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$600 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts could drop on Americans with the New Year's Eve ball. Do you think Congress will make its midnight deadline on the Fiscal Cliff?

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That is what the President wants.  So it is going to happen.  Tax everyone, revoke the pay raise congress just got, and oh by the way, why do we pay them lifetime for 2 years served?   
Obama wants to go off the "cliff", he always has.  He has not led, democrats voted again their own plan, and Harry Reid (D) jokes about deals being made.

They have the media in their pockets so whatever happens they will direct the media to blame the GOP.
+Spencer Scott That's exactly right Spencer.  You've uncovered the greatest conspiracy since Lincoln.  Wow!  Does Fox News know about this?  Thanks man, you are a hero.
How does this affect the start up businesses? Anyone thinking of starting a company and holding off to see how things go? 
The electorate clearly spoke, and over 60% of voters in exit polls said they support increased taxes for the Rich, the amazing part is that the GOP seems to still not get it........ The ball is clearly in their court, and has been since this mess was approved by them so they did not have to address the debt ceiling and the increased defense spending they have been holding out for, they gambled on willing the election...... we have known this was coming for over a year.....

If we go over the cliff, Obama will then turn around and push through middle class tax cuts,  tis not the end of the world...just the end of the GOP.....
+Northwest Registered Agent, LLC   from reports (FOX News is WAY WAY behind on their updates) the main sticking points are some tax issues that are being rejected because they will result in a net tax break for the rich, not an increase....  and the Right is pushing for cuts
to Social Security (a paid in program) and it is being flat rejected (as it should be)  There was talk about $30B in unemployment benefits the Right was after being rejected too... 

But, we would not really know what they are really talking about until later today when they formally say so, its all speculation at this point.
+Mike Mac Don't make me laugh. You have no clue what you are talking about. 
+Mike Mac It's people like you that is causing this country to go to hell. I could get into a debate with you but it would be a waste of my time. You have no clue. I am done.
Honestly I don't really give a sh*t anymore. As long as the Seahawks beat the Redskins I am fine. As far as what we think as Americans it doesn't count anymore. 
+Northwest Registered Agent, LLC I was thinking about starting a rod (fishing) building company. I been doing it for a while and I think I can start a company but there is no way I will do it with Obama in office. It would not be worth it.
"The electorate spoke" ...BFD....the electorate is a bunch of mindless idiots...these political morons have painted themselves into a corner. Fiscal's a joke...there's no solution to stupid, incompetent politicians.
+James Durbin Promise?  you are  done?   your really going to shut your mouth?  fat chance.....
+Burt French umm... your part of the electorate... but yes they (the politicians) are morons
+Mike Mac ...not the part that voted for one single member of the two (wannabe) ruling parties...
They've been four YEARS settling on a budget (yet spending, anyway) why will they be able to avert this problem in a few hours?
+Jim Avila It really is a long answer but to make it short. Obamacare and Taxes. I would hire about 5 or 6 people to start with. Just read about obamacare and you see how it would hurt me (small business).
+Jim Avila  that is a good question for +James Durbin , interesting to see his detailed specific excuses reasons...
(wow, three two  have called him on this...)
For the record I am not calling anyone on anything. I just want to know what people think about this subject. 
passing a budget isn't optional; it's required by law. And is illegal if you don't it's been 3 yrs and nothing yet? 
+James Durbin  really?  you have to have over 50 employees for that to kick in...
+Raptor Dalan please cite the specific law that states there is a legal requirement to pass a budget...proposing a budget is not optional, there is no verbiage stating one must be passed...
The Federal government of the United States uses a budget process to create the United States federal budget. The framework is used by Congress and the President of the United States to formulate the budget and was established by the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921,[1][dead link] the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974,[2] and by other budget legislation.
+Mike Mac No one has called me out. They ask a question and I gave them the short answer. If they want the long answer all they have to do is read about obamacare and what obama wants with taxes. You just looking for a fight.

BTW: You are right when it comes to some of the penalties. You have to have 50 or more employess but there is a lot more than just the fines. Cost is going to go up all around. Plus I don't know if it would happen because I can predict the future but I had a plan to have about 50 employees in 3 or 5 years and about 100 in about 10 years. Don't know if it would happen but it is a plan if I start up a company.
+Raptor Dalan again.... cite the specific law that says a budget being passed is legally required.  Your cut/paste from the  WIKI that describes the budget process is not a law......
I don't think a compromise will come; I don't think the President and the progressive Democrats want to reach a deal.  The Republicans should accept no deal that doesn't attend to Washington's SPENDING.  Our Government doesn't have a revenue problem; the issue is spending, spending, spending!!!!
+Jim Avila I would provide insurance no matter how many I have. I feel it is the right thing to do. There is a lot more to obamacare than just the penalties. Insurance companies and doctors are going to have to make up money that could be lost. My insurance at the company I work at right now is going up about $60 a pay unless I do certain things. It goes up about $35 if I do what they want. Also, I don't plan on just have 5 or 6 employees for very long. If things would work out I'd add employees.
+Jim Avila Please read obamacare and read what it will do to healthcare as a whole. I don't have time to go into great detail. You just have to be able to read and have some common sense.
Tell me again why McConnell presented a plan, and then filibustered it. Republicans don't want a compromise. They have signed a treasonous pledge to Grover Norquist, which they believe supercedes their duties to the American people. We will go over "the cliff." And it will be Boehner's fault if this country dips back into recession.
Party lemmings are like those dolls...the ones where you pull a string and they repeat little phrases political talking points...
I feel some kind of temporary bandaid deal will be made just to give them more time. This will not address the problem as a whole and compound the problem with future actions. Congress and the American People are too far divided on politics to use common sense resolve. 
+Cheryl Koval  he cant tax anyone by himself, but looks like you are going to get your wish,  taxes for the rich will go up, and defense will get cut, reducing the largest portion of controllable governemnt
I have very little faith in congress and even less in the current president. I don't think any of these egomaniacs know how to compromise and I believe the working citizens of the US will pay.
Why is no one reporting that the President signed an Executive Order on last Thursday giving all incoming legislators and Vice President Biden a RAISE.  How is that relevant to the Fiscal Cliff, Tax Cuts or lower the DEFICIT.  Please say something about this.
I am not convinced we are trying to avoid the cliff (because raising revenue and cutting ARE both required).  I think we are just trying to place the blame for the resulting hard time coming.
Not as long as the Tea Party Reps. continue to avoid doing their job.
Maybe the Tea Party Reps are doing their job!
Obummer just signed am executive order giving alky of Congress a raise. Wth
+Steve Caunce Oh its the tea parties fault, try blaming the senate whom hasent even passed a budget in, how long
Cut their salaries, and make them work for free!
+billy routh The Tea Party controlled Congress should have wrapped this up weeks ago and let everyone go home for Christmas. They didn't because they are in the pockets of the rich and they don't dare anger their masters. The Koch Bros. own the Tea Party lock, stock and barrel and anyone who can't see this is deliberately deluding themselves.
nah king obama just singed a exective order to give congree and the senate a pay raise for fuckin up the country with there bullshit
ya know the best way for dc to actualy work and shit gets done continously is term limits for the house and senate no more 90 year old shitbags stayin in office since the slavery days
To be expected, no real cuts in spending or entitlement reform. Spend, Spend, Spend.
Gee whiz Steve, could we possibly get some spending cuts and entitlement reform too or is BHO's class warfare the really important thing here. And, wow here's a really unbiased source.
it successes ,believe America
deadline is worthless.  congress can make laws retroactive (which is unbelievable in itself).
ya know the only thing thats gonna make any sense and force people to actualy serve the public interest and not just go to washington to line there pockets from the lobbyist and special interest groups ... is FUCKIN TERM LIMITS !!! the president has them i think its way over due for those jackasses in DC to join the club instead of seeing these 90 year old rest home rejects tellin us how to do this and that
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