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What he really wants to say is "I'm taking my ball and leaving" hard to believe that middle ground can't be found
I don't know... I've been following this through the eyes of one of the workers. He's pretty pissed off about his union not budging on what they're asking for. He's been out of work due to the strike for several months, and its pretty damaging to his ability to provide for his family. He's not hopeful the union will do the right thing for its employees, and he's started looking at work at neighboring, non-unionized Hispanic bakeries in the Sacramento area.

There's a Hostess outlet shop around the corner from the Base where I work. Its been there forever, and I enjoy the drive to and from work because I get to smell fresh bread and other goodies. Probably won't get to in a month or less...
Thanks for the added perspective +James Pisano.  I think people forget about the employee, when the union get's involved and get hard nosed. Then people look at the owner(s) and they are the evil one, when most of the time, a man just wants to make an honest wage for an honest days wage.
Sounds like "Atlas Shrugged" to me.  Will they really burn it to the ground?  Which option is in the owners best intrest?  Which option is in the workers best intrest?  We'll know in about 15 minutes.
With no one willing to buy out the company, and the union unwilling to change it's stance, I expect this brand to fall away. What happens to the union leader's, do they lose jobs or just move on?
They are done Liquidate and sell off the label and IBC, & Ralston will come out smelling like a rose.
+timothy Haas File for unemployment, live off of us for a while, then find another set of gullible employees to sign onto their dues collection scam.
The owners' best interest is to stay in business and remain profitable. The workers' best interest is for the owners' best interests to be realized. When all is said and done the union will continue to exist because their reach is beyond the Hostess corporation's doors, so if the workers lose their jobs because Hostess conducts a fire sale, the union will lose some workers' dues, but will continue to exist, the workers will have to find work on their own or through the union (though why would anyone want to use union placement after they failed to negotiate a working deal with a company that would otherwise have been able to continue to employ them I'll never know), and the owners will lose money over time due to unrealized profits associated with the liquidation of the company.
"Liquidate" means that the brands will be sold off to other bakery companies so "Twinkies" will live on - made by some other company and by some other worker in another city that didn't hold out too long for their wages and benefits.  Meanwhile, these workers will lose their livelihood because of union greediness and will have to move somewhere else for a similar job.  Hey, if you don't like the wage and you think you are worth more, look for another job - no need to strike.
I think people fail to realize that employment is a market just like groceries or automobiles. If you feel you're not being paid well enough for your productivity the onus should be on you to remedy the situation with your employer or seek more gainful employment. Unionization was developed as a way to make the playing field between employer and groups of employees more level, and for a while it worked, but the bullying of union on employer has gotten quite out of hand in recent decades, and the unions often do not support their workers quite as much as they take from them in dues would dictate they should.
+James Pisano They are broke! Rich yes Twinkies will live on!
Unemployment is 9-12 % There is know where to go!
+James Pisano yep, I would never hire any of them, if they created this mess, no way you be in my businness.
Unemployment is high for a reason. Businesses, like Hostess, have scaled back or stopped growth and investment entirely due to uncertainty associated with their tax liabilities come 01JAN13 and 01JAN14. Congress, in its infinite wisdom, hasn't passed a budget since before our President took office, and this lack of leadership and the wherewithal to do their job has rippled through the economy in a way that amplified the effects of the recession instead of dulling them.

The reality is that Liberalism in action caused this mess, and the unions were co conspirators in the offing. The housing bubble was created back in 1976 with the Community Reinvestment Act, and was tweaked over the intervening decades to a point where it not only didn't pay to loan money responsibly for as a bank, but eventually wouldn't pay to bet that the irresponsibly loaned money would not be paid back (derivatives). The bubble was created by Liberals and amplified by Liberals, and supported by union dues used to finance Liberals races for office.

If you're concerned about your fellow Americans who can't find work and are falling victim to their company's involuntarily going out of business due to failed policies (private and public), don't blame the company. No business wants to close up shop. Blame the policies, and educate yourself about why this happened. Its going to continue until people realize why this happened, and what they're dealing with come the 2014 election cycle.

Educate yourself, and then vote accordingly. America can't take much more of this cascading fall into failure.
I work for a private company, very profitable. We were told once that is exactly what they would do if we voted in a union. They don't want people who only worry about the employees and not the bigger picture running their company.  
+Steve Wahl In this case, Hostess had filed for bankruptcy  chapter 11 In October of 2012. This is what was offered,

It called for an 8 percent cut to employees’ wages, a reduction in health benefits, and a freeze in pension plan payments for over two years. In return, unionized employees would get a 25 percent equity stake in the company, two seats on its board of directors, and an interest-bearing note worth $100 million. The 8 percent wage cut was part of a five-year deal that included a 3 percent wage increase in the next three years and a 1 percent raise in the final year.

This is the second time Hostess has entered bankruptcy. This company really needs to correct the issues that are causing this overall. 
Their problem is that they are public and unionized. Pensions ruin companies all the time also. 401k and profit sharing is always a better option. 
The manufacturing we used to do in my little town is all but gone!

Every time the economy tanked, STRIKE!

Every time a business was in poor shape, STRIKE!

Every time we were about to see hunting season STRIKE!

Whirlpool, Zenith, and a a dozen others folded their doors and went overseas. Thanks, unions!  And thanks for donating all your money to the ONLY PARTY trying to open the border!
+Jared O'Neal I looked up what was causing this issue. The same that happened to Kodak in NY, but looks like that company is poof. 
Dont believe the main stream BS. Skills gap and uneducated individuals = unemployment 
Hostess has some finical problems for a while now and has chosen to ignore them. Fire the managers who brought them to this point. Kodak went the same route and sadly, looks like that very soon will be gone. Poor financial planning, high debt and labor costs will do them in.
...sounds like another industry bailout is coming.
+Robert King can you imagine if this Whitehouse bailed out hostess with Michelle Obama telling us not to eat twinkies? 
This is not anything more than reality. The business is on the brink and can't support what the union is asking for. Liquidation means they will sell off the assets of the company because it can't go on. Why is that people cannot see that there is nothing left to distribute back to the unions.
Unions will be the death of this country
Unions suck and do nothing but screw over companies while the people they are there to protect lose work. Close the doors! 
Besides under this administration those snacks wI'll probably be illegal in the next year or so.
Atlas is shrugging and the current regime will blame Bush.
Why don't they go work for the union? Can't the union provide jobs for them??
Govt won't bail them out...they'll take them over first, then give the business to the they did with Chevy.  Screw the owners/'s all about the commie unions!!
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