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A summary of legal memos that were used as research justifying the presidential use of drones to kill persons overseas -- even Americans -- was released to an NBC newsroom earlier this week.
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We can end their lives with drones, but should not be listening to their phone conversations... 
What did people expect for the President to send some guys over to arrest him? 

This is like giving SWAT static for sniping a hostage taker... it don't make no sense. 
O so Bush's expansion and the "your either with us or against us" credo doesnt get its credit here?? Limbaugh should explain who he was with "then".........and who is he with "now"
Call him a dictator, and people think you are crazy.

Who else killed their own people? OH RIGHT!
Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Santa Anna, Kim Jong, MANY MORE;......and soon we add Barack HUSSEIN Obama to the list. (Coincidence? I think not).
There where AMCITS in the Wehrmacht and at Dresden, does that make FDR a tyrant by your definition?  Inter arma enim silent leges.
and we're supposed to trust nbc news......hahahaha!
+Michael Washington Hey get nose the hell out of are business troll 
and go back up to Canada were you belong and hang out on the CBC News message board GET LOSE.
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As a progressive I am really mixed on this issue. I really don't think congress or the judicial branch should be micromanaging a President that is fighting a war( against terrorist). But I don't think a President should be able to target American citizens( that is Key) he thinks is a terrorist.
Liberals complain about pouring water on an islamic terrorist, but droning American problem!
I support torture as well. No issues from me on torture. 
I have many complaints with dear leader, but blowing up tangos isn't one of them.
"Majority of people hammering the white house about this are liberals".

Nope, don't buy it one bit.  Maybe some, but the majority of the hypocrites are defending Obama as usual.
+Jim Avila Agree I am totally shocked at the silence you are hearing from conservatives and GOP members on this issue.
I also have no problem with the President ordering the death of Americans that are putting soldiers lives in danger. When Bush was capturing terrorists and torturing them for information, I supported him then, and I'll support Obama now. 
And I don't care if we take out Johnny Jihad, but he needs to be declared as treasonous and have his citizenship revoked, etc. before the bombs drop.
+Paris Mosley 

EGYPT, is under the control of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, an organization that FUNDS TERRORIST. and OBAMA just sent them MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and FIGHTER JETS.

+Spencer Scott I understand the slippery slope you're trying to avoid, and don't know how long that process takes, but I am also going to have to err on the side of mission critical timing while in Combat. 
Neither was George Bush's torture... but it is what it is. 
It's all fun and games until you are the one determined to be the enemy. 
Given Eric Holder's views,no wonder gun owners are leery about giving them personal
+Paris Mosley The point is that we are arming people that are anti-American. I don't care if they are considered an ally, they don't need weapons sent from us, ESPECIALLY if they, (the US government), are against the public arming themselves. 
+Drake Forester Again you call them that, but not our State department. If it was up to me I don't think we should be arming anyone
+Michael Washington Let's see waterboarding, which at the time was not illegal, is the same as killing an American without due process? I don't get your reasoning. 
+Paris Mosley 

"our" state department is a part of the current regime. which pretty much invalidates any reasoning in your argument,
thought that Obama explained that he thought he was playing one of his daughters new video games.  He didn't mean to kill anyone.
This is just my opinion, so bear with me Michael and Zander if you will. I have a huge problem with the whole drone issue, and it may not even have crossed anyone's thought paths here. I don't care who you kill with a drone, I think killer drones are wrong for one reason. There is no honor in it. It's killing by remote control from however many miles away. There is no risk to the killer, therefore the one who sheds blood is unlikely to be caught, tortured, or imprisoned. It's some guy playing a video game. Killing if it is going to be done should be as up close and personal as possible. Barring that there should be some risk. Even a sniper is at risk, someone might be able to spot him and take him out, with a drone there isn't even that.
+Zander Gavin The current regime or any Administration would more details on enemies or alleys than you and me both. Maybe I just don't distrust my government as much as you do
I think battles should be fought face to face as often as possible. I think the more often a country's leader has been a warrior, the less often a country is likely to go to war simply because that warrior knows the cost of battle.
+Paris Mosley 

Give me ONE LEGITIMATE reason to EVER trust A GOVERNMENT. Let alone ours.

Furthermore, Combined with NDAA, you are aware this gives THE DICTATOR authority to kill anyone for any reason. Think about that next time you try to defend his actions.
Adam K
Hopefully he will give permission to kill himself.
+Erik Grissell 

Every Dictator, fancies himself a King. (Eyes of the Beholder)

We are in a Dictatorship. Our tyrant is attempting to establish his crown as we speak. Either he loses his head, or we will lose ours.

Either way, in the days to come the real choice we have to make; is are we willing to die on our feet, or serve on our knees.
I hope it's a dictatorship. I have been waiting forever for it to actually happen since psychotic people have been saying it's going to happen for at least 4 years now. Does this also mean that Jesus is coming back because he owes me money. I also wonder what circle of Hell Fox News will be in? I'm going to say it will either be the 8th or 9th but can't make up my mind which one.
+Greg White 

the shear fact you liked your own comment, invalidated it as a legitimate argument.

Take your liberal ass back to MSNBC.
I usually don't reply to idiotic people but the shear fact that you added my name to your reply must mean that like so many others the hand that is up your ass controlling you is to far up there for you to understand the truth. In other words your Conservative Puppet ass needs to quit watching Fox News. Cleaver! +Drake Forester He replied to Zander, replying to his comment! That's so too funny! I won't reply again neither of you are worth my time. Have A Nice Day you Fear Mongering Puppets!
+Greg White 

Ignorance, or indifference which do you think is the greater Sin?

You seem to suffer from both.
+Dwayne Mattson
You're nuts,There have been plenty of warrior leaders who didn't mind war.You think because you apparently dislike killing "dishonorably" everyone else will be the same.Osama Bin Laden had been in battle but he didn't mind killing innocent people by ordering his followers to commit a suicide attack.
We do not go out to deliberately cause mass casualties among civilians,despite the propoganda to the contrary,nor do we as a policy commit outrages on enemy combatants.That's far more honorable than how our enemies behave.
+Patricia Lavery
Plenty of warrior leaders? Yeah and the good ones were Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower to name a few.
We are a constitutional republic,but like every other government,the ruler(s) will always test the limits of what their people will let them get away with.
Killing by remote is wrong. I won't be changing my mind about that. Oh and Osama Bin Laden was the leader of a terrorist cell, so I don't count him as a leader of good character. Sorry, I should have said leaders of good character are usually warrior leaders. Suicide bombing and telling people to do suicide bombings is proof of poor character. Ask Achmed.
Had members of the family in this mess.If you can kill the bad guys without risking them in some circumstances,I have no qualms.
I was in the Cold War mess, and Desert Storm so my opinion is first hand, not third party.
Not sure other people who served would agree with you,but you're entitled to your feelings.If I was a younger woman maybe I would be serving now.It runs in my family.One relative was shelled in the Battle of the Bulge,another flew gliders behind enemy lines.I doubt ,if it was my job,that I would have the least qualm about using either manned or unmanned aircraft to kill opponents to save our troops from risk.
Opinions are like elbows. However I was stating how I see it, not how I feel about it.
I took the police test when I was younger,but I had injured my back just before and couldn't pass.One of the things I had to consider was would I kill someone to save someone else?I concluded that,as far as anyone could know, I would do it and not hesitate.I am skeptical about the criteria this administration might use,but not of the actual method.I am not inclined to be sentimental about war,nor are other women I have talked to who  are not anti-war.Maybe it's a gender thing.
"... to kill persons overseas -- even Americans --..."
Wait a moment. How this works? overseas he can kill foreigners. American laws now rule the world? 
"even Americans", really? How so, everyone knows americans are more important than anyone else.
It's time to stop thinking like idiots, there are people outside your country who need respect.
Agreed Marco, people from other countries do need to be respected.
And once we're permitted to kill ONE American in Yemen, we're permitted to kill HUNDREDS in San Bernadino. (Or anywhere)

Mark my words.
You're forgetting... President Obama said "I'll decide what's Constitutional and what isn't."  We have a President in name only.  He  is Czar Obama.  Dictator of the United States.
Yeah he'll decide over a bunch of dead American bodies.
.I'll be like President Obama.  I have no intentions of defending what I say tonight.  I veto your response.  Have a nice night.  Yes, I'm an arrogant sob at times.  Now is one of them.  At 1230am I'm not in the mood for idle nonsense.
I dont know, Im waiting to see how much gets released on internet about Drones, that shouldnt be. I have found alot of secuirity weak links, in our foreign oil relations, and other things. I think our goverment is to easy to ellictae information from at times. I have been working on some projects ! Hydrogen sulfide has resurfaced again after Algeria but however what if an American leaks things to Al Queda involving our weak links. Another potential terrorist threat mainland side is National Guard Armories, some are left literally wide open and you can walk around at will at times. you know Bush wasnt wrong WMDs they have always been in Iraq just not utilized a gas plant has potential of doing more damage than a missle. Al Queda is just uneducated.
This story is at least six months old. 
I would just like to repost this quote to the world:

"We watch Fox news. We're intelligent!"

+David Jenson 
Listening to NPR doesn't make you more intelligent. I've listened to it, and quite frankly I can't stand the slow toned down, seemingly laid back way the news is presented there.
I watch FOX and CNBC mainly waiting on American Greed to come on. Did the USA ever finish a EMP Pinch research, you know the weapon used in Oceans 11 to kill the power in Ocens 11. The Obama Admiministration sometimes sound like a real long version of City Confidential.
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