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A shark, possibly 14 feet long, killed a swimmer near a beach in New Zealand on Wednesday then disappeared after police attempted to save the man by firing gunshots at the predator.
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Wow that's awful I feel bad for his family. My prayers are with them
Just as long as they don't start killing all the sharks in the area...

Call a State of the Union Address and make Executive Orders while you're at it too!

You beat me to the ban the shark remark, dammit. Well then ban swimming anywhere there are sharks.
Adam K
90 Mile Beach is in the red zone. Oh well.

Annie! Get yer gun; shark is for dinner tonight  : )
They hace just become No. of endangered species
+Ben Williams Obama is in office so no shark hunting spree will occur. Republicans would do this but not Obama
It figures gun nuts and guntards would respond to this that way. We just can't get away from them can we... I am gettin ga bit tired of hearing the complainers who just sit on their fat ass with a gun and do nothing about anything. Get back to me after your soaps...
That's just it. It isn't a joke. Everywhere you hear it. Just complaining and complaining. Not doing anything to help other then to be against no matgter what. All in the name of guns... That's a joke...
+Guy Bouchard yet you're the only one doing the complaining in here about this so called "complaining"

While it seems noble what some of our leaders are doing to put a stop to gun crime, The fact is, they are the ones "sitting around on their fat ass(es)". It's been proven before that gun control doesn't work. So why beat a dead horse?

I am wholehearted for keeping everyone safe from gun crime but gun control isn't the answer.

Case in point: what do we do if we pass all this gun control and the next mass shooting happens? And then the next shooting, and then next and the next? How do we explain Norway's massacre? They have gun control. That shooting shouldn't have happened right?

I'll save my breath now. Everyone has their views and no one is going to change them so in reality this debate is pointless. (yet we feed it anyway lol)
It's not a rocket. It's a oceanographical survey sub. About th ecomplaining, read above and you will see.
Looks like a TOW Missile. Why do you need that?? Is it registered?? Did you get a background check when you bought that? 
Could be semi automatic. That's bad too though.
It's the people who should be banned the guns don't shoot themselves...just sayn
I can tell you this, some shark steaks are mighty tasty on the grill.
Hey Guy, I know it's an underwater robot sub. I was just having a little fun. Admittedly at your expense, and shark meat isn't really that good. I'd rather have Grouper.
Rednecks are always up early. Who do you think it is that farms that food you eat? Not you. That lentil soup, that bread made with grain, the soybeans in your tofu, that all came from some redneck farmer. So yeah some redneck is probably feeding your sorry liberal face. This message was brought to you by a Libertarian Redneck. Oh yeah we're also the ones that dig your ditches so your roads aren't flooded, pour your concrete so you have a foundation, just the little stuff that really makes our country run.
A farmer is not a redneck A redneck is someone who has a closed mind, is racist and wants to shoot anything that moves in the name of freedom...
Uh, Guy. Rednecks are people that work out side in the sun and get sun burn on their necks.
What Jay said. You have no idea what a true redneck is. You can tell a man is a redneck if before he tells a tall tale, says, "And this is no shit." Or before he bravely does something that might get him killed says, "Watch this." I'm a redneck, I've dug ditches, planted trees and crops, shot my own food, dug ditches, poured concrete, hauled products from point A to point B so people could have their stuff.
I got a red neck in California as a teenager harvesting tomatoes and cutting apricots.

My neck really got red in Iraq,not so much in Afghanistan.
Yeah that makes sense. What you are calling a Red Neck Guy Bouchard is an an idiot that is repugnant to any true Red Neck. If you want to call a racist a racist, fine. If you want to call a bigot a bigot, once again, no argument. I guarantee there are bigots and racists in both parties, in all walks of life, to lump all Red Necks in with them is wrong. It's profiling.
Guess redneck only applies if you aren't a neo-liberal, since what these libs are today is far from what liberal used to mean.
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