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“The spending cuts they are offering (which come later) are wiped out by all the new goodies [Obama] is also requesting,” a Republican insider told Fox News.
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GOP should call the WH's bluff.   No blinking, Mr. Speaker.
GOP needs to stand for something. Because they don't, they will cave in. Again. 
Greg Cox
Reagan got duped by the, "Raise taxes now and we'll CONSIDER spending cuts later" gambit.  Don't do it Boehner. Those spending cuts will never happen.
They will keep on spending and spending with no consideration to us - the little guys.  WE can't afford this irresponsibility! 
Spending cuts would be great. How about a 10% across the board cut in each Senator's state?  They choose what to cut in their own state. If all 50 states showed that their own states will take the cut, we might get somewhere.
Even if a Republican state decided to cut 10% of 'handouts', let them do it. Make it personal (statewide). 
Keep it up GOP, and you will face a redo in 2014, and loose the House as well.
I'm just about to the point to where I'd like to see the GOP let the Dems do whatever they want.  I'd be tempted to just leave the cockpit and mix a drink and let BO push the yoke all the way to the windshield.  Enjoy the ride America.
If BO push the yoke all the way to the windshield, +Brent Alexander, you shan't be able to afford that drink even if you were able to find the mixings for it.
+Dean Marlett-Smith I don't need to be able to afford it.  I'll sue to get it covered by the Affordable Care Act.  I will be entitled to 4 $5 handles of Tito's Vodka per month.

Really, let's just get this over with so we can see what's left of the wreckage.  If anyone needs me, I'll be down at the beach, grilling whatever bit my hook that morning.  <door slams>
Never agree to something that has your part to be determined later. 
I agree with you +Brent Alexander, probably for different reasons, but let our president put his plan in place and see if it works. But give him a chance instead of blocking everything he try's to do. 
Republicans need to stop complaining and start negotiating.  This is how the process works.  President Obama laid out his plan, now they counter with their plan.  Each side has to give in some and they meet in the middle.  Obama has finally learned how to negotiate, now they need to do the same.
How is piling another $50B stimulus and unlimited debt ceiling increases without Congress, learning how to negotiate? He negotiates like the old man on Pawn Stars. I'll give you less than half, and if you try to bargain with me, I'll give even less.
You don't open with a compromise deal.  The president tried that with health care and Republicans STILL turned their noses up at him.  Now Republicans should counter with a deal that has everything they want in it.  They can then haggle from there.  
+brenda dixon-hines if your insurance company is ripping you off, you should blame them.  There are millions of people still happy with their health insurance, particularly the ones that will be able to afford it now.  
Obama does not have anything good for America, Christians and family values.
I don't think anyone who buys insurance with hard earned money will be happy about Obamacare
+brenda dixon-hines if you live in the USA he's your president like it or not. A majority of the people here voted for him. There have been presidents I didn't agree with but I still had to respect the office. 
+brenda dixon-hines The president is trying to help people in your situation a lot more than his opponents are.  They would cut you loose and leave you to the free market.  Allow me to tell you, people in your situation are not big money makers for private insurance companies.   
+brenda dixon-hines as many people love Obama as they did Bush. I think you didn't notice because of your disdain of the president. Our country was just as divided then. Pretty much 50/50. Only now the extremist on each side are louder. 
+brenda dixon-hines I assure you, anything Obama has removed from Medicare likely came as a compromise with Republicans, who want major cuts to the program.  Democrats in general want to expand Medicare to all people.  The single payer system is what the left wants.  You seem to be confused about the agenda of each party.  
Democrats don't want an agreement. They intend to sail off the cliff and then blame Republicans but they'll still get the military cuts and tax hikes they want.
+brenda dixon-hines That 600M 'cut' in Medicare comes from a cut in fees paid to the providers, mostly hospitals. (yes, primary physicians also, but mostly hospitals). The cuts did NOT come from the benefits side. It would not affect YOU, but your providers.
And the hospitals went along with these cuts in payments because they are looking to make it up with more people being on private insurance. (ObamaCare is about affordable insurance, NOT government insurance like Medicare)
The GOP needs to understand they LOST the election, that was a judgement on if America wanted to follow the GOP plans of the Dems plans. The Dems won. Deal with it GOP, and reject it at your own peril.
Thanks Brenda. But I was mainly commenting on the 600M being 'removed' from medicare.
What is covered or not covered by medicare is not something I know about. If there were cuts in coverage, they could be related to Obamacare, certainly many of us have seen big increases in the last couple years in our premiums. But the 'reported cuts' of 600M from medicare to pay for Obamacare were not from coverage, it was from payments to hospitals.
To be determined later, no longer just for baseball trades
Let's go over the cliff. It's inevitable as we will slide off anyway with such out of control spending.
+Noel Beale  Republican voters did lose the election.  However Americans voted in a Republican Congress as well, clearly identifying a mandate for fiscal responsibility.  Checks and Balances are critical for preventing those in power from running out of control, something which BO is (arguably) doing his level best to do.
Jeff and Lois. You are so right. I just feel under siege by these democrats. Thanks for keeping up the fight.
Keep in mind that it is not a 'clear' mandate when numbers are close to the 50% mark on either side. Even a 45/55 split would not be a 'clear' mandate of anything.
We can also look at the White House and Senate as 2 against the 1 House. So, would that be a mandate for the other side?
Sometimes I feel it would be nice to have one side get their way completely for 4 years, with no balance. It would be a horrible disaster which would only teach one generation the dangers of extreme. A few generations later, we would repeat the whole thing.
Agree with you Lois.  I used to belief this land was the land of opportunity.  I am afraid it has changed to land of free sh*t.  "Come on in, the government will give you everything because you "deserve" your fair share.  Doesn't matter if we can't pay for it.  Keep handing it out because it garners votes.   Its Socialism plain and simple.  Create a dependent society that is reliant on big government and soon, they all work for you.  that's not freedom.   Republicans believe in opportunity.  If one get's their backside out of bed, and off the couch, and uses their brain, braun and courage, one can create something and they get to keep it.  That day seems to be gone.  the achievers, will stop achieving or move elsewhere. No doubt.

I don't understand why the educated cannot see it.  I have siblings, who are well off and remain democrats when they are going to get hammered.  The concept of fiscal responsibility seems to escape these types.  Why?  We wouldn't run our family budgets or our businesses like this.  Why is it ok to do so for our governments?  yes because we can print money to cover the debt, but eventually that will devalue the currency and inflation will show up.  The main stream media is is I believe the complicit lapdog and in any regime, controlling the media is the method of controlling the people.  Control the people and you can steal them blind.  See recent article on Susan Rice owning the Keystone pipeline company.  Would not be surprised if she bought it after it had been rejected on the permitting, thus reducing its price and making an approval a sure winner for profits when the stock rises.  this should be looked at in detail.  It seems like a conflict beyond belief.  Regardless, socialism is here, it is in France and it is here till we suffer the debacle which surely is coming and the media wakes up.  The media is the ultimate weapon of socialism.
Lois, I agree. Fox is the only news source that is fair and balance. The rest won't believe it but screw the democrats. They don't realize they are being played. We are just crazy people who are the truth. Regardless keep the faith. I'll reenergize and begin fighting these idiots again tomorrow. God Bless. 
Time to begin fighting idiots again, hi Dave!
Dave, lets see how smart you are. Quick without lookin it up, what's our federal debt amount? Next, what is a Laffer curve?
Now what is the velocity of money? What is an appropriate tax rate for the wealthy above 250k income. Last are dividends taxed once or twice? Last, are capital gains taxed twice too? What makes a capital gain long or short? What is U6?
Velocity of money? African or European money? :)
Republicans you must follow the Constitution Obama and the left wing media will blame you but never lay down keep showing the difference and let the voters decide to cut they own throats come 2014 if they decide to give all power back to Obama and the Democrats he will finish as he started with full power stand strong Republicans
Thanks for playing Dave, I'm done. Later much. 
The tax increases on the '2%' equal 90 billion dollars per year. It takes 9 days for the federal government to spend this money. This is nothing more than class warfare and propaganda. Cut spending, massively and then cut taxes too. Grow a spine GOP and start calling your opponents for what they are: Marxists and communists. The country is taking a massive dive with them at the helm. Call them on it, it is their fault. 
How you vote has consequences. Those people who voted for the great leadership that Obama provides should love it as even the lowest tax brackets go up. No jobs for some, higher taxes for others, and a collapsed dollar for all coming soon. All while chairman Barack continues his great leap Forward. Thanks Obamaphone voters.
+brenda dixon-hines I wish more would understand how to have a dialog without name calling and blasting the 'other side'.
Not that these 'news' posts from Fox and ABC are anything but troll bait to whip us up into a frenzy.
I think a key to civil discussion is to NOT take anything personally.
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