that then you wouldn't have made such a stupid comment. Stop making yourself look so uninformed and just go read up on what I've stated. You'll see that I'm not wrong.
+Robert Soyars   Ok smart man . LOL  The FY09 Budget started Oct 2008, so your saying  Obama signed the appropriations during GWB's term?  Or did the government not spend anything from Oct 1, 2008 until Jan 20, 2009 ?

Like I said before, your logic and claims are impossible, not just wrong....  
+Mike Mac Again, your ignorance is showing.  The budget is not the same as the appropriations and don't follow the fiscal year.  I'm done talking with you about this.  You just don't know what you're talking about.
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