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A new report links the Chinese military to massive amounts of stolen data from over 100 different targets, including military contractors and companies with access to energy grids.
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And yet the bulk of the military budget still goes to building weapons. How soon before foreign military stops trying to beat the united states with fire-power and simply cripples their ability to make way via information manipulation. 
If you put 1 billion Chinese in front of a PC, they are bound to be successful.
The Chinese Red Army conquers all.  All your base are belong to us.
It must be hack
Burger king, now Jeep and Apple and Facebook.
lmaoo @  a peasant army conquering the US. Good luck with telling the Navy Seals that... And Cyber Attacks is a serious thing.. Those making fun now won't be if they succeed. The military budget has to go to weapons... Think about it.. with a cyber attack we still gotta defend ourselves physically if they attack.. If we spent all our dough on cyber warefare and they attack us with weapons, whats to stop them? Norton Antivirus?
Congress will just pass a bill "protecting" us from cyber attacks. It will work as good as those gun control laws do stopping bullets. <sarcasm>
Oh, goodie!  The government will cost us MORE MONEY and give us nothing....again.

I'm just happy that they're "focusing on it like a laser" again!
I can't wait till we have no Government.See how easy life is then. So those talking all this bullshit how costly are the same ones doing nothing and just doing this...talking.
Just like illegal immigration, people will complain and pontify, but in the end nothing will get done because the United States is an addict to cheaply made stuff. 
So again the Pentagon just acknowledges what we all knew anyway. Totally pointless news story. If you didn't know this already then you just aren't paying attention. 
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