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DEVELOPING: Atlanta school officials confirm a shooting at Price Middle School in Georgia.
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What is wrong with these people? Damn it anyway.
Breaks my heart, what is this world coming to!?!? 
Gun Free Zones are deadly. End them now.
Robert S.
Well, when the media talks about school shootings 24/7 for weeks on end it will put ideas into crazy people's head.
It is copycat violence ! Research violence in America ! Yes Robert you are right.
Very true.  But you know there are those in society who say Guns kill people, what happened to protecting our children??
If the news channels keep broadcasting stuff about shootings and gun violence it's going to ratchet up think about it if they start broadcasting things about people jumping off bridges in killing themselves people start to think about it and then they end up doing it
I know I was making a joke last night that our kids here could probably take over Outlaw MC compound with airsoft guns.
Well if people start jumping, I won't be one of those to follow suit. Maybe these crazy ones will do it, and leave children alone! 
The only ones to blame are those who don't take weapons serious and want to do something stupid. I have guns, they haven't killed a person. 
One, gun free zones. Wackos know there is no one to shoot back. Two, they get famous. Stop making them famous even if they are dead. Three, yeah there is some blame to Hollywood. They make gun violence sexy.
Very true Dwayne. But there has to be a way to stop this!!! 
"There are no good guns.  There are no bad guns.  Any gun in the hands of a bad man is a bad thing.  Any gun in the hands of a decent person is no threat to anybody...except bad people" - Charleton Heston
Johnny, I couldn't agree more!  
I think some people just take this step into consideration without the full thought out process and just figure they'll "fix" any problem they have. But what they don't see is what lies after the fact. Hollywood, TV, and news has shown the good, bad and ugly to violence.  They think with a good ass attorney they can get off a conviction, plead insanity and be done. That's the problem, too many people are wanting an "easy" way these days. 
Does anyone know why all of a sudden we are hearing of all these shootings just when the government is trying to take our guns away. Something seems fishy to me.
I've been thinking it Dan, I just haven't been saying it. Seems like a whole lot of false flags going up lately.
Or something to stir up controversy and get "guns" out of our hands.
Nothing worth while ever comes easy.  It's this sense of entitlement that corrupts and handicaps people from their true potential.  It's very unfortunate.
What gets me is society blames guns when someone is shot. Why not blame a car for a drunk driver causing a wreck, or killing someone. The drunk driver is automatically blamed and charged.   
I agree +Dan Seeley something isn't right.  And yes as the NRA says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun and they are 100% right.  I carry everyday and have never had to pull and of course have never had to shoot anyone luckily.
We need to end the gun free zones. The NRA hasn't said that, but they should.
Facism would require that you believe in a totalitarian state. This is more in keeping with BHO and the democratic party.
And if they had security at schools like metal detector on way in and armed guards this wouldn't happen.  More guns does not equal more violence.  The NRA is our only voice right now.
No the NRA isn't our only voice, there other far more vocal and aggressive gun rights groups. The NRA is just the largest. The NRA didn't even get involved with politics until after they were asleep at the switch for the Gun Control Act of 1968. They have been playing catch up ever since.
True.  They are just all over right now.  I also personally wrote to everyone in my district and federal gvmt. myself.
Where's all the pro gun advocates jumping in to kill the perpetrators of these acts? With this great 2nd amendment, you would assume there'd be a gun toting super man on every corner waiting to save the day. When are the gun advocates going to start shooting the shooters?
When they don't happen in gun free zones.  This is the difference between a law abiding citizen and a criminal.  Hence the shootings.
Moral relativism as endorsed by government and society will continue to make those with moral value/compass appear evil while promoting individualism/personal freedoms. This is ultimately a result of a society that has left their biblical heritage...and why is me saying this fact so offensive to you? This isn't about enacting unenforceable laws...we need a return to truth where our society values basic Christian morals (I feel the hate mail coming already).
+Timothy Purselley : He's not only my God....He is God (regardless if I think he is or not)  This is the essence of moral relativism vs. moral truth.  Over 5000 manuscripts of historical biblical documents provide more than enough veracity of biblical claims.  The God presented in the Bible is real...historically and presently....and he loves you...specifically you (John 3:16; Romans 5:8) I definitely respect people's choice to chose to believe or not to.  
Its not that he didn't "believe" in God but rather that he chose not to adopt God's standards as his own. Regarding why God did not step in: God did not create robots. He created man with a free follow Him or to reject him. God has promised in His word (the Bible) that he will one day remove sin from the earth forever.
Historically, with the huge evidences of the Bible's reliability and veracity, it id very hard to suggest that what the Bible says is not true. Google+ may not have room to lay out all the proof....there's a lot. Check out "Is the Bible reliable?" By Dr. Stephen Meyer....its worthwhile
Not everything can be factual, nor proven. It is great to have faith to help guide you through your life.
If God is God, He doesnt need to wait untill the earth disintegrates....if He is God....uou may note that He can do with His creation what He pleases....regardless of our opinions. Lucky for us, He loves us...both me and you.
+Daniel Mora
Well it is supposedly a gun free zone, so there is no possibility of a law abiding gun owner being there to return fire.
Well, thats what I believe. All the best to you all.
+Jared Friesen  - you're not going to get anywhere with your message.  Those who believe, will continue to believe.  Those who refuse to, won't be won over by your arguments.  Your best bet to win someone over is to simply live what you believe, and show your beliefs to others based on how you conduct yourself.  
Never having kids... ever. poor families hope everyone is okay. Will be praying for them. 
To those who like to ask "where are all the folks with concealed carry? " or "where are the law abiding gun owners? Why didn't they shoot the assailant? " .......

Here is your answer: The law abiding gun owners obeyed the law and did not bring their gun into a "gun free" zone. Unfortunately, those intent on doing harm do not obey such laws. Gun free zones are getting law abiding people killed. 
Amazing! Fantastic that the guard stopped him before anyone died.  I don't understand why I haven't heard this plastered all over the news?  Oh, let me see, it's because it was an ARMED GUARD that deferred the tragedy!  Unlike the last one, where no one was able to stop the shooter because NO ONE WAS ARMED BUT HIM!  Maybe we can learn from this and prevent more mass murders from happening by having trained, armed guards and citizens everywhere, so they can protect themselves and everyone else from disturbed individuals like this one.  So proud of the officer that saved that school from the shooter.  So sorry to the child that got injured, and the others that had to be witness and participate in this event.  Sincerely hope everyone involved is all right now.
+William Carlson I know, right?!  I'm a little weird in that I expect criminals to break the law.  At least all the dirtbags I have ever dealt with operate that way.  Maybe the criminals in other parts of the country are different.....
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