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Kevin Clash, Elmo's puppeteer and voice, has resigned from "Sesame Street" in the wake of allegations that he had sex with not one but two teenage boys:
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thats going to change up someone's holiday shopping this year.
Next year, we'll forgot all about it.
Lady is working at a factory that produces "Tickle Me Elmo" dolls. One of the workers goes to the boss, telling him that the lady is holding up production. He goes down to the assembly line where the lady is working and sees her fervently sewing little cloth bags containing two walnuts on a very peculiar spot on the doll. The boss couldn't help laughing and between chuckled proclaimes, "Lady, I said give each doll two---test---tickles!"
Still, nearly every one of these cases was caused by porn.

Ever notice it? About 1% of any group's stock is "taboo". That used to be anal-stuff and/or interracial. Now it's the underaged stuff. And the industry points that way more every year...and sooner or later a guy finds himself there by accident. Then not by accident. Then it's an obsession 'cause the thrill is so high.

But we've been warned about all this, years ago...
+Fox News that title is misleading. The first person to make such accusations has retracted their statement because they said they were completely false. 
+Grahame Thomson Actually that first accuser recently said he was pressured to sign that statement and was looking for legal counsel to get it retracted. 
Funny how people are so quick to pass judgement when they have no ties to the person(s) involved.  Everyone with a keyboard has an opinion and it causes those accused to lose the case before being proven guilty.  Never innocent, always guilty
Where there's smoke there's fire. I just want to know why parents seem to think they can trust their kids with anyone. 
+John Shepard sure but shouldn't we let the costs decide before the keyboard warrior ruins a person's life? I just feel it's rather wrong and against anything I've been taught to prejudge someone. It's not my job to convict someone and it shouldn't be anyone who isn't judge or jury
It's the internet-the persons life is already ruined. The keyboard is mightier than the sword (unfourtunetaly)
+mark rowlands my opinion of this fellow is irrelevant, but his resignation creates insinuation. I don't even know who he is, and my statement directs more to the lack of oversight by parents whenever their child is with someone famous or influential. Just look at Jerry Sandusky, Michael Jackson, or even certain priests. My point is the fact that I don't let my kids stay alone with anyone, period. In addition, I insist on another adult being with me if I'm doing something with kids who are not my own. Protocol is everything, and whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, we never know a person until we find out what they've been doing when we weren't around.
I wonder what this is going to the Christmas sales of their new Fondle Me Elmo doll?
Al Sharpton could make a racist incident out of chocolate pudding.
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