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Ben Pike, 22, a 6 foot, 3-inch 260-pound defensive lineman at the University of Toledo, will sit out his last eligible season so he can be at his fiancee's side while she undergoes treatment for leukemia. 
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That's really cool. Good man. But is that gonna be the best decision for their future. If it ruins his opportunity to play professionally then they need to reconsider. Why can't he play and still be there for her? 
Right! I would think that if he's still in his senior year, then he has to complete his academics also. So why not have practice and play football too. People have lives outside of their college careers. I went to school and took care of both of my grandparents right before they passed away. 
I bet it depends on her and her health and where she is getting treatment.
Has he made sure she's real first?
Maybe there are more important things in life for him than football, like her loved one.
The last time I saw true American sportsmanship like this was from Pat Tillman.
Just because he doesn't stop living his life doesn't mean he doesn't love her. Wow. You like that triple negative. Lol
You gotta know your priorities.  You PLAY football but you LIVE LIFE.
+Mike Morris That is so true. Tillman felt he had to serve our country and leave a great opportunity playing professional football to do so. Bless him
+Kurt Shaffer I think Tillman should be entered into the hall of fame if he isn't already giving praise and recognition on making a honorable decision rather than what seems to have recentley been the GREEDY one influenced through the use of steroids.
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