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VIDEO: Get a first-hand look at the brand new BlackBerry Z10.
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Dead on arrival. Nothing in the Z10 is new (maybe that thing you can do with the camera images), but iOS and Android will have it soon enough if they don't already. As for work verses personal zones, Android has profiles for that.

They'll be bankrupt by the end of this year.
pretty sweet. more than the phone itself i'm interested to know if blackberry is catching up in the app market. my wife loves the blackberry but simply can't use it for much other than a phone or social media device because the apps she uses most are not on the system.
+Jeremiah Russell Both Apple and Android have close to 800,000 apps on their stores. Blackberry won't have near that much for a long while, if ever.
goodbye blackberry...
BlackBerry still in business? Do they still do the rollerball thing?
Cory, the rollerball was replaced with a trackpad years ago. The BB10 phones work with gestures. Buttons are for volume and power only. 
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