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Ambassador Susan Rice removes her name from consideration for secretary of state, stating that if she did not, the confirmation process would hurt the administration. 
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Good,I won't even read it...Just good
Need a few more "guilty parties" to step up n quit too
Fox's reporting is almost as bad as the Steeler's chances of making the play offs.
The way their going who gives a ef (steelers)
Why is Fox even considered a News program- it's just Entertainment for the Right.  "Would hurt the administration."  Absurd.
Funny how their all dropping like flies. 
No one is dropping you fool
were just ignoring younze
this is a small personal victory n yous jelly -giggles+
w00 h00 know maybe they can nonimate somoene that really pisses obama off
She was highly qualified to invest in Iran!!
oh crap now we get john kerry, good job retards
yea she has to first go suck obama's dick after she swallow's then she will get a free spot that wont make her answer questions about who pushed the video ya know to start the cover up about lybia
C'mon this isn't a porn forum,she is a respectful woman,still
The women was simple-minded and gullible enough (and ambitious enough) to be recruited into a cover-up by Obama. If she wasn't bright enough to spot that trap imagine what would have happened when she was a secretary of state and had to deal with real sharp people who were not in over their heads like our community organizer.
i know isnt it nice to find the people that voted for obama and put them in the block colum =)
hmmm who knows he may invite the muslim brother hood to submit a person to hold the spot or even better a tv anchor from msnbc wouldnt that just be some hot shit LOL!
Congratulations, Fox News, you succeeded in getting the best qualified candidate to step down.
Best qualified..?..what a crock
Good riddance... wonder what other insane and leftist candidate they will put up for consideration next.
So if Fox is entertainment for the Right. Does that make CNN and MSNBC propaganda channels for the Obama and company?
C'mon people.  She was a liar, covered up the Benghazi mess from Obama, and even had a hand in the African embassy bombing mess years ago.

She's perfect for this administration!
well duuno does she service the president like monica did for bubba if so then yepperz shes perfect for any job
Now if she would remove herself from the world....
I for one don't block,I LOVE HATERS,Come at me,anytime,bro and sis trolls...(pref sis)
And Rice is still  HAWT,whether ya like her politickin' er not
dunno maybe he will admit he secretly sold the united states to china already hence why he doesnt give a shit about the defict so maybe we should all start learnin manderian perhaps
At least john kerry will be out of the country a lot.
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