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North Korea drew worldwide condemnation Tuesday after it said it successfully detonated a miniaturized nuclear device at a northeastern test site.
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The beauty of a miniature nuclear device is the possibiloity of smuggling it into the enemy country in a suitcase. By the way, there is a North Korean UN mission in New York.
+Alex Taller
"Miniature", in this case, meant "small enough to attach to a missile.  Not "miniature", as in suitcase size.

Still concerning, but not as alarming as one that can be smuggled out in someone's colon or anything.
Nice job NK. The world will talk tough about you for a few days, which means you'll do it again and again and again because we'll do nothing...but talk. 
Tom, give us a solution, as you think five minutes into the fuutre and stop being rude! A quick wit does not mean a sharp mind.
The Koreans are really not an issue yet. They might be able, someday to launch a missile at us, which would result in their annihilation. They will threaten, talk and test, but in the end reach the same conclusion the USSR and the USA reached years ago...nuclear war is a no win situation.
Their annihilation?  I am afraid that's an acute case of wishful thinking, +Tim Pearcy. A more realistic look at the situation will tell you two things:
(1) The United States has lost every single war it was involved in since the capitulation of Japan, with the exception of our interventions in Panama and Grenada where there was no resistance from the local army or population.
(2) 9/11 was a blatant act of aggression, the worst this country has ever suffered. And yet, in the 11+ years that has passed since, the United States has failed to do anything to defeat the enemy. Actually, our situation today is worse than it was on the eve of 9/11 because the Moslem population in the United States and its influence have grown considerably in the years following the attack.
True enough on the not a power house, but we still have thousands of hydrogen warheads and the means to deliver them. 
See the danger here is not from the big countries that have nukes (US, China, Russia ect). The Danger comes from these desperate countries that want attention or have an agenda (NK or Iran). They have no compunction not to use these weapons if it gets them to where they want to be. So Yes a suitcase sized nuke is a real danger. Or an even larger bomb put on a cargo ship that is brought into the harbor. Properly shielded it would be near undetectable until it was all over. This has been the fear of the US for nearly 50 years. Now though this is a very real possibility.

Sadly the world sees us as weak. From the leadership on top down its Neville Chamberlain diplomacy. See where that got us. China is said to have a great amount of influence with NK. They need to tell them to USE it. Put it to China bluntly. Either they get told to shut them down or that lil treaty of a Cessation of hostilities with NK is gone and that the bombs (nukes) will be heading their way soon. 

Will that happen? Not likely with this group. So hold onto your behinds and kiss them goodbye.
Good job, North Korea; potential for a battlefield deployable nuke! Now, about that electricity, food, and running water for your people . . .
Yeah, N. Korea really ought to be more concerned with it citizens, but it
is a dictatorship.
Wouldn't it be terrible if the Asteroid flying by at 14 thousand miles per hour on Friday devertited it's course and slamed into the North Korea Capitol instead.
+Mike Morris Yes, it would, because, wherever it impacts, it's likely to exterminate all life on earth.
+Alex Taller  Actually it is far too small to do more than leave about a 1 mile wide crater. It's only 150ft across. +Mike Morris It is a nice thought. Darn it, maybe we need NASA after all.
Nuce north korea and pakastine and forget it then after your done stay out of the world telling them how to live we need to take care of our bussiness before we tell someone else how to live i dont like people telling me how to live dont come ti my house and tell me how to live it upsets me america has problems we have have as much corruption as any where. Clean our house first
+David Doyel We can't just nuke these countries unless they use their weapons. It's sort of against the rules....
I do agree we need to worry about our problems first, but North Korea will soon be everyones problem. 
Against the rules ha no one in our goverenment or any onr else plays by the rules if they did we wouldnt be where we are if every one folliwed rules it would be the perfect world and we all know the world is so screwd up and not getting any better and the root cause is every one wants to tell evey one else how to live people have nothing to fear child molesters get off with a slap on the hand murders get off with a jail sentence thats served at a holiday in and a corrupt america tells all other countries they have to be like us ha ha no one in america knows who are founding fathers are or what they done to build our country forgieners have more rights than honest tax paying citizens and you say we cant nuck some one cause its against rules. Dont be silly
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