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Maybe we could help by NO LONGER KEEPING THEM UNDER A MICROSCOPE and letting the community knit itself back together again.
Common sense is blaming the criminal, not an inanimate object.
The guns in these crimes are tools, like clubs, ats, and knives are tools. Let the community pull themselves together in peace. Let the public protect themselves with the methods that work best. Police cannot protect us, the government will not. We need to stand up and protect ourselves, and the only thing that will protect you from a gun is another gun.
+David Soderberg Thank you for hijacking this thread with your anti Second Amendment Crap. When do you plan on coming out with your list of desired restrictions on the other nine Amendments?

This thread is about making people aware how to donate to funds that have been set up to help survivors and victims' families. There are other threads more appropriate for discussing your stupid knee jerk unprincipled reactions.
I apologize for the turn the conversation took.  It was my intention to agree the community needs to be left alone, without the constant media presence harassing them.  I did make a further comment about self-protection, but it was not meant to turn into a rabid gun debate.
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